Grow With Self Love

Ensuring we produce, sell and teach all that will enhance the health, wealth and happiness of all life here on our planet Terra. Our mission is to provide the world with the highest quality natural plant based products for balance restoration while teaching the true art of self love.

K.I.C.B. Therapy DetailsObtain iHerbal Arts

Cleanse, Energize and Revitalize your cells with the world’s greatest and most natural herbal compounds; iHerbal Arts.

Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance


The mucous membrane is necessary to maintain health because it is the membrane that protects the cells. When you break the mucous membrane down, it turns to pus and exposes the cells. Sabalie has researched, experimented and found that the root cause of all disease is the breakdown (imbalance) of the mucous membrane; when excess mucus is present in certain areas of the body.

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iHerbal Arts Healing Packages


iHerbal Arts are hand crafted herbal compounds made with 100% natural herbs. iHerbal Arts are used to nourish and cleanse the cells of the body to influence healing and the restoration of inner-cellular balance. The iKanuya and iSanar iHerbal Arts packages are designed to heal the functions of the body that have been compromised through diet and environmental toxins.

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Feel Good

Revitalize your entire existence by revitalizing your body, mind and spirit. Restore balance within.

Prevent Sickness

Save money by staying at work and not calling in for sick days.

Stay Healthy

Save money by staying away from the hospital due to you being at optimal health.

Pay Less

Save money and pay less for your iHerbal Arts because one bottle of our iHerbal Art powders can make up to 250 plus capsules.

Gain Confidence

Lose weight, get toned, think better and much more when you align back fully with the true self.

Lower Coffee Cost

Many of those who use iHerbal Arts have no longer needed or wanted coffee.

No Pain Killers

Save money by no longer having to purchase pain killers and such due to being at a optimal level of health.

Replace Cosmetics

Save money and pay less for iToothCare and iSocoSalve. iToothCare will last you a while and iSocoSalve will do you well for your skin and hair.

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