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About Sabalie

Sabalie is the representation of Zakai and Kimaya's Loveairian Family and our primary passion is to be a Unique Perspective of The Infinite Creator's Unconditional Love and The Law of One.

Humble Messengers of The Law of One & Expressions of Unconditional Love

Serving The Infinite Creator

Learning/Teaching The Law of One


Our Perspective 

Sabalie is the representation of Zakai Aira Sabalie and Kimaya Aira Sabalie’s Loveairian Family; Zakai and Kimaya’s spiritual and physical light energies united as one light being. Our Primary Passion is to be a Unique Expression, a Unique Messenger and a Unique Perspective of The Infinite Creator’s Unconditional Love and The Law of One.

Our Philosophy

Loveairian is a philosophy created and expressed by the Sabalie family as any being who allows, aligns and lives within the love vibrations of All-That-Is. Loveairians allow and appreciate the beings of love and light that they truly are. Loveairians are comprised of intelligent infinity’s infinite energy. Learn More >>

Our Names

The vibratory sound complex Sabalie holds the vibration of infinite patience. Sabalie’s definition of patience is one’s ability to feel appreciation and satisfaction right now regardless of the circumstances by redefining the circumstances in a positive and constructive way. All circumstances are a result of one’s vibrational state of being (i.e., one’s thoughts and feelings).

  • The vibratory sound complex Zakai holds the vibration of purity.
  • The vibratory sound complex Kimaya holds the vibration of divinity.
  • The vibratory sound complex Aira hold the vibration of Love and The Law of One.
  • The vibratory sound complex Solilyanna (Daughter’s Name) holds the vibration of universal light, youth, beauty and grace.
  • The vibratory sound complex Seraphina (Solilyanna’s Middle Name) powerful messenger of God (Powerful Angel).
Kimaya Sabalie and Zeiki Sabalie Wedding Photo
Solilyanna Cute Smile Young
Kimaya and Solilyanna
Kimaya Wedding Dress on Stairs
Our Collection

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