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Sabalie’s primary focus is to help others obtain true love for self. The love that one has for self is the same love they can offer another. Sabalie’s mission is to effectively help restore and preserve nature’s natural consciousness while simultaneously guiding many to function in total oneness, love, harmony and peaceful balance of nature’s natural procession of life.

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cleanse, energize and revitalize your cells with the world’s greatest and most natural herbal formulas; iHerbal Arts.

Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance


The Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance is a two level approach to pathology. The first level is the cleansing of the cells via an intracellular cleansing. The second level is allowing the human body to receive the food that contains the nutrition, from natural electric alkaline plants, that is consistent with its biological structure of the human body. The human body is made up of minerals. The same minerals that can be found in the soil of our planet; iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sulphur etc. When one of these minerals are depleted, your body becomes imbalanced; a disease is manifested. If iron is depleted you become anaemic. If calcium becomes depleted you’ll have rickets or arthritis. If you cannot think straight you are lacking carbon and copper, which is what the cells of the brain are made of. Anyone that is sick is lacking Iron. If your Iron levels are up to par then disease will absent. You replace these minerals through the form of an electric carbon based plants such as Burdock, Chaparral, Dandelion, Guaco, Lily of The Valley, Sarsaparilla, etc.

iKojinarian Chewing Guide

Maintain Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance


The word Kojin is a Japanese word meaning individual. iKojinarian is when an individual expresses themselves with their food, clothing, music, etc. in their own way while maintaining their unique Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance. iKojinarians do not consume Blood (Carcass), Diary, Inorganic Minerals, Inorganic Chemicals and Improperly Processed Foods. Our iKojinarian Chewing Guide focuses a certain selection of whole plant based foods that maintain and influence Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance.

iHerbal Arts Healing Packages


iHerbal Arts are handcrafted herbal compounds made with 100% natural herbs. iHerbal Arts are used to nourish and cleanse the cells of the body to influence healing and the restoration of inner-cellular balance. The iSanar, iTetsu, and iKanuya iHerbal Arts packages are designed to heal the functions of the body that have been compromised through diet and environmental toxins.

Beautiful Testimonies

From Beautiful Beings of Love


Akeem Steadman
Words alone cant explain how grateful I am for the priceless help that I have been given by the Sabalie group, more specifically Zeiki Ai Sabalie. A few weeks ago I was battling with depression and feelings of melancholy subsequent to finding out that I have contracted Herpes Simplex virus 1. I was so scared and demented until Zeiki came my way and assisted me 110% He suggested a number of ways by which I can help get rid of this virus. At first, the virus had me scratching and itching uncontrollably, my skin had been filtered by scars of scratches and looked somewhat pale. I also had a fowl odour and was generally unhappy with my health. Zeiki Ai Sabalie is unquestionably a true Herbalist, a true traditionalist. His steely resilience, patience, encouragement and support along my journey to healing is like rarest gold. His committed and holistic approach to restoring my sense of happiness and health nurtures a truly impactful and unforgettable experience. I am very proud of the work that the Sabalie team have been doing and would recommend anyone to them.
Ronald Thermidor
I deeply appreciate what you have done to help me. I remember we had reached out to each other because my heart and anxiety had me in a scary situation. You continued to check on my health and advise me through it even to this day. I think you’re a genius with what your doing and since consulting with you, my chest no longer bothers me and my anxiety has subsided significantly. Love what you’re doing!
Tiffanie Dawn
On 02/12/16, I cried out in desperation for information on healing. 1 month previous, I was hospitalised for Hypertension, heart valve issue, and decreased kidney function. I was exhausted and taking medication to treat the symptoms… But experiencing horrible side effects. I knew that there had to be a better way.

Zeiki Sabalie, answered my call and my prayers. The iHerbal Arts regimen that was recommended for me was chosen according to my symptoms. The diet regimen was challenging, but now it’s away of life. He was/is very patient and answered all of my questions, and always made himself available.

Today, I feel like brand new! …. not sluggish and tired, blood pressure is great, I feel at least 10 years younger! I feel healthy and well! I’ve even referred several of my family members and friends. I am a Registered Nurse and I work with doctors everyday. Very few, if any, will be available to answer questions at 11 pm, lol! I recommend this awesome service to everyone!

Lashandra Carpenter
What an amazing feeling to know my sun kidneys is heal…… I would like to Thank you for all the over work and aggravating question I ask u. U heal my sun and their isn’t a greater feeling in the world to know he’s ok!!!
Alexandria L Noel
I am deeply grateful to the Sabalie team! Zeiki has been a phenomenal guide! I was dealing with a few issues that centered around my gut health overall (gluten sensitivity, starch sensitivity, anxiety when eating, pre diabetic, etc.). Zeiki put me on a 30 day fruit fast along with the iHerbal Arts. It was a rocky rollercoaster of a ride doing it, but I have to say that he was there whenever I needed him to walk me through everything! In fact, it felt like I was his only client, but after viewing the other testimonials on this page, I now have proof that I am not! 🙂 But that’s just a testament to how attentive he was. Now I have no issues, have not had any anxiety in what now feels like forever, and have lost weight on top of everything else! Not to mention, I feel as if I have gained a new friend in Zeiki. I highly recommend the Sabalie way!!! 🙂 🙂
Omotayo Bomani
I’ve been on the iHerbalArts & fruit cleanse for 2 weeks now, it’s been a challenge & a mental workout, but well worth the discipline.

I started this journey on a path to “natural” healthy lifestyle change to rid myself from the aid of modern medicines. I’m ecstatic to share I took myself off a high dosage of blood pressure meds & since I’ve been taking iHerbal Arts daily my blood pressure has been NORMAL!!! Omg! Yeah baby! This is not a gimmick, iHerbalArts is the truth!

I was skeptical & nervous at 1st, I was asking all the important people in my & there mama’s what they thought, but in the end I had to listen to myself & I’m glad I did! Thank you, Zeiki Ai Sabalie for sharing & loving me! Shawty you’re the best, the best herbalist I ever had! Lol
Peace, Ase

Steven Adkins
Zeiki is someone I met through our love of live natural foods. Being a healer himself and someone who also mentors others on lifestyle changes, I immediately friended him. Throughout my girlfriend and I’s journey of veganism and more recently alkaline foods, we reached out to him for advice. Not just to seek wisdom, but also have relate to someone following the same path and spreading awareness of self. Through his guidance I found peace and order. I was able to get a good grasp of what I needed to work on based on his teachings and gained further knowledge of REAL history(which I’ve been studying for some time now) and rich foods that aid in healing the mind and body. My girlfriend can also attest to having Zeiki as a major inspiration and motivator on her 30 day fruit fast that she completed recently. I will also be seeking more guidance on my next fast in a few weeks to further heal my eye sight and scalp. Sabalie is an amazing source for truth, health, mental, and spiritual guidance for anyone who seeks to transform self. I highly recommend his products. 😀
Thomas Myon Brazil
This guy is Awesome taught me a lot of things I needed to know, about self healing and self love. The herbs helped me out big time thanks to Zeiki i am a healthier human being.
Marie A Ferryman
A week after I started cleansing my organs with iHerbal Arts my blood pressure went down drastically; a little low from what I was used to. I also noticed my low back pain wasn’t there anymore, especially getting up in the morning was the worst for me. I must say i was a little skeptical at first when I heard about Sabalie, but decided not to focus on the negative and to give it a try. It wouldn’t cost me anything but some time and dedication.

I was blessed to have been directed to and the herbalist Zeiki. This path has revitalized me, have me regain my self confidence, and has led me to understand the benefits of a plant based diet, about the foods we eat and it’s impact on the life of the planet.

Acidic foods weaken the immune system. The body then increases mucus production. the chronic acidity and mucus buildup leads to the development of chronic inflammation.

I have been taking the iSanso, iFerroplus, iSuperGreen and iValla for the past 2 months and will go on to 3 months.. All these work well for me at cleansing my system, providing energy and clearing mucus from my body. Sabalie delivers what they promise and I highly recommend investing in these products and your health.

Mia Thomas
Who knew coconut water really helps cure diseases? I was scrolling my page as normal then I see a post from Zeiki that says coconut water heals everything. I didn’t really believe it…but I have been under a lot of stress and my blood pressure was through roof…161/112. So I decided to fast coconut juice…went to publix bought nothing raw coconut juice. It was expensive but I’m worth it. Dranked the juice all day I didn’t have to drink much…it really curbed my appetite. Continued to go through my day. No medicine…i actually have not had time to take off and go to the doctor…at the end of my day I took my blood pressure…it was 121/76….normal again. Thank y’all for the information. Your saving lives. Drinking coconut water again today.

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