The Healing Vibration

Loveairian Approach

Multi-stage spiritual healing approach for balance restoration. The first stage is consciousness liberation via thought pattern changes by realizing the power of conscious thoughts. The second stage is allowing one's body to rejuvenate itself while it is taking in less irritating irritants and more harmonizing frequencies.

Love Is The Complete and Total Acceptance of What Is

The Loveairian Healing Approach, One Love

The Path To Optimal Health Requires Remembrance, Embracement and Love For Self.


The Loveairian Healing Approach is a multi-stage spiritual healing approach for balance restoration. The first stage is consciousness liberation via thought pattern changes by realizing the power of conscious thoughts. The second stage is allowing one’s body to rejuvenate itself while it is taking in less irritating irritants and more harmonizing frequencies. The Loveairian Healing Approach stands on a viewpoint in that we are all One Consciousness, One Universe, One God and One Energy that, when in full truth and love of self, we are in the proper fifth-dimensional vibrations of balance aka true love. Correcting one’s consciousness (via proper thinking) will allow one to attract all that they need for their healing journey. Healing one person will heal the entire cosmic ecosystem.

All Ingested Substances Are Drugs That Alter Your Frequency

The Loveairian Healing Approach stands on a premise that whatever you put into the human body, which is of divine perfection, will irritate it and stimulate it while simultaneously leading it to its demise. All foods, including herbal plants, are frequency tuning substances that cause one to vibrate on the certain base frequency of the substance that one chooses to take in; this can be air, liquid or solid. It is about ingesting the proper balancing light frequency tuning substances.

There is no such thing as nutrition, or at least in the way you see it.

According to Google, the definition of a drug is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. Does this sound like anything you may know of? Bingo, all foods (ingested substances) are drugs or substances that will cause physiological effects. The body is filled with one’s spiritual divine energy and the more toxic one’s energy is, the more toxic one’s physical light manifestation (aka body) will appear. The body is a reflection of one’s spiritual frequency, the more the body needs the less complete and the less perfect it has become due to it being an exact reflection and representation of the divine being that is living within it; you.

On average, people breathe 110 lbs of air per day. Fresh, Clean and High Vibratory Air has all of the love energy and all of the constituents (or the basic building blocks) for all physical matter; hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Electrons do not eat, atoms do not eat, molecules do not eat, cells do not eat, and the body is built of and sustained by the cells, and not by what man eats.

The cells that total your biological structure are fueled by your consciousness, your spiritual essence, your brilliance, your cosmic intelligence, your god power, etc. or whatever you choose to call it. Eating is an acquired habit like smoking and drinking. The breath of life is a light energy that keeps all life in the universe unbiasedly connected. Fresh, clean and high vibratory air has a lot of love within it and this air is the true food or cosmic reservoir of all things. So why does one chew (eat)? Hmmm…

Why Does One Eat?

At the current moment, there are many poisonous substances in the air that we currently breathe. Air is one of the best food sources all other ingested substances put a huge strain on the human body while it is trying to obtain the proper light from foods to maintain the proper love vibrations within. However, if the air is toxic, one will have take in substances that match this ‘toxic’ vibration so that one can be one with the environment.

From an electrical standpoint, love simply means a balance aka harmony. The human body is a love desiring bio-machine. When the human body doesn’t get enough love from its creator (you, the God within) and/or from its environment (the Sun, Air, Stars, etc.) it begins to feel out of balance, out of sync and/or not in place within the environment it is currently in. Love is acceptance, love is accepting all that is. When one another can truly accept each other for who and what they are they are exemplifying the energy that we call love. The human body must remain on the (or within) the same frequency as its environment or it will not feel accepted by its environment; not feeling enough love from its environment. This lack of acceptance (love) from the environment causes fear, pain, aging and many other things.

If the body’s internal and external environments are not in sync or in harmony with each other, then the human body will no longer be at-ease; this is where it experiences the vibrations of disease, such as pain and fear, that you (the driver of the human body aka the divine spiritual being within) have influenced and pushed the body towards.

This is where the food comes in and why one may need food, when one’s external environment has been compromised or changed, in order for the human body to stay in sync with the environment it is currently in, it must use food to raise or lower its frequencies so that it can be in harmony with its external environment; vibrate at the same frequency as its external environment.

The hunger that one may feel when one hasn’t taken in any external liquid or solid foods is the lack of love that one begins to feel from the environment that it is no longer in total acceptance of. This is where one may experience dizziness, headaches, migraines, fear, fainting, low energy etc. This is the reason why when people fast, their vibrational frequency changes and if it doesn’t match their environment, they will feel some of the same things (dizziness, headaches, migraines, fear, fainting, low energy etc.). Healing the body is not about fasting, doing a fruit cleanse, providing the body with more Vitamin D, etc. Healing is when one can always be at one (harmony, peace, love, joy etc.) with one’s environment.

Breatharianism Has Proven That Food Isn’t What Heals You

Time and time again shows that when the human body is in perfect harmony with nature, it is a perfect Loveairian/Breatharian. It has been proven and demonstrated that if you take a very mentally and physically ill person and put them on a fast, their cells immediately begin to heal and their mindset becomes more peaceful, joyful and properly grounded in balance aka love.

If liquid and physical foods provided the body with the nutrition that is needed for healing, then the body would always require these foods in order to heal. However, a health challenged body (imbalanced body) rejects and slows down in healing processes when more liquid and physical food is ingested. How can the very same thing that was meant to nurture the body, slow down its healing abilities? This is because the body doesn’t require liquid and physical food to heal.

Electrons do not eat and atoms are made of elections. Atoms do not eat and molecules are made of atoms. Molecules do not eat and cells are made of Molecules. Cells do not eat, and the body is built of and sustained by the cells, and not by what one may choose to eat. However, how the body vibrates is dictated by the Air, Liquid and Solid substances that comes within it. Eating is a habit in which one can find entertainment and it is a way to tune into a certain frequency. 

Food has never and will never be eaten for nutrition, but only for entertainment. The more complete and fifth-dimensional the body becomes, the less it needs. Loveairians (5D people) get very minimal nutrition from the food they choose to eat. Most, if not all of the Loveairian’s nutrition, comes from the air they breathe and the love they receive. Air is the cosmic reservoir of all life; the breath of life. Any human being reading this article is a Loveairian and all it takes is the realization. Once you realize you are a Loveairian, you can begin activating your true DNA by speaking life into your cells and ingesting the proper Christ frequency tuning substances.

Creating More Christ, Not Anti-Christ

Everything within the mind is created and sourced from the foundational consciousness (awareness). Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. The consciousness is where we experience and source creative energy from. The mind becomes more awake and aware of the truth when the mind’s consciousness is acting more conscious. The mind becomes less awake and aware of the truth when the mind’s consciousness is acting less conscious aka unconscious. Any form of vibrational frequencies (light) that bring about conscious vibrations to the mind’s consciousness can be called Christ. Any form of vibrational frequencies (light) that bring about unconscious vibrations to the mind’s consciousness can be called Anti-Christ.

The energy called “Christ” just means light. It’s a light energy that was created at the beginning of creation and is the foundation of all creation. It’s like the energy that holds creation together. It has got to constantly keep being renewed in different civilisations.

— Wiley Brooks, The Breatharian Institiute of America

Christ is the foundational light energy that was created since the beginning of time. The word Christ just means light. The mind’s consciousness needs Christ energy in order to function on a higher level of vibrational frequencies. With the proper light, the mind can flourish and all of the things that total the mind such as one’s thoughts, self-esteem, feelings, experiences etc. will vibrate peacefully. Without the Christ energy, the mind begins to drop in vibration and falls deep within the realms of pain and fear. This is why the energy called Christ is so important. The human body is a projection of the mind’s vibrational frequency. In all actuality, one’s reality is a projection of the mind’s vibrational frequency.

The human body is directly connected to the mind. In order to heal the mind, the body must be detox itself from toxic carbs and replenish itself with the proper light frequencies. The stomach is the body-mind and the substances that is put into the stomach also affects one’s spiritual light (one’s mind/soul). In order for one to truly heal, a Christ Conscious is vital. Pulling in the proper light to raise the frequency of one’s consciousness will raise the frequency of the mind. The mind can be programmed to love or fear. The consciousness is the programmer and you are the consciousness. This means that everything that you experience is your creation. Your creation (world) could either be that of Christ or Darkness; heaven or hell.

Jesus was a perfect example of a Christ frequency vibrating individual. Jesus felt directly connected to God or All That Is. Jesus felt he was connected and felt he was one with everyone. Jesus was forever accepting and forever willing to be a servant of the people because he knew he was the people. This is what Christ is about and all substances are there to either bring you up into this light or bring you down into darkness. The way any food brings you down in frequency is by disharmonizing you and altering your thoughts which will alter your energy because energy follows thought.

If, at this point, you are still reading then deep down you probably really want to know who you truly are. We only wrote this article for those who want to attract pure love vibrations in their life. So I guess that must be you since you are God and you attracted this into your life.

The way to create more of the Christ frequencies is to change one’s thoughts to that of one that is of peace, joy, happiness, oneness, abundance, creativity, etc. Once you being to truly desire more harmony within, you will attract all of the energies (people, foods, technologies and more) that will push you to that vibration. This is the basis of The Loveairian’s Healing Approach. The Loveairian’s Healing Approach is about raising the vibration of one’s consciousness which will raise the vibration of the Universe and heal all forms of imbalance.