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Containing large amounts of Iron for the elimination of fatigue, stress, headaches, mucus and much more.

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Product Description

Intensely nourish the body with large amounts of Iron Phosphate. Iron is a very important mineral. There are plants in the wild that need large amounts of Iron and there are some that need large amounts of calcium or potassium. The Homosapien is a being that requires large amounts of Iron to vibrate on a peaceful healthy frequency. This package doesn’t come with iMineralsof92 and/or iSilyMaria as the iSanarPackage does.

iSanso iHerbal Art PWD:
An energizer, cleanser and revitalizer. iSanso brings oxygen-rich blood to the brain, central nervous system and the lymphatic system. iSanso addresses the teeth, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, skin, radiation poisoning, respiratory system and much more. iSanso combats the craving for addictive substances.

iValla iHerbal Art PWD:
Addresses the Heart and Central Nervous System. Contains Iron Fluorine & Potassium Phosphate. Great for Congestive Heart Failure and Breast Cancer. iValla is also a diuretic that doesn’t remove potassium from the body like other diuretics. iValla adds to potassium back into the body.

Great for:
-Congestive Heart Failure
-Eye Infections (conjunctivitis)
-Fluid Retention (edema)
-High Blood Pressure
-Kidney Stones
-Resulting Paralysis
-Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
-Weak Contractions In Labor

iChlor iHerbal Art PWD:
Multi-Mineral formula made with herbs from Africa, Mexico and Europe, offering chlorophyll & iron rich food for the entire body. Promotes overall good health and nourishment. Addresses the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, central nervous system and blood. This iHerbal Art also gives you strength throughout the day when you perform an iHerbal Arts Fast.

iBarda iHerbal Art PWD:
Blood nourishment and purifier. Offering enhanced iron-rich nourishment for the blood, brain and central nervous system. A pro-biotic high in iron phosphate and other minerals designed to fight inflammation, purify and strengthen the entire system.

iSanarPackage Capsules Form Comes With:
60 Count iHerbal Art Capsule Bottles of iSanso, iValla, iChlor, and iBarda.

iSanarPackage Powder Form Comes With Approximately:
9 oz. iHerbal Art Powder of iSanso, iValla (C/S) iChlor, and iBarda

iHerbal Art Capsule Instructions: Adults take 2 to 3 capsules daily.

iHerbal Art Powder Instructions: Take 2 teaspoons with 16 fluid ounces of warm spring water. iHerbal Arts Powders are best drank as a tea. These iHerbal Arts can be mixed into a smoothie or put into veggie capsules.

iHerbal Art C/S Instructions: Prepare as a Tea: Pour 8 oz. of hot spring water over 1 to 2 tsp. of iValla. Cover and steep for three to four minutes. Strain and Serve.

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Powder (9 Oz.), Capsules (60 ct.)

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    iTetsuPackage is da bomb ! I love my iron 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I actually used some of your products for a week about 2 weeks ago when I asked you about hypothyroidism. My sister gave me some of your stuff for a week before I had my doctors visitation. I was nervous as shit because a lot was happening with my body and I was overheating. At least felt like it. An herbalist told me it was my thyroid. So I used your stuff for a solid week to be exact. They do extensive blood work on me and the next day everything came back normal. I wanted to try it longer but I didn’t use anymore. I’m convinced you’re the truth because to be honest I haven’t had a hot flash ever since. I look forward to seeing you restore the health of many other people around me. You’ll definitely be hearing more from me.

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