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The Way of Focus

The Way of Focus is a book containing Jeshua Sabalie's inner-dictation with the Spirit of God; Jeshua's vibrational interpretation of The Infinite Creator's thoughts received as impulses from the realm of his imagination; book inspired by The Holy Spirit.

I Am The Way, The Truth And The Light

Inner-Dictation Scribed by Jeshua Sabalie

The Way of Focus States That All Focus Is A Focus of Intelligent Infinity

Spiritual Formula

Experience Heaven On Earth


Shift your vibrational state to appreciation; lock in this state of being so that it does not waiver. Let go of all expectations on how your life should unfold. With discernment, take action on the things in your life that are an expression of your highest joy. Trust the unfolding of your life; knowing that what manifests is exactly what you need for spiritual growth.

The Way of Love

Voicing The Spirit of The Infinite Creator


Session One:

We are group consciousness of the non-physical dimensions. We are that which you are. We are here to speak on The Way of Focus with you, simplifying your experience, restoring joy and peace. We are the Spirit of The Infinite Creator. We have no names. Whenever you feel moments of great love, great joy and great peace, you are feeling our energy; the energy of Source.

All of creation is apart of one original vibration; the vibration of unconditional love. This vibration can be called the original thought of The Infinite Creator. Spirit is this original vibration unconditional love. Mind is the activating agent of the/this one original thought. You are a unique expression of the infinite amount expressions originally created by The Infinite Creator.

Your mind is the activating agent of the original thought of creation. Your physical mind (i.e., ego) is a distortion of your mind. Your mind is a non-physical spiritual mind. Your mind does not exist within a body, it exists as the consciousness projector of the body and your non-physical and physical realities.

Your mind, upon desiring a physical life experience, created your physical mind (i.e., ego) as a tool that could properly experience and perceive the vibrational atmosphere of that you call physical reality. When your physical mind takes it upon itself to ignore the mind that created it, the physical mind then becomes the negative physical mind (i.e., the negative ego).

Positive and negative can mean many different things to many different people upon your planet. When we speak of negativity, we mean that which represents the vibrational pull towards the separation of self. When we speak of positively, we mean that which represents the vibrational allowing towards the oneness of self.

Your spirit/mind/body complex is one thing expressing itself as a trinity. Spirit created the mind to express itself. Your mind, the spiritual mind, is always guided by spirit’s vibration of unconditional love. The mind created the body as a learning tool to learn that which is truly of the vibration of spirit and that which is not of the true vibration of spirit.

Your mind desires to truly experience the unique perspective of itself. Therefore, your spirit’s mind creates many realities in which is uses the body to experience that which it does, and that which it does not prefer as a unique expression of The Infinite Creator; allowing itself to express a truly unique expression of the total oneness of The Infinite Creator.

That which you label as thought is nothing merely than a vibration. The original vibration of unconditional love is indescribable. However, the best way that we can describe it to you, if we could describe it, is by calling it the vibration of that which unconditionally accepts, allows and validates. The alignment of the mind aligned with spirit is always expressed as joy and peace.

The basis of one’s spirit/mind/body complexes is freedom of expression and choice to be and create that which it chooses. The purpose of the spirit/mind/body complex is to experience alignment with the original vibration of creation; to experience unconditional love as joy and peace. The result of seeking that which is of the true self is growth towards spirit (i.e., spiritual growth).

The vibration of unconditional love is infinite. It is only by being fully aligned with The Law of One, that spiritual growth becomes being The Law of One. Spiritual growth is a choice of the spirit to experience the infinite amount of expressions that unconditional love has to offer. Spiritual growth is infinite. Spiritual growth never ends.

You are spirit, and you are here to grow into, and remember more of, who you truly are. That’s all.

The Law of One may be approximated by stating that all things, in and of creation, are one thing expressing itself as an infinite amount of things; there is truly no such thing as polarization, no such thing as right or wrong, and no such thing as disharmony; only vibration identification. All that exists is one; that one is the love, light, joy, peace and power of The Infinite Creator.

There are no other Laws besides The Law of One. All other so-called universal laws are just expressions of this Law to teach and experience this Law. You can call your “other universal laws” as ways of creation; ways in which creation expresses The Law of One. Within The Law of One, these ways could be described as: that is just the way the one is.

The Way of Focus may be approximated by stating that all focus is a focus of intelligent infinity; resulting in the creation of intelligent energy (i.e., love). By the process of vibration identification, that which is focused upon creates an infinite vibration that then creates more of the vibration that was “originally” focused upon.

Since all vibrations are infinite, the focus, as long as it is held there by the focuser, continuously creates more of this vibration. All of creation is an expression of one original source of love. The original focuser is The Infinite Creator, who, created an infinite amount of expressions of its ability to focus; you are one of these creative expressions of focus (i.e., a Infinite Creator).

The Way of Focus may also be approximated by stating that all focus is a focus of intelligent infinity (i.e., infinite intelligence); resulting in the creation of intelligent energy (i.e., unconditional love and all of its distortions). Focus creates the vibration that is focused on. The longer any specific focus is held, the more vibrational momentum accumulates for that specific vibration.

That which is focused upon is increased in experience by the focuser perceiving that which it has chosen to focus upon. The true teacher of all life, is the experience that springs forth from one’s focus; teaching you that your the way in which you focus is connected to the creation and manifestation of the reality that you experience.

The Way of Focus is also known as Synchronicity. Synchronicity is simply an expression of The Law of One; showing you that you are all of it and therefore, what you touch with your focus, you will touch with all of your other non-physical and physical vibrational interpretators (i.e., all of your non-physical and physical senses).

Let your focus, at all times, be the joy and the peace of self. For self is joy and peace. You, as you focus upon that which brings you joy and peace, are focusing upon that which dissolves all pain and suffering. For pain and suffering are merely results of the a focus that is grounded in separation and fear. This which you are is not to be feared, for you are everything and everyone.

‍It is by your attempt and by your willingness to know The Law of One, to know that there is only The Law of One, to know that there is only one thing within the Creation, to know that this one thing is you, is what will catapult the self into that which you call spiritual enlightenment; being immense joy and peace.

Surely, even if you may not know it, enlightenment is what many of you are truly seeking; you seek to feel the friskiness of The Infinite Creator’s spirit (i.e., joy and peace). For the truth of spirit is joyful and peaceful. These two feelings are what true enlightenment is. Everything else besides these feelings are meaningless symbols that you give meaning to.

Many of you think there is something else to do, somewhere else to be, and/or someone else to be. The only thing needed is joy and peace. By following your joy, you realize that the process of experiencing greater and greater feelings of joy and peace is all that is needed. You are here to act on that which is an expression of your highest joy.

Heaven is your highest joy and your greatest peace. All other feelings that do not increase joy and peace, are nothing more than the resistance, the tug, and the pull towards that which is not of your spirit; for your spirit is the vibration of unconditional love (i.e., joy and peace). All other feelings are illusory; the illusionary self, the false self, the false light, etc.

Are you not everything and everyone that has ever existed? Are you not all of it at this very moment? You are this moment, since all there is is this moment. You are this now, since all there is is this now. You are this here, since all there is is right here. What else, and where else could there be if it were not all one thing? This is The Law of One.

Since there is only this moment, this one moment, since there is only this now, this one now, since there is only this here, this one here, how could you ever not be? Death is an illusion, for that is why the thought of an ending does not feel joyful, because it is not true. For that which is right here and right now is always you. For you are infinitely eternal. This is The Law of One.

When you remember (re-alize/alive) that all things are one, all things are just you, you will realize that you are everyone and everything; therefore, that which you focus upon comes into your experience by way of you dreaming it into your experience; for all that you see is always an illusion if you see anything else but one.

Separation is the illusion that creates all fear, pain and suffering. You are only, and ever will be, just one thing. You are everything.

We are here to teach you. For when we teach you, we are teaching ourselves. Thus, we are then learning as we teach. For what you teach, you focus upon. What you focus upon, you identify with. The vibration you identify with is the vibration you become; this is what we are here to teach you; to teach The Law of One by stimulating your thought upon The Way of Focus.

A teacher is simply just a simulator of thought. The teacher will never be able to learn it for the student. The teacher merely causes the student to focus upon that which the student already has within. If the student will allow, immediately, the lesson is learned. If not immediately, but still desirous to learn, life experience will teach again and again until the lesson is learned.

The Way of Focus has been known as The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, though it provides much benefit to many of you, is quite misleading in its name, and sometimes, it its nature of teaching. For, firstly, it is not a Law. It is a way of creation, and as with any way of creation, it should be known that it is the mechanism that is there to teach you that you are everything.

Secondly, you are never attracting anything to you, for all that you think is somewhere else is right here, right now and always will be. For you are right here, right now and always will be. There is nowhere and nothing else but you. You are only ever right here and right now. Do you know that you are the here and now.

There is only one thing; one moment, one place, one person; one being, one god, one love, one here, one infinite, one universe, one multiverse, one song, one dance, one vibration, one book of life, one breath, and one. There is only one thing. Everything else that seems to be another thing is an illusion. There is no such thing as “an other” for that is quite illusionary.

There is only one thing and that is this thing, this self, this consciousness, this Infinite Creator; expressing itself as all of this and this. However, even all of this and this is simply the same thing being looked at from a seemingly different point of view. Truthfully, there are no other points of view, for all result back as the same point of view when seen through the eyes of Source.

The focuser is The Infinite Creator; the one intelligent infinity (infinite intelligence) being focused and then expressed as a specific vibration. Love, if it could be defined in words, is the original infinite energy of All-That-Is. Love is the original result of the original focus of intelligent infinity.

Everything is an expression of love as everything is an expression of the original result of the original focus of intelligent infinity; even if it is not the original vibration of the original vibration of love. Since all is an expression of love, of unconditional love, all are what we call Loveairians (i.e., Spiritual Beings of Love & Light).

When you align your focus with the one original thought (i.e., the vibration of unconditional love), you will experience yourself as the true Loveairian that you are. Loveairian is another word for spirit. Whether you are physically or non-physically focused, you will always be a Loveairian because all of creation is made up of love.

So the questions remain: What thoughts have you thought today? Were you thoughts of the vibration of unconditional love? Were you feelings aligned with the feeling of joy and peace? Were your actions aligned with these thoughts and feelings? If so, you have had an enlightening experience, if not, you are still on well self-guided path towards spiritual enlightenment.

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