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Brings sufficient intracellular balance. An all natural intracellular relaxer and revitalizer package.

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Product Description

iMinnePackage is an all natural intracellular relaxer and revitalizer package. iMinnePackage brings comfort and surety to one’s consciousness soul which brings sufficient intracellular balance to one’s multicellular organism.

iMinnePackage Comes With:

An all in one formula that provides one’s mind with the vibrations that it needs to energize, cleanse, and revitalize thy cells. iSanso brings rejuvenation vibrations to the brain, central nervous system, and the lymphatic system. iSanso also addresses the teeth, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, skin, radiation poisoning, respiratory system while simultaneously combating the craving for addictive substances.

iMineralsof92 is an Irish Moss power combination that gives the body a selection an abundance of minerals to chose from. iMineralsof92 is excellent for restoring balance to one’s bones, glands and weight.

Powder(s) Instructions: Take one teaspoon with 8 fluid ounces of warm spring (or distilled) water.

Capsule(s) Instructions: Take one to two capsules daily to empower the mind with self-healing thoughts.

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Capsules (60 ct.), Powder

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zeiki Ai Sabalie

    Peaceful Greetings,

    I am writing a review on my own product because it is just that good. I love these two bottle of love. iMinnePackage was made of those on a budget. I know that if I didn’t own Sabalie, I would AT LEAST buy this package monthly because of the amazing power that taking these will provide me. Gotta love it!

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