Movies do not actually have movement. The illusion of movement in a movie is performed by placing many similar frames in a specfic sequence. Life is just like a movie, in which you use your consciousness to project itself through billions of self-created frames per second. We can call these frames parallel or probable realities.

Much like the filmstrip of a movie, all frames already exist. If you can think of each filmstrip as a parallel/probable reality, you will be able to understand that all filmstrips that will ever exist already do exist. The only thing that will ever change is the way your consciousness perceives the orientation of the filmstips.

There are an infinite number of parallel/probable realities that you and your other-selves have already created. You are, as you read this text right now, are shifting through billions of those filmstrips per second. The way you navigate through this, whether you are conscious of it or not, is through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Timelines are like movies while parallel and probable realities are like the filmstrips upon a movie reel. The way a specfic set of filmstrips are ordered on after another, creates a specific timeline. Timelines are neither altered nor destroyed, your consciosuness is simply playing as one timelines or playing as another.

All timelines and all parallel/probable realities exist at the same time. Remember, filmstrips in a movie all exist at the same time, regardless of the particular point of view that one may be seeing the movie from at any given time. All realities are thoughts that do not go away, but are only paid attention to.

The way you pay your attention is the way you flow your awareness. Since it is always your awareness that you are expierencing as your world, then whatever you focus upon, you will increase in experience by shifting your consciousness to a specfic set of parallel/probable realities (i.e., timeline.)

When you think of the past, present and future, there really is only one point of focus that creates all of them: right now. The present is what allows you to shift your consciosuness from an infinite number of timelines. Remember, each timeline has a different history so each moment, you have a different history too.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, in every moment, you are literally shifted to a different timelines; you are literally in/on a different Earth, a different universe, and a different multiverse every single moment. This, once again, happens by the way you think, feel, and act at any given moment.

You are never on the same Earth. You are on a billion different Earths every second. You are never on the same rock, however, you can be on a rock that seems so similar to the one you were previously focused on because you do not need to see a big change in reality, or because you are not changing yourself to see a change.

There are an infinite number of worlds and probable realities that you shift yourself to by changing yourself. The core way to change yourself is through your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts that you pay most attention to. Beleifs are thoughts you think over and over that define you in realtionship to certain circumstances.

As one begins to change their thoguhts/beliefs, their feelings about life changes and then their actions will change. If one is not taking action in the direction of the preferred timeline that they say they truly prefer, then one will most likely not shift to that timeline. Action is required to shift, but action is fun.

The way you shape your facial expression is an action, going to the movies is an action, drinking water is an action, cleaning up is an action, deep breathing is an action, etc. The easy way to shift to any timeline is to think, feel, and act like the you in the timeline that you wish to experience.

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