Be Still & Know I Am God

Lovearian Philosophy

Lovearian Philosophy is a philosophy that shares the idea that all of life is an expression of one infinite source of isness known as love (i.e., The Infinite Creator.)

Teach Love For That Is Who & What You Are

We Are Infinite Creators Sustained By Love

Loving All Vibrations by Allowing & Appreciating Life As It Is Now

Lovearian Philosophy

Created and Expressed by The Sabalie Family


Lovearian Philosophy is a philosophy that shares the idea and the knowing that all of life is an expression of one infinite source of love (i.e., The Infinite Creator.) One will always be a Lovearian whether they are physically focused or non-physically focused because all creation is made up of source energy; love. All of life is made up of love; all of life is Lovearian.

Lovearian Formula

Do It For The Joy & Not The Outcome


Let go of all expectations on how life should be. Shift your vibrational state to appreciation; lock in this state of being so that it does not waiver. With discernment, take action on whatever is an expression of your highest joy and peace. Know that what happens in life is exactly what you need for spiritual growth by interpreting all manifested circumstances with a positive meaning.

Nine Councils of Love

Lovearian Material


Council One: Intelligent Infinity:

There is that which could be called Intelligent Infinity (i.e., Infinite Intelligence.) Infinite Intelligence is one being of isness without the illusions space and time. There is nothing outside of this one being because it is All-That-Is. You are an expression of All-That-Is. The idea of creation is All-That-Is experiencing itself as being awareness (i.e., consciousness.)

Focusing infinite intelligence creates intellgent energy. All-That-Is’ original focus of infinite intelligence is what some have called The Infinite Creator. It was this original focus that created all of creation. You were created perfect by The Infinite Creator to be an Infinite Creator from your own joyous point of view. You and your creator are one, and your will is one with your creator’s will.

Within the consciousness of The Infinite Creator the idea of finiteness or finity was created. These ideas are expressions of consciousness for the purpose of amusement. The original focus of All-That-Is has created an infinite amount of dimensions and dreams within an infinite amount of dimensions and dreams for the purpose of it playing with itself.

Acknolwdge, if you will, your Creator that created you. The Infinite Creator created you, and that is the only thing that differs from your expression of All-That-Is and the All-That-Is expresison called The Infinite Creator. The love particles that your soul is comprised of is of your Creator. You are one with your Creator and your Creator wills that you be eternal joy and peace.

The Infinite Creator created your soul by way of creating another focuser of Infinite Inteligence. As this physical persona, you are a very small expresison of the total being (i.e., soul or oversoul) that you truly are that was originally created by All-That-Is’ original focusing. You are a focuser and when you focus you create something to percieve (i.e. a world of experience.)

Everything exist within The Mind of the Infinite Creator (i.e., The Mind). The Mind is the activating agent of The Infinite Creator’s Spirit (i.e., Spirit). Spirit is the original thought or the original vibration of unconditional love that makes up all of creation. Body or Form of any kind is mind-reflection; a learning tool created by The Mind. All of this makes up The Soul.

Council Two: Love, Light & Sound:

Love is not something that can be described in words. Love can only be felt. If there are words that describe love, we would describe love as the substance of all creation, unconditional acceptance, unconditional allowing, and the feelings of joy and peace. These words and states of being do not truly describe love; they merely paint a pretty picture of a small piece of what love truly is.

Fear, to us, would be the illusion of love being absent; an illusion of its opposite. This is an illusion because it not really true that love could be absent. Some call fear the dark. The illusion of there not being love within the dark is an illusion; for love exist in all things; all things are an expression of love as love even if it is absent/distorted love.

Love is indescribable. Love is unique to the perceiver. Love is thought. Love is felt. Love is rarely spoken. Love is silent. Love is. You are Love. Love has a choice of expierencing itself as that which it is not, that which is not love, that which could be called fear. The choice of love or fear is free-will. One will always have this choice. Love or Fear. That is the decision.

Love is the actor, the prime mover; using light as its illusion. Light is an expression of love. By the process of vibration love creates what we call a photon aka the basic particle of light. This proton is the only one ingredient of all the so-called visible (and invisble) multiverse(s); a extension and projection of consciousness expressing free-will.

Light can be seem as an illusion and a holographic extension and projection of All-That-Is’ Consciousness; an extension/projection of your consciousness. Within the wholeness of love there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations. Therefore, within the wholeness of light, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations.

Within the one light there are an infinite number of vibrational variations of light or otherwise known as an infinite number of colors and shades. Within each color, is a different experience, a unique experience that births another whole set of different colors, different experience and unique experiences. There is no end to spiritual experience because it is infinite.

You are a unique experience, a unique vibration, a unique puzzle piece of intelligent infinity’s expression of infinite energy; you are multi-dimensional being of love and light. You are a channel for all vibrations of love and light. You are a channel for the intelligent infinity to express its infinite possibilities; you are creation as an expression of creation.

Regardless of how long it may seem to take, it is by each soul’s upward ascending spiral of consciousness that one identifies with less and less distortions of unconditional love. The soul is eternal, and the soul will have eternity to embrace the challenges it may need to experience for the purpose of re-experiencing itself as the pure vibration of the infinite source (i.e., unconditional love).

As you focus, you create with the power that creates worlds. As you focus, you are focusing intelligent infinity into a creation of a unique set of vibrations, a unique set of outcomes and expressions of infinite energy. All infinite focusers (infinite creators) are, by default, immensely free to focus as they choose to. This is the supportive unconditional love given by The Infinite Creator.

Everything in creation is an expression of love. Whether it is positively or negatively orientated, all of creation is an expression of The Infinite Creator’s infinite energy (i.e. love). Whether you are in a so-called spiritual form or within a so-called spiritual physical dream form, it is all light. Generally, the light that is called physical is just light that tends to move at a slower vibrational rate.

The physical world that any infinite focuser or infinite creator maybe vibrationally perceiving at any given moment is not made up of material, but of light oscillating and vibrating at different vibrational rates. Everything is spiritual because everything is light and as it is light it is vibration and as it vibration it is spiritual and as it is spiritual it is sacred. All is sacred. All is one.

Physicality isn’t separable from spirituality. Physical matter is the result of an spiritual expression is exploring the idea of space and time. All things are one thing, all beings are one being, so all of creation is for the self because it is the self. There is nothing else but the one intelligent infinity which created the many-ness as unique inner expressions of itself.

Council Three: The Laws of Creation

There is only but one true Law within all of the infinite that will always remain. By understanding and practicing the knowing of this Law, one will begin to change their perception, thoughts, feelings and actions. Although simple, it is vital that one understands this Law for it is a Law that is not a governing over anything but the natural and fundamental nature of all that exist (i.e., All-That-Is.)

The Law of One may be approximated by stating that all things, in and of creation, are one thing expressing itself as an infinite amount of things; there is truly no such thing as polarization, no such thing as right or wrong, and no such thing as disharmony; only vibration identification. All that exists is one; that one is the love, light, joy, peace and power of The Infinite Creator.

Grasp, if you will, the knowing that you are everything, you are every being, you are every feeling, you are every emotion, you are every circumstance, you are infinity, you are love, you are light. You are. This is the Law of One.

The first step towards practicing The Law of One is to choose a path towards seeking love. Within this first step, after the path is chosen, life experience will demand a response from you. All of your responses shall be of love and an attempt to understand your self and other-selves (i.e., other people) for the purpose of loving yourself and other-selves.

We are all the one intelligent infinity’s infinite energy (i.e., love/light and light/love) acting as different distortions of one original vibration, one original thought. Love is the only true feeling. All other feelings or emotions are distortions of Love. Being in love with self and all other selves (i.e., other people and things) is being in alignment with the Lovearian that you truly are.

As you may express love towards the distortion of called insincerity, a perceived loss of so-called power can and may exist within the expression of loving the insincere distortion vibration. However, as you are expressing and extending love, you are making a conscious statement of self to self of desiring to share love. Therefore, any perceived loss of power is insignificant.

The second step is to see the universe, the multiverse and all of creation as one being. Express this knowing and extend appreciation for the totality of your beingness, for the universe and the multiverse that you are. All that exist within the infinite is another expression of you and the magnificent being that you are. You are the multiverse. You are The Infinite Creator.

The third step is to see the Creator. When you look in the mirror, see the Creator. When you look are your hands, see the Creator. When you look at a chair, see the Creator. When you look at the Sun, see the Creator. When you look at your parents, see the Creator. When you look at your brothers, your sisters, your aunties, your uncles, your pets and your world, see the Creator.

The use of these three steps and continuous vibrational practicing of these three steps are seen by us as a preferred prerequisite to any methods of meditation, contemplation, or prayer. Without the practice of these steps, the information received from any method cannot truly sink deep within one’s mind for the enabling and ennobling the body and the graceful touching of the spirit.

The Law of One is important. When you realize that all is one, you may also begin to realize the true essence of who you are, and that you can not and never will be separated from you are your Source, you and your God, you and the One Infinite Creator. You may also choose to stop judging other portions of yourself based upon fears.

It is a truly evolutionary step for one to realize that since it all is one thing, since everything comes and exist within the mind of the infinite, the mind of intelligent infinity, all that you experience is an occurrence that is going on within your spiritual mind. You are not in life as a puzzle piece of it, you are life. You are everything that you vibrationally interpret physically and spiritually.

Creation is consciousness experiencing itself from another perspective of itself. Everything in your reality is you from another point of you, you from another light angle of your overall light projection, your overall consciousness projection. There is no outside because creation could not create anything outside of itself if it was and still is all that will ever be (i.e., All-That-Is.)

It all started and still is one being, it all started within and stays within, space and time are illusions created by consciousness to experience itself for the purpose of knowing itself, knowing and exploring all the many different and infinite ways that the infinite can create itself to be. You are not living in a physical universe, you are the physical universe. You are everything.

The Law of One also contains the innerstanding that, since all is one, everything is here and now. Every location, every event, every time, every universe, every timeline and the entire multiverse is all right here and now existing upon different vibrational wavelengths, different vibrational frequencies that all unique autonomous aspects of the one, all souls, can tune into via their choosing.

Truthfully, there are no other Laws besides The Law of One. All other so-called universal laws are just expressions of The Law of One to teach and experience the fact that everything is just one thing.

The Law of One contains other “Laws” such as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is simple: What you “put out” is what you get back. What you place your attention upon, you shall receive. What you focus upon, you shall receive. The way in which you focus your attention creates your experience of the world that you are. You are your world.

The Law of Attraction states that all vibrations that are liken unto themselves are drawn; that which is liken unto itself is drawn. Everything within All-That-Is is representated by its own signature vibrational resonance. All things within creation are matched together depending upon the vibrational resonance of each thing. All-That-Is is perfectly organized.

The Law of Attraction is also known and expressed as Synchronicity. Synchronicity is simply an expression of The Law of One; showing you that you are all of it and therefore, what you touch with your focus, you will touch with all of your other non-physical and physical vibrational interpretators (i.e., all of your non-physical and physical senses).

Synchronicity states that there are no accidents, there are no coincidences and there is no such thing as luck and favoritism. All events are organized by Law of Attraction’s Synchronicity Principle. Synchronicity is the love pitch of reality that reveals the oneness of all of creation. Synchronicity reveals to one’s self that all realities, probable and/or parallel realities, are one reality.

Council Four: Manifestation

You are every vibration within existence. However, you do not have to align your identity with every vibration within all of existence. You are the producer, sifter and sorter of your awareness (i.e., consciousness.) You are the producer, sifter and sorter of your thoughts. Everything you perceive is a vibration. You are perceiving vibrations such as your thoughts, your feelings, colors, other-selves, sounds, smells, etc.

Life is is not mind over matter but rather that mind is matter. Everything that you perceive exist solely within the awareness (i.e. the consciousness) of your spirit’s mind. Everything in all realities that you expierence is a product of your spiritual mind. Depending upon your choices, you can perceive through the eyes of your higher mind or your lower mind. Everything exist within you.

Manifestation is the byproduct of The Infinite Creator creating versions of itself to create other versions of itself. Whether these aspects of the one infinite express themselves as a rock, a door, the air, a bird, a human being, a star, a sun, a planet, etc. it is all still the Creator expressing and experiencing itself from another point of view.

Your life, whether you are in conscious or unconscious knowing of it, is your creation. It is your thoughts (beliefs), feelings, actions and intentions that create the life and synchronicities within the life you are experiencing. Individually and collectively, you and your other selves (other people and other things) are creating a world for the purpose of experience.

Reality is motionless, it is the illusionary movement of your consciousness that shifts to another parallel reality, and another, and another, so and so on that creates the illusion of movement, motion, space, and time. Each reality is much like a static movie film strip and your consciousness is the projector. This is why life is not happening to you but life is happening through you.

Everything takes root from the pattern of thought that you choose to create and receive. Your feelings and your emotions are all secondary to the way you think at any moment. Your beliefs are definitional thoughts that you choose identify with before and after experiencing certain things. Beliefs are thoughts about yourself in relationship to you and how you relate to particular life circumstances.

As you think, you feel and as you feel you act in ways that play out your most inner, deepest and highest feelings. It is through your beliefs in separation that create the negative feelings and so-called negative actions in your life. Negativity is that which segerates and separates. Positivity is that which is integreates, and makes whole.

One who believes they are separated from their Source, from their Creator, from the Creator, will probably also believe they must act out of integrity to accomplish and obtain the things they desire. They may act within the vibration of fear because they are choosing to run away from the natural unconditional love vibration of the infinite.

Your actions in life come from your feelings; your feelings motivate you to act in specific ways. Your feelings are created from your beliefs (i.e., from your thoughts) and your thoughts are just vibration. Some say you are what you think, but most accurately, you are what you vibrationally identify with. The vibration you identify with is the vibration you perceive.

What you place your attention upon is what you identify with and what you identify with is what you perceive. What you choose to periceve will always grow stronger within. If you choose to perceive fear (i.e., pain and suffering,) you will increase fear witihn you. If you choose to perceive love (i.e., joy and peace) you will increase love within you.

The universe is infinite and every universe within the collection of universes has an infinite number of versions of themselves existing upon different vibrational frequencies. As you read this, or listen to this, you are vibrationally interpreting different parallel realities, different parallel versions of this content by shifting your consciousness in and out of different vibrational versions of the universe.

There are an infinite number of ways that you can have one event happen because creation is infinite, what you deem as events in your life are created by you consciously or unconsciously. It is all your doing. It is by your resonance, your tuning into, your identifying with certain vibrations by focusing upon them, that you experience miraculous joyful moments or so-called challenging ones.

You are constantly in and out of different worlds that seem so similar, but each one is very different. Every moment that passes by is a new reality that you live in, a new reality that you are creating and a new reality that you are tuning into. Much like a radio tuning into different radio stations, you are the radio and you are also all the programmer of all of the stations.

Every moment is a manifestation of the intelligent infinity’s possibility being actualized into an intelligent, infinite energy. Every moment is a consciousness projection. Every moment is a creation, a focusing of your spiritual essence, of your soul. Some believe their soul exists within their body but actually, your physical body exists within the awareness of your soul.

Life is a mirror, mirroring that which you are, that which you are becoming and that which you no longer identify with. Generally, those who are around you, are synchronistically matched with you to show you what vibration you are pulsating, what vibration you no longer identify with and maybe what vibration they may need to see for their growth as a soul.

The spiritual mirror that you call physical reality is filled with other versions of yourself. You have this mirror and you have, within higher levels of your being, programmed it to be a certain set of experiences that challenge you and your ability to maintain a love, appreciation, joy and peace while expanding your perspective; nudging you more towards your true natural self.

There is only a small portion of your consciousness that is focused in the physical. Another and a much more greater portion of your consciousness remain focused within the spiritual. As a partner within your physical life, you have this larger portion of your consciousness assisting you in your physical life by way of your feelings.

You can call your physical focused consciousness your physical mind and your spiritual focused consciousness your higher mind, and your inner being. Your higher mind holds a much larger and broader perspective of life. It knows the path of least resistance to the growth that it desired before it created you, the physical mind.

Your higher mind has knowledge of the infinite past and future lives you are connected to at any given moment. Your higher mind is the vibration of unconditional love and it is by your feelings of love or fear that it communicates with you. It is by your feelings that you can feel the vibrational essence of your current thought-patterns (i.e. beliefs).

Generally, if it feels good, you are thinking good and it is good for you. If it feels bad, it is either bad for you or you are looking at it in a way your that your higher mind is not choosing to look at it. When you are feeling love, joy, appreciation and peace, you are aligned with this aspect of your being. When you are feeling fear, anger, guilt, hate, shame, etc. you not aligned with your higher mind.

Since you are the radio and the radio station, the pattern of thought that you hold is your tuning and your programming. As you think that which feels joyful and peaceful, you begin to tune into vibrations which are of that joy, peace and love. As you think of that which brings about fear, as you buy into fear-based belief systems, you tune into vibrations of that fear.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all a representation of the vibration you are identifying with, they are all of your choosing. The way you think, the way you feel and the way you act is the composite of your state of being. Your state of being is paramount, for your state of being is the vibration you are choosing and what you choose, you become.

If what you choose is what you become, and you are physical life, you are everything, you are all the synchronicities in your life: then one can see that their state of being either attracts or repels circumstances into their life in the most unexpected ways. Whether these circumstances are of love or fear is entirely up to the being who is identifying with either love or fear.

Sometimes you think of an old friend and they call you within 72 hours, sometimes you think of a movie an old movie but you can’t remember the name and you see a poster or something related to it within a few days. Sometimes you talk about something or someone and it pops up and this is the power you hold. Everything is one thing and you are co-creating it all with The Infinite Creator.

It is all about your ability to allow in more love and less fear. Your ability to accept life as it is in the present is your ability to allow. Accept and cherish life as it is right now. Know that if your soul did not want a physical life, it would not be living one. Even your near-death accidents you may actually experience death and quickly change the outcome by shifting to another parallel reality in which you survived.

Everything is here and now. All lives, all pasts, all futures, all everything is here and now. All you have to do is tune into the vibration of reality that you prefer by thinking, feeling and acting like the you that you see in your joyful imagination. Your imagination is communication from your higher mind. Your imagination reflects to you your current state of being.

Imagination is something you can use to feel the resonance and see the actions of the you that you prefer to identify with. As you imagine, as you remember, as you think, you are in that state right now. Everything is now and if you imagine something, you are the vibration of that energetic reality right now. It is by your maintenance of the feeling state that reality manifest.

Mass consciousness or the consciousness of all the other so-called autonomous beings that you are playing with within your current reality of this planetary game is also affecting you on a quote on quote unconscious level or a level you are choosing to not be too much aware of. Gravity is a set agreement that many come into the Gaia or Earth experience to play with.

As a newborn human being, you come in agreeing to hold onto certain beliefs until you feel they no longer serve you. You come into a certain vibrational game to help the other selves within the game evolve the game by you being your true natural self. Mass consciousness may play, and usually does play a role, on how certain environments, chemicals, foods and things may affect you.

It is always up to you, on a non-physical and physical level, to determine what experience you will have. Sometimes, your higher mind may wish to experience a certain amount of limitation for fun. Sort of like that game played on the hardest level just to joyfully test your skills and abilities.

Your life and the result of your life is all about your choices. What you choose to speak on, how you choose to respond to circumstances and how you are choosing to act are all representative of your conviction to live within a certain vibrational atmosphere. If you are choosing a reality of love, appreciation, joy and peace, you must hold those feelings as much as possible and act from them.

It is always by your choosing, by your responding or respond-ability/response-ability that you invite things, beings and life circumstances into your experience. In every given moment, seek love, choose love and be love. Praise creation for its diversity and beauty. Appreciate the now because all you have is now and now is your current manifestation.

Paradoxically, changing your life is not about going anywhere, it is really about remaining more present and appreciating all that is already here. It is actually in your constant attempt to be optimistic and to not complain about your life that your life, your motivations and exhilaration for life, actually changes rapidly and most quickly.

Your current reality is an accumulation of your thought-beliefs, feelings, intentions and actions. Depending upon the vibrational momentum or the vibrational strength of these thoughts (beliefs), feelings, intentions and actions, you may have to accumulate a vast amount of energy in order to overcome a set vibrational pattern of your life. You can change the game by just playing a new one.

Life is like that one virtual reality game that seems so real when the goggles are on but when you take the goggles off, you say oh! this is real life. Physical life is very much the same way. Physical reality is like one of the many virtual realities existing within your spiritual mind, in which, you and “others” combine your minds together to play a game with similar vibrational rules.

There is a formula for physical life that is actually quite simple, it is simple physics: The Lovearian Formula is to shift your vibrational state to appreciation. The second step is to maintain alignment with the vibrational state of appreciation so that it does not waiver. The third step is to let go of all expectations on how your life should unfold.

The fourth step is to take action on the things in your life that are an expression of your highest joy in the given moment. Taking action on your joy can be as simple as taking a walk, cooking, going to the park, talking to a friend, etc. Your actions will lead you to everything you need to experience for the spiritual enjoyment of your soul. The fifth step is to persevere.

This formula will align you with positive synchronicity. Synchronicity is an expression of the Law of One. Synchronicity is all about perfect timing. Synchronicity is the linear space-time representation of the fact that everything touches everything else because everything is one thing.

Do what you love at all times (or as much as possible), it will support you in every way. You will always attract all that you need for what you need to do. This attracting of your needs is what can be called abundance. To live in love and appreciation at all times, or as much as possible, is spiritual mastery. To forgive all negativity is to walk in the truth that all experiences are self-attracted.

To let go of the negativity you have chosen or that has been, quote on quote, done unto you, is to truly forgive the self and other selves. Your birthright is joy and to judge yourself or another is to lower your vibrational frequency and remain a punching bag for lower vibrations. To rise above it all by loving, appreciating and forgiving, is to remember who you are as a Lovearian.

As you begin to act on the things that are of your joy and more and more only acting on the things that are of your joy, you may discover negative beliefs within yourself that are self-inflicting. Once you discover any negative belief, you will have a choice to let it go or to reinforce the reality of it and remain where you stand.

It is very important to know that all of your actions are vibrationally inspired actions. When you act from any vibrational stance, you ground and create more of that vibration into your life. When you act from fear, you create more fear within your life and when you act from joy, you create more joy within your life.

As you align yourself more and more with the vibration of unconditional love, with the vibration of the Lovearian that you are, you will step more and more into the physical perfection; requiring less external stimulation for your vitality, joy and peace. You realize yourself as the living, walking and breathing Creator that you intended to be as you incarnated within this Earth Game.

Regardless of what goes on around you, if you innerstand, overstand and understand the nature of creation, you will know that if you are truly of a vibration of loving kindness, those who are not of that vibration will not be able to affect you in a way that does not result in a situation that perpetuates your choice to be of loving kindness.

Although others around you may choose fear, anger, sadness, paranoia, etc. if you remain in a vibrational state of appreciation and joy, you will see the world from a different point of view, you will be in communion with higher dimensions and beings of love and light. You will be, quite literally, invisible or impenetrable by energies and beings who are not of your joyful and appreciative nature.

Every moment is a manifestation, nothing comes into your experience before you pulsate a vibration and/or make an action for it to come into your life. Life is inherently meaningless, although you may attract negativity or negative people who wish you negativity, you have the power to transform negative light into positive light by attaching your desired meaning to any circumstance.

Council Five: Life Is Meaningless

What is the meaning behind life circumstances? There is no meaning built into life circumstances but only attracted and repelled vibrations of self. Yes, life is a vibrational manifestation of symbols that most accurately represent your current state of being or your current accumulated vibrational output but all circumstances can be gazed at with ease and light-heartedness.

In life, those who have little food can see it as poverty or they can see it as a chance to increase their vitality by consuming minimal food, much like those who perform a fast to rid themselves of certain lower-vibrational thought-forms. Those who have may lose a job can see it as a lose or as an opportunity for another job that maybe right around the corner.

Life is based upon how you perceive it. Joy does not come from what is happening in life but how you deal with what is happening in life. Spiritual growth is the process of being able to maintain your joy, your peace and your preferred attitude regardless of the challenges you maybe dealing with and creating for yourself.

One who can innerstand that life has no built-in meaning, one who can attach their own meaning to what is happening in life, is one who can be in joy and peace. You could be in any situation and see it in a positive light. If you hold the thought, the belief and the knowing that whatever happens in your life must be for a positive reason, you can truly see life in a different light, from a different angle.

If you are one to be of fear, to think that if something happens a certain way then something is going wrong, then you must be attaching a negative and fearful meaning upon that situation. When you indulge in fear, you will never truly realize the control you have. You are controlling all of it because you are all of it. You are one with everything.

Let us take the process of detoxification as an example. You will find many who perform a quote on quote detoxification of the body and swear up and down their pains during the process are from detoxification. However, when they return to their ‘non-detoxification’ diet, the pains they feel at any given moment from the foods the may choose to ingest are questioned severely.

These individuals may question themselves, their actions so much that fear of acting in a wrong manner begins to create doubt, guilt, lack of self-worth and the result is that they experience more pain than they ever did from the food that previously didn’t cause as much pain. With them attaching more and more negative meaning, the can create an environment for physical body disease.

Although you never truly attract or perceive a reality that you are not the vibration of, the quickest way to alter the reality or the way you feel about it is to think about it differently. To attach a meaning that allows you to appreciate the situation as it is in the present moment. Never concerning yourself with the past or the future, the present moment is just that, your present, your gift.

Council Six: Physical Health & Well-Being

As physical reality is a vibrational mirror, a neutral set of props and symbolic circumstances that manifest through the vibrational resonance of your thoughts, your physical body is also a mirror of the vibration you are practicing or mostly identifying with. You are always drawn to the actions that are most harmonious with the state of being you are choosing in the given moment.

Your physical apparatus is a simple, richly complex biological unified field of light made from the material essence of your consciousness. Although your body is complex, it is not complicated. Physical health is a by-product of your state of being. Additionally, it is a by-product of the air you breathe, the liquids you consume, the quality of sleep you have and the foods you eat.

The environment you are around is generally a product of the vibration you are identifying with. You are never in a place that you aren’t supposed to be in. You are always synchronistically aligned with certain vibrations of air, liquids, foods and circumstances depending upon your state of being. You also gravitate to and crave certain environments, liquids and foods depending upon your state of being.

Generally, it is through one’s imbalanced psychology and cultural upbringing that one consumes food for certain textures and tastes instead of just food for fuel. Your physical apparatus only knows food for fuel, not for taste. When you consume food for the sustenance it can provide you rather than the just for the taste, you will generally move towards a more vibrant and healthier body.

What one consumes from birth and onwards affects their mentality, it affects their psychology, it affects how they think and how you think affects how you feel and how you feel affects how you act. Making an attempt to consume foods that feel more natural for you, is always an ideal thing; to innerstand how a certain food may be affecting your thoughts and feelings is paramount.

All things are vibration. Your thoughts are vibration. Physical matter is just condensed thought form or vibration that has been paid attention to for a bit of time. Physical matter is thought has accumulated, thought/vibration that has had a good amount of momentum to it. All things that you consume have their own vibration and as you consume them, they can alter your vibration.

Although food can alter your vibration, you can and most often do, alter the vibration of the food you consume. What you eat also eats you. You take it into your vibrational reality and it takes you into its vibration reality. However, even though one may not know that spiritual mind is matter, some are still capable of transforming any food into a vibration of well-being.

Although the vibration of food can be altered, we have found that the most easily consumed and highest vibrational foods tends to be raw fruits and vegetables. The vegetables, such as the leafy greens, seem to be very good for the body. The fruits are a treat but they contain tons of water content and are also amazing for cleansing the body.

It is not always that a food may be good for your body, but sometimes the simple principle of cleansing is to stop consuming that which you deeply believe is wrong to consume and that which is tugging and pulling the vitality out of your body consciousness. The physical body’s true food is light and sound, and in-time, human beings will evolve to consuming light directly from Source.

It is never really mind over matter but more so realizing that matter is existent within your spiritual mind and there are an infinite number of version of the reality you exist within. You are always jumping to and from many different parallel realities that seem similar in nature but they are very much different frequencies within the one collective frequency of creation.

Miracles and miracle healings can come from this shifting to alternate parallel realities. Parallel realities are static, much like the film strips of a movie. Your consciousness creates the illusion of continuity and motion by creating, shifting and sifting through billions of parallel realities at every moment. In one reality disease may exist and in another reality, it simply does not and never has. Miracle!

What you eat affects you depending upon your belief system and your state of being while you are consuming the food. Why you are eating the food and how much food you are eating is also a factor. Even water has been proved to be vibrationally altered by thought alone. Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure and the vibration of water. Is not your body water?

You are powerful beyond imagination, but even as you read this text, you may still not believe it and it is your belief in not being as powerful as you truly are that keeps you from being the truth that you are. You can observe others experiences but to use another’s experience as your truth isn’t always ideal.

Two people can do the same thing with two different results because of their vibration. Personally, we have helped many people with their health challenges by the use of many different opposing methodologies. Generally, we find it always best to use either a fasting methodology or a raw fruit and raw vegetable cleanse as provides the least mental and physical digestive resistance.

What one eats, why one eats and how much one eats all takes affects the body but generally, it also based upon what one believes is best for one to eat, why they are eating and how much they think they should eat. As you think, you vibrate and as you vibrate, you attract. Generally, the worst thing you can do, is to do something you think is wrong.

Every human being has a different set of belief systems and each one aligns with different ways of consuming food. One’s lovearian mind will always be one’s best guide into guiding one to consuming foods that are of one’s path to least resistance. Therefore, the best path towards consuming food is a feeling one, let your feelings guide you towards the appropriate actions for you.

Council Seven: The Steps for Healing

The first step to all healing is silence of the mind and silence of the body. Therefore, a method of meditation is appropriate for bringing about vibrations of allowance, appreciation, stillness and silence. The silence of the mind opens the mind up to be an unbiased gateway for the true intelligent infinity that you truly are.

Silencing of the body can be done with a method of fasting. One must use their own discernment to determine a method that is best for them. Fasting can be done without the consumption of anything besides air and/or water. Fasting can be done without the consumption of anything besides air, water, raw fruits and/or raw vegetables. Discern for yourself.

The second step is to determine how your feelings heal your body and how your emotions can affect your body. Each consciousness system within your physical body complex is affected by your feelings, by your biases and by your emotions. Knowing your body well is key to holding higher vibrations within your body. Know your body. Know thyself.

Healing occurs when one realizes deep within themselves The Law of One. There is no disharmony, no imperfection. All is complete, all is whole and all is perfect. Your physical body is re-formed when intelligent infinity is truly able to flow through you as it can when you practice The Lwa of One. Step one and step two are strengthened and follow after the practicing of The Law of One:

The first step towards practicing The Law of One is to choose a path towards seeking love. Within this first step, after the path is chosen, life experience will demand a response from you. All of your responses shall be of love and an attempt to understand your self and other-selves (i.e., other people) for the purpose of loving yourself and other-selves.

We are all the one intelligent infinity’s infinite energy (i.e., love/light and light/love) acting as different distortions of one original vibration, one original thought. Love is the only true feeling. All other feelings or emotions are distortions of Love. Being in love with self and all other selves (i.e., other people and things) is being in alignment with the Lovearian that you truly are.

As you may seek love in the distortion of that which is called insincerity, a perceived loss of so-called power can and may exist within the seeking of loving the insincere distortion vibration. However, as you are seeking to express and extend love, you are making a conscious statement of self to self of desiring to seek love. Therefore, any perceived loss of power is insignificant.

The second step is to see the universe, the multiverse and all of creation as one being. Express this knowing and extend appreciation for the totality of your beingness, for the universe and the multiverse that you all. All that exist within the infinite is another expression of you and the magnificent being that you are.  You are the multiverse. You are the Infinite Creator.

The third step is to see the Creator. When you look in the mirror, see the Creator. When you look are your hands, see the Creator. When you look at a chair, see the Creator. When you look at the Sun, see the Creator. When you look at your parents, see the Creator. When you look at your brothers, your sisters, your aunties, your uncles, your pets and your world, see the Creator.

Council Eight: The Great Mystery

What good is a game for everyone if you can just change all of the rules? It is our strong belief that reality takes root of function and operation from the vibrational resonance of one’s thoughts (i.e., beliefs) but physical reality on Earth is also as it is; a co-created game with rules set by you and other beings (i.e., other aspects of your being) on higher levels of consciousness.

Within this game that we call physical life on Earth, there are certain mass consciousness agreements (i.e., mass consciousness rules) that we all deal with to rise above and remain appreciative. We play the game, abide by the rules and transform the rules as we go along. The experience that we gain from playing this game of limitation really provides the soul a certain level of growth and perception.

It is our belief, that as an infinite creator that transcends space and time, one of the toughest challenges on Earth is living a life in which you are sorta bound by space and time in some way. Physical reality sort of goes against the very infinite and boundless nature of the soul and yet that is probably what makes it most challenging and exciting from the higher mind perspective of being.

Although reality works on the vibrational resonance of your thoughts (i.e., beliefs), it is a reality unto itself that has certain set rules. Once again, what good is a game for everyone if you can just change all of the rules? As you read anything from Sabalie, please do not take it as the truth and please do not feel like every belief you have will manifest completely in the way that you believe.

Our intent is to spread a message that offers others the chance to become spiritual and physical mastery. Spiritual mastery within physical reality is not about changing your life to one’s desired outcome. Physical mastery is about being able to remain in an appreciative, joyful, passionate and peaceful state of being regardless of the circumstances.

Not needing reality to change for you to be appreciative and happy is true mastery. For us, life is about being appreciative, choosing a path of service to others or service to self and takings actions on that which is an expression of your highest joy. Free service without expectation of anything in return is of a high vibrational green-ray unconditional love energy.

Service to others is our path and service to others can be something as simple as raising a child, cleaning up for a friend, making a gift for someone, etc. We feel, that graduation from third-density into forth-density is a choice of choosing service to self or service to others. Our choice of evolution is service to others; serving with love and service that is freely given.

We would like to state, that what we call we All-That-Is, God, The Universe, etc. is but a great mystery to us. We would also like to state that we feel, at this current moment of our so-called understanding of this Great Mystery, is that you are co-creating many realities and universes with this Great Mystery, the Great Essence, the Great Spirit, of All-That-Is.

All statements, all claims, all content within this book and all of our teachings are nothing but opinions or perspectives. Regardless of the amount of proof that may be available, one could never truly know if one is floating in an infinite loop of virtual realities within virtual realities. Therefore, we call the universe, universes, the multiverse, a Great Mystery.

Our only desire is to create a strong feeling of freedom, joy and peace and within ourselves and others who may choose to see us as an example of unconditional love. The only thing we ever truly wish to teach is the Law of One. You can choose to see us as representations of universal interconnectedness and universal oneness.

Council Nine: Completion

As everything is whole, everything is perfect and everything is complete. You have decided as a soul, to embark on a path of eternal expansion of how you experience and perceive yourself. You never get it done because you are an eternally evolving being. As you may think and feel a need to get somewhere to feel a sense of completion, you will never feel it. You will always seek more.

Success is being the natural you at any given moment. You do not become successful, you are the essence of success. You can not obtain or pass a marker point within consciousness that will deem you more successful than another. All things within creation are already perfect, whole and complete. If you must define, completion is the feeling appreciation and joy.

It is within your capacity to be satisfied and joyful as you are, that you grow in a more natural and passionate way. There will never be enough physical stuff and spiritual knowing that will complete you. Your alignment with yourself is an eternal process and your so-called challenges are a forever thing. The way you respond and experience your challenges is what changes as you grow.

You are either not aligned with yourself or aligned with yourself in the moment. Alignment is not a college degree. Spiritual growth is not about getting to a final place and being done. There is no end in which you will stop growing and stop expanding your perception of existence (i.e., your perception of yourself). Right here and right now you are as good as you will ever be.

Heaven is your highest joy and beyond that, there is no heaven that you will rest in forever and ever. You are the heaven you seek and all that you experience is coming from and happening within you. All knowledge, all experience and all of life is happening within you. You are everything. You are worthy. You are whole. You are never and always complete.

"Ye Are Gods & All of You Are Children of The Most High."

"Is It Not Written In Your Law, I Said, Ye Are Gods?"