Grow With Self-Love

About Sabalie

Sabalie is the representation of Zeiki and Kimaya’s Loveairian family and our primary goal is to be an example of unconditional love while simultaneously helping others obtain true love for self; the love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another.

I Am The Lord, Thy God and Creator of The Universe

Our Story, Our Goals and Our Mission

The Unity of Two Beautiful Loveairians Created A Beautiful Famly


An Example of Unconditional Love

Sabalie is the representation of Zeiki and Kimaya’s Loveairian family and our primary goal is to be an example of unconditional love while simultaneously helping others obtain true love for self; the love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another. Being an example of unconditional love allows Sabalie to fully demonstrate the powerful state of synchronistic creation via law of vibrational frequency attraction-magnetism manifestations; being a Loveairian.

Sabalie is a family but we can also be seen as a Loveairian Institute. Sabalie’s mission is still and will always be to effectively help raise, restore and preserve and raise the natural high vibrational frequency of love; guiding all beings towards remembering that they are naturally love-sustained multi-dimensional creator gods by embracing love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being.  Sabalie has guided, helped and influenced over 250,000 consciousness souls.

Populating The New Earth

Populating The New Earth is within vibrational alignment with our primary goal, focus and mission. We want to return home to the New Earth with as many Loveairians as possible. There is a new world (and universe) of love, peace, health and well-being, abundance and creativity. This new world is full of joy and excitement. In this new world, all physical bodies will remain young.

All beings are as powerful as their imagination because in this new world, it is common knowledge that consciousness energy creates matter. This new world is vibrating within frequencies of the extremely high vibrations of unconditional love. This new world is the New Earth. The New Earth is a benevolent love-filled environment within a benevolent love-filled universe.

The immense harmony between the many different types of Loveairians living on this plane of existence is an absolute norm. The air is fresh and full of pure powerful spiritual light energy. There is a high and powerful loving invisible energy grid or what we can call ‘power grid’ that covers the entire surface of the earth. This power grid is what maintains a consistent flow of love energy or balanced spiritual energy that all life use as sustenance for life on earth.

The love energy that this power grid provides is very abundant and there is more than enough of the correct spiritual energy to support the physical world. Considering the high vibrational frequency condition of the New Earth, it is easy to see why Loveairians that live within this world are designed to only require sustenance from the love-source energy of one’s consciousness soul.

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Loveairian Lovers & Growth Partners

Zeiki and Kimaya are of the same soul and incarnated through Carribean families at specific times so that they could meet and fulfill their mission; earth ascension to that of the fifth-dimension. This allowed them to experience a lot that brought them to first developing their iHerbal Arts and a complimentary fasting methodology that healed thousands of people worldwide. This methodology that they initially used to introduce themselves to the world consisted of using specific herbs, fruit, and plant-based food recommendations.

As Zeiki and Kimaya began to wake up and rise in vibrational frequency, they developed their new Sacred Loveairian Philosophy. Loveairnism can be expressed as any being who creates and lives on love vibrations; balanced vibrations that are in harmonious synchronicity with each other. Zeiki and Kimaya use their Loveairian Philosophy to continue their work of raising the vibrational frequency of other light beings, this time-space reality that we call Earth and the vibrational frequency of the Universe.

Anchoring Frequency

Sabalie consciously holds higher and higher light vibration frequencies of unconditional love, unlimited spiritual wisdom and unlimited thought power within their spiritual and physical bodies. Holding this energy within them allows it to be available to all within the universe. Sabalie is very focused on maintaining focus upon raising their vibrational frequency. Due to this focus, they are very careful with the beings they chose to be around, the beings they chose to talk to and the environment they chose to reside within. As Sabalie gets more in-tune with their true Loveairian vibrational frequencies, the light frequencies of unconditional love are simultaneously anchored into all life within the Universe.

Our One True Offering

Love is the ultimate and only true source of energy for all life and consciousness. This love can be sourced from one’s inner-soul, light and air via the breath of life, and it can also be sourced from other spiritual being’s light that they may choose to offer you. Please know that our truest offering for healing the world is our Loveairian Philosophy and Loveairian Approach.