Positive and Negative / May 10th, 2019

There are no right or wrongs. There are only consequences to that which is created and received as thought, that which is created and received as a feeling, and that which is acted upon. Creation expresses itself as a trinity of dual and a non-dual neutral point in between the two dual points (i.e., illusionary polarities). Creation expresses itself as neutral, love and fear. All-That-Is (The Infinite Creator) is all of it.

All is self. To seek control, domination, ownership, power, etc. upon anything in creation is to seek this upon the self. All is just self and other-selves. All of life in creation is one thing expression itself as many things. There is only one. That which one thinks they are doing to another, they are only doing to themselves both metaphysically, psychologically, and physiologically.

Creation is slightly bent towards the positive light. This is because creation allows freedom of choice. Creation allows all expressions of iteslf to choose that which it desires to vibrationally identify with. This allowing of choice is a positive expression of creation. Positive light, at it’s highest sense, is the simple vibration of unconditional acceptance and unconditional allowance.

Negatively light, at its highest intensity, is pure separation, pure fear, and pure dominative oppression. Any form of control, ultimately, is an expression of negative light. Therefore, creation is slightly bent towards the positive light because the positive light does not seek to control; the positive light offers choice. All of creation, including you, is always choosing by the way one’s focus of attention.

All of Creation is like a coin with heads and tails. Heads is the positive light and tails is the negative light. Creation is like two different expressions of the same one coin. All actions, depending upon perspective, can be seen as positive or negative. As ‘a’ consciousness of creation, one must use their own discernment for their own choices of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

For example, as a parent, one may see the need to control their child to prevent their child from misfortune. This attempt of control is can be seen as slightly bent towards the negative love-light expression but it can also be seen as an expression of positive light. The positive light expression is the desire to create a safe environment that allows the child to be who they truly are.

Generally, it is wise to only trust your feelings, not feelings of other-selves. The child example that truly something to think on. How much acceptance, allowing or control should one express if one is to truly be an example of unconditional love? The answer for this question, as with all questions, is within the one who is asking.

Generally, it is always best to express, the least amount of control as one possibly can.

Every circumstance in life requires a different set of ‘rules’. Every circumstance in life is completely different than any other one before. If one is looking for a one fits all philosophy of being, then one may not be truly harnessing the growth that each circumstance in life does and always will provide. It is always up to one’s discernment. Always Ask This Question: What Would Love Do?

Another example is that you have those who choose to abuse another. Surely, they are only abusing themselves because there is only but self. Additionally, it takes a victim to make a victim. Do you allow the abuser to abuse you in thought, word and action? If so, you are allowing them to abuse themselves. What shall you do if you are to truly be of the positive light?

Generally, one cannot express positive light by seeking to alter the way an individual is choosing to react and respond in life. Therefore, the desire to change an individual’s perceptive, thoughts, feelings, and actions can be generally seen not as a  positive expression of desire, but as a negative expression of desire.

Negative light seeks to change that which another-self is already choosing to identify with. Positive light seeks to only act as a guide towards the positive when positive light is called upon. The unasked for intervention by any form of consciousness can be seen as an act of control instead of an act of allowing. When something or someone truly desires help, it will call for it.

Should the abuser be allowed to abuse another? Positively speaking, it is about seeking that which accepts and allows but still accepting and allowing who you truly are. If an individual is treating another in a way that is not preferred, and seemingly abusive, one can walk away from the abusive individual in a positive and peaceful way.

Walking away allows the abusive one to carry on with that which seems correct; the yelling, the fighting, the heart-slashing words, etc. Walking away allows one to carry on with that which seems balanced to the self and not that which seems imbalanced to the self. Therefore, keeping both parties within their chosen vibrations of polarization.

Negative light is fueled by the idea of separation which is and also creates the idea of fear. If one can focus upon vibrational thoughts of oneness and interconnectedness instead of the separation vibrations that create the sloppy thought patterns of fear, one can naturally move towards being that of which is more positive. Positive does not need to be saught, only allowed. Positive is natural.

In the most general sense, positive light creates that which is peaceful and that which is passionately exciting. Again, since all should be taken on a case by case basis, in the most general sense, negative light creates that which is chaotic and that which is anxiety. There are a range of many different expressions of these two polarities but the truth of these polarities cannot be put into words, only feeling.

The truth of these polarities is that they are both equal in value. The truth of these polarities is that they are both one expression of The Infinite Creator acting as two different expressions. The truth of these polarities is that they are both there to play on and off each other to show each other that which one is and that which one isn’t. The truth of these polarities is that truth of them are illusions.

We will leave this text here as it stands. For this is enough to spark mystery within that may spark love, excitement, passion, peace, and well-being within. As you review this text, we ask that you use your own discernment to choose that which is correct for you and your perspective. We are merely messengers and sometimes the message is not clearly and purely received/given.