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About Team Sabalie

Sabalie is the representation of Zeiki and Kimaya's iKojinarian self-love movement; Zeiki and Kimaya's physical and spiritual light united as one being of peaceful balance.


Zeiki and Kimaya
Zeiki and Kimaya

Sabalie’s primary focus is to help others obtain true love for self. The love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another. Sabalie’s mission is to effectively help with the universe’s natural ascension process; raising the consciousness of all beings of light. We guide many to function in total oneness, love, harmony and peaceful balance in the natural godly procession of life. Sabalie have always been passionate about self-love, healing, balance and peace restoration. Sabalie isn’t company, business or ‘organization’. Sabalie is the representation of Zeiki and Kimaya’s iKojinarian self-love movement; Zeiki and Kimaya’s physical and spiritual light united as one being of peaceful balance. Zeiki and Kimaya had a knowing that changes in many’s thought processes were causing the opposite of balance. This thought imbalance created chemical, plants and animal imbalance, contributing to the increasing number of health challenges that many were facing. Looking to God for answers, Zeiki and Kimaya discovered the true ancient knowledge of breath and meditation. With love, dedication and patience, they developed the iKojinarian Lifestyle in which they could use as the primary vehicle to carry on the message and resonance of balanced creation.

Zeiki & Kimaya’s Autobiography

iKojinarian Healing Artists

About Zeiki

I go by the name of Zeiki (SUH-KA-i) Ai (Eye) Sabalie (suh-BA-lee). I do my absolute best when it comes to artfully guiding self and others, who desires my help, towards operating within the peaceful balance of nature’s natural procession of life; helping others obtain true love for self. The love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another. I consider myself an iKojinarian Healing Artist. My wife and I have, and currently still do intensely educate ourselves in the studies of Self Love, Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Biology, Cell Biology, Embryology, Genetics, General Chemistry, Herbology, Human Behavior, Immunology, Inorganic Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry, Proteomics, Physiology and Psychology. I would say I am more of an expert in the studies Self-Love, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Herbology.

The commodity that I communicate and demonstrate is truth, peace and love. My wife and I have developed a unique approach for naturally restoring peace and balance to H. sapien cells with natural bio-native ancient plant-based cell foods. Our Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance approach is firmly rooted in years of viable experience and research.

I grew up in the state of Florida and always had a passion for doing what I felt was absolutely correct for my life while helping other. I have always wanted to live and be the absolute truth. As a child, my mother used to tell me I could be whatever I set my mind to and sometimes I believed that to be fiction. Little did I know that this was truer than my mother actually believed it to be.

My father was my initial influence when it came to ‘raising’ my consciousness. My father showed me how government worked, how the media was controlled by international bankers, how we shouldn’t be chewing meat because it’s not healthy, etc. My father showed me people like Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan, KRS-One, Malcolm X,  Marcus Garvey, etc. I really appreciate my father for opening my eyes to the devil.

When I enrolled into College I felt completely trapped. I had passions in life but I couldn’t get the knowledge I wanted and if I could I’d have to take a bunch of subjects that had nothing to do with what I really wanted to know. I was into Internet Marketing & Website Design. However, deep down inside none of this satisfied me because I was truly interested in health. I loved learning any and everything I could about health. I decided to temporarily leave College in pursuit of finding who I truly was and who I truly wanted to be in life. Around this time, I met my mentors Epoch Hotep and Mali Wae. My mentors guided me towards the true path of self-love.

After learning much from these mentors, I really wanted to learn more about herbs so I researched and did as much as I could to find truth. I found beautiful energies like Taylor Budd who showed me Dr. Sebi and guided me towards proper herbology healing. I expanded upon the herbal knowledge that I learned from Taylor Budd and I began creating my own natural bio-native cell food herbal supplements purposed for intracellular cleansing and revitalization of all the cells that make up the total multicellular biological structure of one’s body. The bio-native herbal supplements were extremely effective. I was amazed at how much herbal knowledge I had acquired in less than a year.

Inspired by my personal healing experiences and the knowledge I gained, I began sharing the bio-native herbal supplements with others, which gave birth to Sabalie. I began distributing the herbal supplements worldwide to provide the world with low cost, high quality, natural bio-native herbal supplements in an amber glass bottle. I labeled my herbal supplements as iHerbal Arts.

One day, I messaged a woman via Facebook. I didn’t know this woman would end up being my wife. I let her know about my new healing journey and that if she ever needed help with her health, I was there for her. I didn’t even know I was speaking to my beautiful wife Kimaya Ai Sabalie. After bonding together for months, My wife and I decided to dedicate years of our lives to developing and growing our Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance approach and join together to form our team; Team Sabalie.

Kimaya is more than just a wife to me. Kimaya is my mentor, teacher, lover and friend. I serve and worship this black woman like no other energy within the universe. It is my duty to ensure her safety, security and freedom. Before I am anything else, I am her faithful husband and servant. 

Together my beautiful wife Kimaya and I have developed the following: The foundational knowledge of bio-native plants, Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance, iKojinarian Lifestyle, iKojinarian Recipes, iHerbal Arts, iHerbal Arts Fasting, Sabalie’s Branding, and so much more.

About Kimaya

Thank you to my wonderful husband, this is the perfect point for me to introduce myself. I go by the name Kimaya Ai Sabalie. I also consider myself an iKojinarian Healing Artist. I do my absolute best when it comes to artfully guiding self and others, who desires my help, towards operating within the peaceful balance of nature’s natural procession of life; helping others obtain true love for self. The love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another.

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica and moved to the United Kingdom in my early years. Both my parents are from the Caribbean, and my childhood was mixed with the Jamaica and British Culture. I have always been a food lover, and meat played an internal role in my diet, I hardly exercised and did not pay any attention to my health. My awakening started through reading the teachings of the late Dr. Sebi who opened my eyes to the disruptive impact that meats and certain foods could have on the body. I was alarmed to know, that what I initially thought was healthy was actually damaging my body. I knew right away that I had to make a change, I didn’t know exactly where to start but the more I read, the more I made minor changes. I decided to limit the amount the amount of meat and dairy I consumed because I still didn’t know enough of what to eat and what not to eat.

It wasn’t until I met my husband who is my mentor, teacher, lover and best friend that I was able to really let go of chewing the incorrect foods. My husband Zeiki wasn’t my husband at the time, but he reached out to me offering help with my health and love of self. While going through my 22+ day iHerbal Arts Fruit Cleanse I really began to feel and innerstand things on an entirely different level. After learning from Zeiki, researching and studying a lot of things on my own, I decided to become a Sabalie team member and assist my husband in growing Sabalie. I love providing emotional support and guidance to our clients, especially as a former counselor.

Since moving to the beautiful state of Florida, I am continuing my studies in biology, psychology, and childcare and I hope to continually expand my knowledge so I can pass this on to our growing community and family.

As of now, I am moving towards becoming the voice of the naturally naked black female that was lost within the last few hundred years. I want to lead by example, showing and demonstrating the strength and power of the true black woman. The black woman who can heal, nurture, communicate, motivate, clean, raise beautiful black children and be an amazing wife to her amazing husband. I do it for all women and not just black women. However, black women are my number one priority because I am a black woman. I hope that I am able to live out this purpose well as I know it is my purpose.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Grow With Self Love!