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Grow With Self-Love

About Sabalie

Sabalie is the representation of Joshua and Kimaya's Lovearian Family. Sabalie's passion is to be a unique perspective of Unconditional Love and The Law of One.

"The Greatest Commandment: Love The Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart & Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself."

Serving The Infinite Creator

Embracing The Law of One


Two United As One

Sabalie is Joshua Zakai Sabalie and Kimaya Rose Sabalie’s will to unite as spiritual partners; Sabalie’s desire is unity, spiritual evolution, and healing. By being an example of healing, others may see this example, and have more of an opportunity to choose to mirror this vibration and heal themselves.

As a male/masculine and female/feminine partnership, Sabalie is more able to channel a more intense, and more refined vibration of the The Infinite Creator’s love and light. In choosing to serve each other, in choosing to unconditionally accept each other, and in choosing to unite and not separate, all that is needed is perceived as already being given.

Sabalie is a symbol, a name given, to Joshua and Kimaya’s unification and journey as spiritual partners; male and female is by far the most efficient system of spiritual partnership.

Our Institute of Peace

The Lovearian Institute of Peace (LIOP) is an institute founded near the end of 2019 by Sabalie. LIOP is comprised of humble teachers of The Law of One. LIOP teaches about the total perfection of The One, and its apparent distortions via illusionary metaphysical information. However, to study the illusion, or the metaphysical/physical, is not needed.

The Lovearian Institute of Peace is made to, in potential, consist of other teach/learners and learn/teachers then Joshua and Kimaya. The Lovearian Institute of Peace was primarily Zakai’s desire to share his passion for teach/learning with others, in hopes that he could possibly create other teach/learners.

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Our Family’s Names

The vibratory sound complex Sabalie holds the vibration of infinite patience. Sabalie’s definition of patience is one’s ability to feel appreciation and satisfaction right now regardless of the circumstances by redefining the circumstances in a positive and constructive way. All circumstances are a result of one’s vibrational state of being (i.e., one’s thoughts and feelings).

  • The vibratory sound complex Jehoshua (Joshua) represents the vibration of a savior; a deliverer, and the vibration of Christ.
  • The vibratory sound complex Zaki/Zakai (Jehoshua’s Nickname) represents the vibration of purity and innocence.
  • The vibratory sound complex Kimaya represents the vibration of divinity.
  • The vibratory sound complex Rose (Kimaya’s Middle Name) represents the vibration of perfect beauty.
  • The vibratory sound complex Solilyanna (Daughter’s Name) represents the vibration of universal light, youth, beauty and grace.
  • The vibratory sound complex Seraphina (Solilyanna’s Middle Name) powerful messenger of God (Powerful Angel).
  • The vibratory sound complex Jeshua (Son’s Name) represents the vibration of a savior; a deliverer, and the vibration of Christ.
  • The vibratory sound complex Solomon (Jeshua’s Middle Name, Son of Joshua & Kimaya)

Our Vibrant Children And Our Physical Creations

Our Collection

Books, Documentaries, and Websites That We Find Interesting