Grow With Self Love

Sabalie’s primary focus is to help others obtain true love for self. The love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another. Sabalie’s mission is to effectively help restore and preserve nature’s natural consciousness while simultaneously guiding many to function in total oneness, love, harmony and peaceful balance of nature’s natural procession of life.


cleanse, energize and revitalize your cells with the world’s greatest and most natural herbal formulas; iHerbal Arts.

Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance


The Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance is a two level approach to pathology. The first level is the cleansing of the cells via an intracellular cleansing. The second level is allowing the human body to receive the food that contains the nutrition (proper vibrations that allow one to maintain proper breathing practices), from natural bio-native plants, that is consistent with its biological structure. The human body is made up of minerals. The same minerals that can be found in the soil of our planet; iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sulphur etc.

iKojinarian Chewing Guide

Maintain Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance


The word Kojin is a Japanese word meaning individual. iKojinarian is when an individual expresses themselves with their food, clothing, music, etc. in their own way while maintaining their unique Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance. iKojinarians do not consume Blood (Carcass), Diary, Inorganic Minerals, Inorganic Chemicals and Improperly Processed Foods. Our iKojinarian Chewing Guide focuses a certain selection of whole plant based foods that maintain and influence Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance.

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