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About Sabalie

Sabalie is the representation of Zakai and Kimaya's Loveairian Family and our primary passion is to be a Unique Perspective of The Creator's Unconditional Love.

Humble Messengers of The Infinite Creator & Unconditional Love

Our Family, Our Passion & Our World

Serving The Infinite Creator With Love, Appreciation, Forgiveness & Gratitude.


Our Unique Perspective 

Sabalie is the representation of Zakai Aira Sabalie and Kimaya Aira Sabalie’s Loveairian Family and our Primary Passion is to be a Unique Expression, a Unique Messenger & Perspective of The One Infinite Creator’s Unconditional Love. Being a unique expression, messenger and perspective of The Infinite Creator allows Sabalie to be Appreciative, Joyful & Peaceful.

Being a Unique Loveairian Perspective of Unconditional Love also allows Sabalie to fully show the powerful state of synchronistic co-creation via the Creator’s Universal Law of Attraction. Sabalie’s perspective of unconditional love is that we all can live in harmony with our different perspectives in which we then manifest a life greater than our imagination can imagine.

Our Chosen Names

Zakai holds the Niranjan vibration of purity. Kimaya holds the vibration of divinity. Aira hold the vibration of Love, Allowing, Interconnectedness and Oneness. Our daughter’s name, Solilyanna, holds the vibration of universal light, youth, beauty and grace. Solilyanna’s middle name Seraphina powerful messenger of God (Powerful Angel).

Sabalie holds the vibration of infinite patience. To us, patience is the ability to innerstand that circumstances are a result of one’s vibrational state, one’s state of being. Patience is about being able to remain calm, loving and peaceful regardless of any delays or unpreferred circumstances.

Kimaya Sabalie and Zeiki Sabalie Wedding Photo
Solilyanna Cute Smile Young
Kimaya and Solilyanna
Kimaya Wedding Dress on Stairs

"The True Path To Enlightenment Is To Lighten Up On Yourself"

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