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Remember that you are naturally a love-sustained multi-dimensional creator god by embracing love, abundance, creativity, immortality & well-being.

On December 21st, 2012, there was an amazing energy shift in our world. We have now entered a vibrational atmosphere in which immense energies of love, abundance, creativity, immortality & well-being is widely available. Our reality of a third-dimensional world energy has now been shifted into the vibrational realm of the fifth-dimensional world energy. Our thoughts and feelings are now more important than ever.

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I Am Love

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Our mission and passion is to provide free, intuition-information for any being, anywhere. With your contribution, we can continue to provide intuition-information on Consciousness Ascension. Thank you for visiting our website, we do greatly appreciate any monetary donation made towards our family.


Loveairian Light Sessions Are Available: We’re giving you the awareness tools and training that we have created to embrace love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being.

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Appreciation & Gratitude

Love is the complete and total acceptance of what is. It allows all others to be who they are and you to be who you are.

By innerstanding that the only reality you manifest is the reality you think, you move into immense states of love.

Abundance is knowing that you will automatically create and attract all that you want to experience.

Creativity is at the core of each soul, of each person. Creativity is also part of your service to the greater whole.

“Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God & All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You”

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“Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done In Earth, As It Is In Heaven”