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“Almost all of humanity is stuck inside a paradigm, a view of life that sees humanity as being the only intelligent life within the cosmos. It is a view of life that has been carefully fostered by those who wish to control humanity for their own purposes and I want to alert you to the depth of that control.

The truth of the matter is that you are all spiritual beings. You are all beings with souls and each of you is but a small expression of a more complete soul, you could say, known by many as a monad or oversoul and that is the soul that was originally created by All-There-Is. And as a being upon this planet, you are but a very small percentage of the particles your soul carries, a very small percentage of the particles of that great soul; and humanity, by and large, is completely unaware of this. Most of humanity thinks you are born, you live and you die and wonders about the purpose of it all.

Some along the way connect in some form with a religion of some sort, but in truth these religions, other than harnessing the implicit sense of there being something more, something greater, really in truth do not express the truth of who and what you are and what this particular time is about. As I mentioned before there is great change upon your doorstep and if unless you prepare, you will not survive those energies arriving at the end of 2012.

Now I do not use these words to engender fear; that is not my intention. I have no desire to add my name to the list of beings who create fear upon this planet. There are more than enough of those, those that do the bidding of what many know as the beings of the dark. Because, in truth, they are the ones that have set the agenda upon this planet, that have worked very hard to delete any evidence of that wondrous civilization that existed upon this planet called Atlantis, which preceded this, you could say, current experience of life in this very low vibration. They’ve worked very hard to destroy the fossil record, the artefact record of that civilization.

They worked very hard to foster a view that the scientific method, so called, the analytical left brained process is the way forward in life, and all of this is aimed to isolate you from the truth of yourselves and the truth of what awaits you in less than two years. So you could look at this as something of a wake-up call. So I just want to bring forth a few considered, stern words, I guess you could say, to begin the awakening process, because so few truly understand what is required to complete the ascension process. There are three simple steps required.”

To Be Continued...

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