Physical matter has no life in it and is not life because matter is unreal. Matter is neither poison, nor food, it is simply nothing. The idea of one’s physical body being sustained by physical material is ridiculous. Matter is simply just an idea, and when the mind begins to remember this, the mind does not change matter but simply reimagines the idea of it into “something else.”

The only thing that maintains the idea of the body is the mind that imagines the illusion of separation to be a reality. There is no within, there is no body that spirit is within, and there is no body that is within spirit. There is simply only the imagination of the mind that makes up an idea of space/time, and time/space.

Imagination that is in harmony with the idea of eternal fulfillment, coming directly from the reality of perfect oneness, would reimagine the body with no physical need for water, sleep or food. Everyday, you imagine that you need water, sleep, and food. It is only the belief in this idea that allows it to seem as a reality.

One’s own desire for proof is just one’s desire to disprove, for the mind first believes and then strengthens belief with “proof.” Who has proven that God actually exist but believes in God? Ask yourself now, how many things do you blindly believe in without proof. Ask yourself now, again, how many things you no longer believe that you once did because of proof.

The true measure of belief is that which is believed before proof. Belief to this degree births proof that “the world” may have yet to see with their physical eyes but may have already felt with their heart. Many things, people, events, and circumstances are disbelieved by some, believed by others, and birthed into “the world” by those who knew in their hearts.