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iValla addresses the Heart, Blood and Central Nervous System. iValla contains GOLD. Ships with six iValla.

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The light frequencies from iValla¬†addresses the Heart, Blood and Central Nervous System. Contains Iron Fluorine & Potassium Phosphate. Great for Congestive Heart Failure and Breast Cancer. iValla is also a diuretic that doesn’t remove potassium from the body like other diuretics. iValla adds to potassium back into the body.

Great for:
-Congestive Heart Failure
-Eye Infections (conjunctivitis)
-Fluid Retention (edema)
-High Blood Pressure
-Kidney Stones
-Resulting Paralysis
-Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
-Weak Contractions In Labor

Instructions for C/S: Prepare as a Tea: Pour 8 oz. of hot spring water over 1 to 2 tsp. of iValla. Cover and steep for three to four minutes. Strain and Serve.

Ingredient: Convallaria Majalis

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Powder (9 Oz.), Capsules (60 ct.)

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  1. Marie

    Amazing product. Does what it says it will do. My BP went down to normal, I am no longer on medication. I went to the bathroom a lot as it’s a diuretic and my feet was always swollen at the end of the day. But while on this product all the edema went away from releasing the fluids. I definitely recommend this product.

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