The original vibration of creation (i.e., the original thought) is one of that which has been by our world as love. Love is truly unconditional. Love is the vibration of unconditional acceptance and unconditional allowing.

Here are some very simple ways in which you can practice the vibration of love so that you may remember yourself as a master of love. You can choose any of the three, a combination of the three or even all three together.

The First Way Is Mediation

Meditation would be anything that clears your mind of all resistant thought. This can be done by focusing on a specific sound, focusing on the sound of your breathing, focusing upon a specific set of symbols like a mantra(s), etc.

The goal of this step is to allow your mind to become still so that you can restore, more and more, the pure vibration(s) of unconditional love. Every time you catch your mind wandering, gently bring it back to the focus of your breath, mantra, etc.

The Second Way Is To Be Joyful & Act On Your Joy

  1. Shift your vibrational state to appreciation; lock in this state of being so that it does not waiver.
  2. Let go of all expectations on how your life should unfold.
  3. With discernment, take action on the things in your life that are an expression of your highest joy.
  4. Trust the unfolding of your life; knowing that what manifests is exactly what you need for spiritual growth.

Acting on whatever brings you joy is paramount to learning what truly does bring you joy and what truly does not. This requires discernment and honesty. For many people within the third-dimensional world are acting on their fear/anxieties and labeling these things as their joy/passion.

If you wish to truly know what is of your joy and what is not, it is best to raise your vibration more and more with the art of meditation. Meditation will allow the clearing of thoughts that are not truly of your true natural Lovearian Being.

The Third Way Is Service To Others

As you serve others with love, you will see a return of love given back to you from them. You are able to to take this love and absorb it into your being. Only serve your other-selves in the way that they wish to be served, not in the way you think they should be served.

Make no attempt to push an unwanted or unsolicited service upon your brother. What you do to other (your other-selves) is done onto you. If you force that which they do not prefer upon them, you will be forcing vibration unto yourself that you do not prefer.

The best way to know in which the best service that you can offer to others would be, is to do the first step. Mediate like your life depends on it, because your life does depend on it. Mediation is the key to joy and peace, and joy and peace are the keys to the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

The Fourth Way Is Let Go of The Idea of Possessions

Give all that you have a way to you brother; this will allow one to become encumbered by material possessions. This method is all about letting go of the idea of desire for material things. A great amount of the world’s strife is due to material possession attachment.

There is nothing that you actually can and do not own, everything that you think you own is the property of God. If you are one with God, then even as you give up your material possessions, are you really ever not in ownership of them?

There is no need for coveting material possessions. You have everything that you need. If you can love yourself as you are with what you have in this moment, you will be loving yourself unconditionally; you will be practicing the true vibration of your being.

Within the current world, we all live in, the easiest ways to practice love would be the first two. Due to the nature of certain societal structures, the other two (three and four) could be potentially more difficult to practice/do.

If you will practice meditation as much as you can, you will find that the knowledge for what to do in life will naturally come to you at the perfect timing. Meditation, for now, is key.

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