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There is a saying that you can’t choose your family, but you can chose your friends. However, you chose both. Before we decide to focus into a physical reality, we actually make agreements with other consciousness souls; some may refer to this as soul groups. Within our soul family we may decide to play different roles to experience ourselves in different expressions.

As, I look upon my own family and friends I see them in an entirely new light as they all have been my teachers. Through my earlier life experiences I would have not have considered them in this manner, but as I have grown in self love and as I reflect on the circumstances, they have been there showing me the way the entire time.

Right now, all I can do is laugh. As the differences we may have had, the right versus wrongs, the expectations were all necessary to create the person I am today and ultimately was a part of the divine plan.

Through experience, it has brought me to a place of unconditional love, I love my family and friends for who they are, and not by my own expectations, of who they should be. This love has allowed me to create a new reality, a new world where all I see is love and beauty among all beings.

Therefore each member of your family is present in your life for a reason from your parents, work colleagues to your children, the greatest gift you can give is to be yourself so you can reflect who you really are. Through being your true self, it’s presents harmony and balance rather than the opposite.

When circumstances arise, ask yourself the question, How does this serve me? By asking this question you will be able to identify how the presented situation can aid in your spiritual growth. If the situation keeps reoccurring, it is the BA (one’s higher self) asking for you to take action, so ask the question and take heed of the lesson.

Trust that whatever is happening has a purpose and is being presented for reason. Through doing the above exercise, I was able address some of the relationships in my life. We can choose to look at any given situation in two ways now, I always choose the positive light as I know everything is for my highest good.

I chose you my husband for your knowing and your truthful, self confident nature. You have always accepted me for the person I choose to be at any given moment and you have helped me to know my self worth and aided me to overcome limiting beliefs about myself to enable me to move to a place of self love and confidence.

I chose you my beautiful daughter, my greatest teacher of love, patience and inner power. Through you I was able to see the power that exists in myself and all of mankind. Everyday as you learn and grow you show me something new about myself and life. I appreciate you for your pure essence of love and grace. When you look into my eyes, I am overwhelmed with love and joy.

I chose you father for your charisma, young at heart joyful persona, and I knew you would provide the path for me to grow and to learn from the wonderful women you would bring into my life.

I chose you mother for your strength, courage, and persistence on breaking through the barriers of life. Our initial relationship was brief and we may have had differences but you showed me the importance of family, growth and faith.

I chose you my step mother for your kind, loving heart. You really showed me how to give without expectations and how to keep pushing forward, until you achieve all the desires of your heart.

I chose you my older sister for your teaching of living, loving and embracing the moment and for your ability of forgiveness. Your are the true definition of living life without any limits and confidence in self.

I chose you my younger sister for your fierceness, to live life unapologetically.

The list could go on and on but, I can now say Thank You, for expressing yourself to allow me to learn and grow in self love, ultimately finding my way home.

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