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Your life exist as one physical actualization of an infinite amount of simultaneous possibility/probability vortices that exist right here and right now. Since it is always your awareness that you are experiencing as your world, then whatever you focus upon, you will increase in experience by shifting your consciousness to a specific set of parallel/probable realities (i.e., timeline.)

Whether you are conscious of it or not, in every moment, you are literally shifted to a different timeline; you are literally existing as a different Earth Plane of Existence, a different universe, and a different multiverse every single moment. You are never on the same Earth. You are on a billion different Virtual “Reality” Versions of Earth every second.

Movies do not actually have movement. The illusion of movement in a movie is performed by placing many similar frames in a specific sequence. Life is just like a movie, in which you use your consciousness to project itself as and through billions of self-created frames per second. We can call these frames parallel or probable realities.

Much like the filmstrip of a movie, all frames already exist. If you can think of each filmstrip as a parallel/probable “reality,” you will be able to understand that all filmstrips that will ever exist already do exist. The only thing that will ever change is the way your consciousness perceives the orientation of the filmstrips (i.e., the timeline you experience.)

Timelines are like movies while parallel/probable “realities” are like the filmstrips upon a movie reel. The specific way a set of filmstrips that are ordered one after another creates a specific timeline. Parallel/probable “realities” are neither altered nor destroyed; they are only just perceived in a different configuration (i.e, timeline.)

There are an infinite number of parallel/probable “realities” that you and your other-selves have already created. You are, as you read this text right now, sifting, and shifting through billions of these parallel/probable “realities” per second. The way you navigate through this, whether you are conscious of it or not, is through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

There are an infinite number of worlds and probable realities that you shift yourself to by changing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. The focus of change is your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts that you pay the most attention to. Beliefs are thoughts you think over and over that define you in relationship to existence.

All action that you perform stem from the thoughts you think; the thought that you think create a state of being that inspires you to behave in a particular way. Your behavior, at any given moment, is representative a certain vibrational frequency that shifts you through an infinite number of parallel/probable realities that make up a timeline.

Once again, as one begins to change their beliefs, then their feelings change; a change in feelings results in a change of behavior. If one is not taking action in the direction of their preferred timeline, then one will most likely not shift to that timeline. Action is not always required, but without it, one may not shift/jump to their preferred timeline.

Let us now turn to the understanding that parallel possibility/probability vortices exist as a state of being (i.e., as a thought and feeling state) and then manifest as physical virtual “reality” when there is enough vibrational momentum supporting a specific parallel possibility/probability vortex.

All loving, joyful, and peaceful thought that you have ever thought exists within a possibility/probability vortex. This loving, joyful, and peaceful possibility/probability vortex is literally your version of Heaven On Earth and beyond. The key then is to think, feel and act in a joyous way, to give your joy possibility/probability vortex more potential for actuality.

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