Grow With Self-Love

Lovearian Philosophy

Remember that you are infinite intelligence expressing itself as love; your natural characteristics are abundance, creativity, immortality, peace, and wholeness.

"I Am Ra: All Things Are One, There Is No Polarity, No Right or Wrong, No Disharmony, But Only Identity."


Lovearian Light Initiations Are Available For
Booking: Live In A New World, i.e, A New
Perspective of Self & Other-Selves

Cost of Initiation:


Remember that which will allow you to create constant feelings of joy and peace; manifest unlimited miracles.

Remember that which will allow you true spiritual sight, and peace in all of your relationships.

Remember the truth about who and what you are as The Infinite Creator, and restore your super power(s).

Travel to some high vibrational locations within and all around the world that you currently exist as.

"Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God, & His Righteousness; & All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You."

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"Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, The Kingdom of God Is Within You."

"Circumstances Don't Matter; Only My State of Being Matters."