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iSanarPackage is a Lovearian Formula physical body luxurious package. Although iSanso can do it all by itself, the iSanarPackage provides a smoother, faster, and easier process of physical body rejuvenation.*

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iSanarPackage assists one with removing physical body distortions that can bring about negative thought-forms (i.e. toxins), regaining inner-strength, and restoring intra-cellular balance. Although iSanso can do it all by itself, the iSanarPackage provides a much smoother, faster, and easier process of physical body rejuvenation.*

This Package Includes The Following Formulas:

An all-in-one formula that provides one’s cells with the minerals that they may require for the rejuvenation and maintenance of one’s physical apparatus. iSanso is made to bring oxygen-rich blood to the cells of the body by vastly improving the function of the hemoglobin proteins within the body.*

iSilyMaria is packed with proper plants that contain the proper minerals for the revitalization of the physical bodily complex’s liver cells. iSilyMaria balances the imbalancing effects of excess alcohol consumption, excess sugar consumption, pesticides in our food supply, heavy metals in our water supply, pollution in the air that we breathe in, etc. *

iSilyMaria Ingredients First Listed In Scientific Names & Then Their More Commonly Used Names: Ingredients: Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) and Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion Root)

iSolily C/S:
Addresses the Heart and Central Nervous System. Containing Iron & Potassium. This iHerbal Art is great for Congestive Heart Failure and Breast Cancer. iSolily a diuretic that doesn’t remove potassium from the body like other diuretics; iSolily adds potassium back into the body.*

iSolily Ingredient: Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis)

Offering an abundance of chlorophyll, magnesium, iron, calcium, and potasium. iChlor is great for just about everything.*

Offering natural plant-based iron-rich frequencies from our earth for healing and maintaining the blood and brain cells; rejuvenating the central nervous system. An all-natural blood building and balancing assistant to reduce all forms of inflammation for the purification and strengthening of the entire physical system.*

iMineralsof92 is an all naturally nourishing and purifying algae and seaweed formulation that provides the body an abundance of minerals to choose from especially calcium. iMineralsof92 is excellent for restoring balance to one’s bones, glands and kidneys while simultaneously allowing the body to maintain its ideal weight.*

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7 reviews for iSanarPackage

  1. Gene A. (verified owner)

    I am 58 years old and these powders in this package are by far the best health product I have ever taken. The first two weeks I lost 13 pounds and cut my blood pressure medicine in half. I mix all five powders together in one container and take a teaspoon of the mix 3 times a day. Its also the first thing I take in the morning now. After taking it EVERY TIME I feel electric afterwards and increased energy. My son goes to work at 5:30 AM and he takes a teaspoon of the powders first thing and feels perfect until he finally eats at noon. I am also changing my diet over to only foods that the web site says to eat which are all alkaline foods. I now have the freedom to look at a food and know that if I eat it I am not going to feel as good. So now my diet and how I feel is a complete choice. Thanks everyone at Sabalie.

    • Sabalie

      Thank you very much! We appreciate this beautiful review 🙂

  2. Christina Prieto (verified owner)

    Greetings! Last year in January I went through the hardest time in my life. I developed many neurological disorders which put a stop to my life completely. I began my healing journey by changing my diet and incorporating herbs. I did find some relief but still felt many of my symptoms. I had a hard time accepting my condition and adjusting to this new lifestyle. Later that year around May I came across Zeiki. He helped me battle a lot of my emotional issues that I was having during the time. He helped me find peace and balance in my life. We had many long talks night after night until I learned to let go of my fears and move forward. Soon after I decided to take the next step. I bought his Isanarpackage and began taking all of these herbs. I added the powders to raw juice every morning and every night. I began to see results immediately. Many of my symptoms started reducing and some even disappeared. Later that year I started fasting and became raw vegan eating mostly fruit. This was the last step that I needed to get my life back. Today I am fully functional and my symptoms are almost completely gone. If there is anyone trying to fight any disease I would highly recommend changing your diet and incorporating Sabalie’s herbs. They are very strong and trustworthy. I have been taking them for 11 months and they have helped me so much! Much peace and love to you all through your healing journey. ♥

  3. Khemnas Resha (verified owner)

    This package, the ISanar, made it possible for me to somewhat turn my body inside out and give it a good, deep clean!I had always heard the master cleansers and fasters talking about not eating for long periods of time and just ingesting certain herbal compounds, but I always wanted to try it for myself. I’m thirty today, and I’ve been a vegan for over six years; however, I still wanted to do a deep cleanse to remove all the toxins that I’m sure built up in my body from all the years of not eating and living right before my great transformation into better lifestyle practices.

    With this ISanar package, I finally did it! I did what I’d heard about for so many years – and it was wonderful. I set out on a 21 day fast, using just the herbs in this package (and drinking one cup of freshly juiced apple juice per day).

    Not to mention, I set out on this journey as a full-time student (17 credit hours) while working a part-time job, just so you know – when done correct – you can cleanse and fast under the most extreme conditions.

    I didn’t make it the whole 21 days, though, because I had to start getting my weight back up for a physical tied into my program of study. However, I was able to complete 15 days of the herbal fast, and I’m very pleased with the results. The small periods of fatigue I used to experience daily is now non-existent and I went from 2 to 3 bowel movement a day to 2 to 5! (T.M.I, LOL!)

    I won’t even go into the spiritual aspect of this cleansing journey because you’d be here reading all night. But I most say, this experience was worth every penny…and hunger pang! May you all be well, be healthy. Peace.

  4. Nancy (verified owner)

    I saw Zeiki and Kimaya on my FB page; I’m always looking for helpful information on feeding and cleansing my body responsibly and consciously. I watched their video and went to the website. I ordered this package; have been on the detox now for over a month and have noticed drastic improvement in a chronic back problem that I’ve had for 15 years; I don’t get upset about little things anymore; I’m sharp, focused and have tons of energy and actually feel a little too zen sometimes. I look forward to continuing this herbal system as a way of life. I have finally reached a place where I can become all vegan (I don’t have cravings for food anymore. I was almost a food addict…the herbs help tremendously with my love affair with food!

  5. Patricia Jones (verified owner)

    I’d been searching for a way to lose weight by changing my diet. It was imperative that I found a way to decrease my blood pressure and improve my blood circulation. I was skeptical, but within two weeks, I found myself eating three days a week, having regulated blood pressure, and I could see my veins! As an added bonus I had a tons of energy and I started losing weight. The migraines and nose bleeds ceased and I was left wondering why I hadn’t tried this sooner. I’ve tried Chaga, and countless other natural remedies, none offered the improvement in my health as this regiment did. Don’t take my word for it, try it for a thirty day fast or chew diet and the results will stun you.

    Thank you, I look forward to my next shipment.

  6. Roy P Pierre, jr (verified owner)

    Very very good product. It’s impact on my life is absolutely incredible and I will continue to keep using it.

  7. Sherita (verified owner)

    I had been online researching products to assist me in healing and ran across Sabalie. My goal was to rejuvenate my body and also work on eliminating uterine fibroids. After reading up on Sabalie, their methods and products, I decided to order the ISanar package. I called the customer service line for a brief consultation with Zeiki and he was extremely supportive! It was also very apparent to me that he was very knowledgeable and would definitely be able to help me on my healing journey. Additionally, I was able to consult with Kimaya who was a breath of fresh air! She provided me with encouraging words, affirmations, and additional coaching to help me along in the process. After 40 days of a juice fast and taking the Sabalie herbs, I had never felt so energetic and looked so good in my life! My skin was glowing, I lost weight, and I had more energy than I’d had in a very long time. Also, after going to the doctor I was told that I had eliminated 1 of the uterine fibroids which is a HUGE success! I highly recommend the iSanar package for anyone who’s interested in jumpstarting their healing to becoming more healthy and spiritually grounded. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to continued success with these products.

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