The Infinite Creator is All-There-Is. No matter what you are doing you are always serving The Infinite Creator. In what way you choose to serve is up to you. Within the separation-illusion(s) of space/time and time/space, as an individual entity/soul (i.e., a mind/body/spirit complex,) you have a choice to make in which way you will choose to serve All-That-Is (i.e., The Infinite Creator.)

The third-density choice in consciousness is to between the positive polarization path, which is an integrative path, or the negative polarization path, which is a separative path. The positive path is a path of service to others (i.e., other-selves,) while the negative polarization path is a path of service to self. You can call your work in consciousness your choice of polarization.

The action of helping or doing work for “someone else” is an act of service to other-selves. The action of helping or doing work for self is an act of service for the self. Positive polarization requires at-least 51% service to other-selves. Negative polarization requires at-least 95% service to self. Service allows self to experience the love of self (i.e., the love The Infinite Creator.)

It is always a great thing to serve The Infinite Creator whether it is done through the illusion of serve to other-self or service to self. Both forms of service are equal but only different in the experience server. Anytime “someone else” offers you a chance to serve them in any way, they are offering you a chance to serve self, demonstrate your chosen polarity, and do your work.