Sustained by Air, Light & Love

Loveairian Philosophy

Any being who creates and lives on love vibrations; balanced vibrations that are in harmonious synchronicity with each other. Loveairians accept, allow and have gratitude feelings for the beautiful light being that they truly are.

I Am The Truth, The Light & The Love That Creates & Expands The Universe

We Are Infinite Creator Beings Sustained By Love

Loving Any & Everything by Happily Allowing & Accepting Life As It Is In The Now

I Am That I Am

God Is Love & I Am Love


Loveairianism can be expressed as any being who creates and lives on love vibrations; balanced vibrations that are in harmonious synchronicity with each other. Loveairians are naturally love-sustained multi-dimensional creator gods (light beings) that can live with or without eating physical and liquid foods. This ability is strengthened and possible in their natural love filled fifth-dimension environment(s). Loveairians have a self-rejuvenating and self-sufficient golden liquid love light stream within the bloodstream of their physical bodies. Loveairian have a total of six precious metals in their bloodstream; Gold, Platinum, Iridium, Palladium, Osmium and Rhodium. Loveairians are spiritual vibrational light beings sustained by unconditional love. Regardless of conditions, Loveairians always accept, allow and have gratitude feelings for the beautiful spiritual vibrational light beings that they truly are. This state of unconditional love is the true nature of one’s loving, peaceful and joyful state of awareness; Loveairian Consciousness. In this powerful state of ecstasy, Loveairians immensely obtain all of their desires via law of attraction-magnetism manifestations. Loveairians are fully spontaneous beings; relying on the impulses of love and excitement from their Loveairian Consciousness Soul. Loveairian’s primary focus is to embrace love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being.

“Breatharian Is Physical Perfection For The Loveairian. Loveairianism is a State of Vibrational Consciousness. Breatharianism Is The Vibrational Result of Loveairian Consciousness.”

Ask & It Will Be Given To You; Seek & You Will Find; Knock and The Door Will Be Opened

Unifying the Loveairian Word Together

The Nature of The Term Brings About Unity


The first word and first four letters within Loveairian is Love.

Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is or all-that-is. Love is the prime vibration of the infinite. Love allows. Love is abundant, love is balance, love is creative, love is ecstasy, love is ecstatic, love is exciting, love is free, love is happy, love is healthy, love is joy, love is kind, love is manna, love is patient, love is peace, love is spiritual and love is well-being. Love is the prime being of any being. When you accept, allow and have gratitude for the beautiful vibrational light being that you truly are, regardless of the conditions, you experience and restore the natural consciousness of all life; Loveairian Consciousness. The acknowledgment of oneness and that all life in the universe comes from one source is the acknowledge of oneness, it is the Loveairian Consciousness. All of us are beautiful, loving and non-physical multi-dimensional beings. All of our souls are an extension of the monad soul that we have grown to call God or The Infinite Creator.

The next word and next three letters within Loveairian is Air.

Air is spiritual food, universal space, universal consciousness, universal love. The air we breathe is the result of the direct karma we all have collectively created. We create what enhances our vibrational momentum, our air quality supports the vibrational quality of our blood. Liquid Love within the blood will manifest air filled with love to support that blood quality. Breatharian Is Physical Perfection For The Loveairian. Loveairianism is a State of Vibrational Consciousness. Breatharianism Is The Vibrational Result of Loveairian Consciousness. The more complete one feels the more complete the physical body feels; less external stimulations are needed. The appetite for many things (including physical food) immensely reduces when a better belief system of inner-completeness is restored.

The last word and next three letters within Loveairian is Ian.

One who engages in, practices, or works with the referent of the base noun (breatharian, comedian, grammarian, historian, loveairian, theologian).

Loveairian Ascension Approach

Our Approach Towards Balance Restoration


The Loveairian Approach is an unconditional love consciousness ascension approach upwards towards higher vibrations of love. Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is or all-that-is. Love is the prime vibration of the infinite. Love allows. Love is abundant, love is balance, love is creative, love is ecstasy, love is ecstatic, love is exciting, love is free, love is happy, love is healthy, love is joy, love is kind, love is manna, love is patient, love is peace, love is spiritual and love is well-being.

Love is the prime being of any being. When you accept, allow and have gratitude for the beautiful vibrational light being that you truly are, regardless of the conditions, you experience and restore the natural consciousness of all life; Loveairian Consciousness. The acknowledgment of oneness and that all life in the universe comes from one source is the acknowledge of oneness, it is the Loveairian Consciousness.

Consciousness Ascension

There are many different methods of Ascension. Ascension is simply moving up into the next level of one’s state of consciousness; ascension is consciousness graduation. As simple as this may sound, it comes with many spiritual and physical beneficial changes; staying within vibrations unconditional love which brings about eternal ecstasy and deliberate creation. Any action of raising consciousness vibration upwards towards higher vibrations of love is an act of ascension.

There are many labels for the levels of consciousness vibration ascension such as fifth-dimension, fifth-density, sixth-density etc. However, the best thing to focus on is who you truly are. Do what makes your heart sing! Consciousness Ascension is about you being the honest expression of the being that you truly want to be. Living within energy fields of love, excitement and integrity will benefit all life within the universe because we are all one; one being experiencing consciousness expansion.

Sound & Light

In the beginning, there was sound. Sound is light. Light is information. We are beings of harmonic Sound & Light. We are beings of Love. Our spiritual and physical bodies are made of sound and light vibrations. These sound and light vibrations contain information. The word information is derived from the Latin stem informare which means to form or shape. All sound and light change the form and shape of one’s spiritual and physical bodies; Sound and Light is information.

The sounds of music do make organic shapes that microorganisms, mountains, trees and valleys make. They all make similar shapes. The study of shapes that sound creates has been called Cymatics.

“As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work. What is your work? Your work is quite simple: you carry frequency into systems that have limited light frequency, because light is information. This is not cold, computer-data information; it is information that is transmitted biologically through an electromagnetic send-out of consciousness.”

— Barbara Marciniak (Excerpt from Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians)

One Consciousness Souls

The acknowledgment of oneness and that all life in the universe comes from one source is the acknowledge of oneness, it is the Loveairian Consciousness. All of us are beautiful, loving and non-physical multi-dimensional beings. This non-physical part of us has been called the soul. The non-physical part of all of us also been called Consciousness. Our consciousness is always within the non-physical perspective. The consciousness soul of a being isn’t within the physical body but rather the physical body is within the consciousness soul. Before one’s consciousness soul begins focusing within the physical perspective, it was (and still is) vibrational-liquid love; the particles that make up one’s consciousness soul are made of love.

We are all truly one being playing with itself. We are one ocean with many different waves. All of our souls are an extension of the monad soul that we have grown to call God or The Infinite Creator. The Creator is where we all source love energy from. This is why the creator has also been called Source. When you look at another lifeform, you are looking at yourself. You are just looking at you with a different set of beliefs. The illusion of separation will bring about pain and fear-based emotions. Once one truly knows and feels the oneness of all life, the need for proving worthiness fades away and one’s true expression of self begins to surface.

Pinching yourself away from love-source energy by ignoring the true desires of your consciousness soul is when love fades from your physical perspective. This is when who you really are, the consciousness soul of love, no longer wishes to provide energy to that which is not truly desired. This is where fear-based vibrations come into existence. When you are tuned-in to the consciousness of love-source energy, you are once again tuned into who you truly are at the core of your being; a Loveairian.

You are a unique non-physical and physical expression and extension of this love source energy. Source is you and therefore the farther you come away from who and what you truly are, the more fear-based vibrations you attract into your experience. Feeling unconditional love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being is your natural existing birthright within this universe.

Our universe is a benevolent place, operating with equality and fairness according to universal laws. The primary nature or law of the universe is love. Love is our greatest power and source of fuel. Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is or all-that-is. It allows all others to be who they are and you to be who you are. This love allows us all the free will to attract and create the life that we truly desire. Love is the source energy of all of life’s creation. Love is non-physical and physical at the same time. When you are in vibrations of unconditional love, all of your desires are created with love source.

Remember that you are this same Source of Love that has come into physicality to express a different perspective of Source. Anything that doesn’t resonate with your free will desires should not be entertained. Do your absolute best to express who you are and all of your needs will be taken care of; including financial well-being and abundance. You will only have as much money as you believe that you can have.

One of the most amazing things about being a Loveairian is that you realize that you are naturally abundant. Once you firmly know and hold on to this belief, you don’t have to think much of ‘how’ and ‘when’ because you are a natural creator. You are made to create new and more expanded realities. So that you can explore these new realities and make new and more expanded realities.

When you let go of fear and do what you love, Source will provide all that you need for all that you desire to create. This is because all creation is created with Source’s powerful love energy. Let love be your guide by only doing what you absolutely love to do. Love is the source of all creation(s) and source will provide and magnetize all that you need so you can do what you love; create and manifest the reality of your desires.

As an extension of love source energy in physical form, your ‘duty’ is to live your passions and create worlds that others can choose to explore as well. Source expands and grows as you expand and grow. Your inner-soul is Source and is connected to Source. Any beautiful vibrations of love that you experience will also be experienced by Source. Therefore, Source wants you to enjoy yourself to fullest because Source sees no separation from you and itself.

Beliefs, Feelings and Thoughts (Karma)

One can clear all of one’s imbalancing (negative) karmic energies. This can be done by changing one’s beliefs, feelings and thoughts so that one can be in vibrational alignment with the true self; restoring Loveairian Consciousness by restoring unconditional self-love.

The beliefs and looping thought-feelings within one’s mind are the karmic energies that one will experience on a moment to moment basis. We would like to classify a belief as a definition. Beliefs are agreed reality structures. Beliefs produce perpetual thought-feelings that are in harmony with the belief. We could classify a thought-feeling as a thought that has little or immense emotion intensity when it is thought of; the feeling can come before, during or after.

The sum total of the vibrations that are produced by one’s consciousness soul will equal the vibrational reality one will spiritually and physically experience. One can have as many desires as one would like to but if one’s beliefs, feelings, thoughts and desires are not in balanced vibrational harmony with each other then there is no love because love is harmony. Without love, there is no creation or imbalanced creation.

“You are the creator of your own reality because you are the chooser of the thought right now. Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.”

— Abraham Hicks

Fear Can Be A Tool

All energy within the universe is based and made up of love. The only true energy of existence is love; unconditional love. When one filters and flows love through their belief system, if their beliefs are not within the true alignment of their desired self-expression, then the love energy is transmuted into fear. So in this sense, fear can be used as tool that lets you know when one of your beliefs are not in accordance with the true self, the loving self, the Loveiairian Consciousness Soul within.

Analyze all of your fears and identify what beliefs (set of definitions) maybe causing any of your fear-based emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, etc. Rejoice when you feel fear, although fear is not the best vibration, it can be used as a tool to let you know there is vibrational discord within the relationship of your consciousness soul and/or spiritual and physical bodies. Always do your best to transmute fear-based energy back into love-based energy.

Paying Attention

Be careful with what you pay attention to because it will come back to you for you are the one who paid for it with your attention. All of what we pay our cosmic currency to forms into physical matter. Attention is the focus of your consciousness creation energy. All physical matter (physical reality) is belief-based condensed thought-feelings. One’s beliefs, feelings and thoughts create and alter one’s reality. One’s inner spiritual frequency is the same as one’s outer spiritual frequency. The physical world is a mirror of one’s vibrational frequency. We could go into speaking about air-pollution, electro-pollution, food-pollution, water-pollution etc. but surely all of this would only create more of it since you are a magnificent love-sustained multi-dimensional creator god; a Loveairian.

It is better for all of us Loveairians to create a new world filled with amazing air quality, amazing healing electromagnetic radiation vibrations, amazing foods that taste good and provide immense vitality, amazing high-frequency golden water, etc. The world needs no saving for is it beautiful and it is saving itself. The only way to ‘save’ the world is for one to alter their vibration and jump to ‘parallel’ time-space realities.

Focus On Thy Paradise

Focus on love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity, and this is all you will ever experience. The more your focus on these high-frequency vibrational energies, the more you increase the frequencies of them into your world (reality). So pay attention to only what you want to manifest into physical matter for your physical world experience. You are the creator, you are the one who shall create the world with love-source energy.

Clearing Karma is about transmuting unpreferred beliefs, feelings, thoughts, words and actions that keep you at a level of manifesting fear and pain. One’s desires are manifested with beautiful ease when one is in a state of ecstasy. The state of ecstasy can be manifested when gratitude and unconditional love are focused upon. This would be what has been called ‘Heaven On Earth’ high vibrational frequency living.

“Love the world without a condom, experience the orgasmisms of life.”

— Kimaya Ai Sabalie

Have true faith that the universal creator and your higher-self are guiding you to all you wish to experience and change your thoughts to that of oneness, forgiveness, gratitude, love, health and well-being, abundance, creativity etc. to attract your heaven on Earth; which comes from within you.

Meditation For Clearing & Replacing Karma

Meditating upon certain mantras can help one to release vibrations of fear to bring in vibrations of pure love. Mantras are excellent when it comes to bringing about more light, awareness and change of perspective to the mind; which changes and creates new or different spiritual and physical bodies. Mantras are extremely powerful when it comes to raising the vibration of our spiritual and physical bodies.

We can classify a Mantra (Vibration Affirmation) as a syllable, word or phrase which elevates or modifies consciousness through its nature, meaning, the sound itself, rhythm, tone, and even the reflexology of the tongue on the palate. To make the use of a mantra more powerful, regardless of how you recite, firstly you can see the mantra, as if it is being written as you say it, and secondly, you can actively listen to it as you say it.

Mantras are spiritual vibrations that when you think them or speak them, they affect all of your being and that has an effect on/within the entire universe. Mantras can contain the vibrations of peace, prosperity, connection, and many other qualities and are understood by their impact, even if the meaning of each word is not known. Find yourself some powerful mantras that will bring about the peace, joy and love you are seeking for your spiritual and physical ascension.

“Perfection is a state that everyone is always in. It is the ability to change. Everybody and everything has this ability. Change wrong to correct, hate to love and light to dark. Even if you are sick, poor and lonely. Perfection gives you the ability to change”

― Epoch Hotep, Various Violet

Breatharianism Is Physical Perfection

Breatharian Is Physical Perfection For The Loveairian. Loveairianism is a State of Vibrational Consciousness. Breatharianism Is The Vibrational Result of Loveairian Consciousness. The more complete one feels the more complete the physical body feels; less external stimulations are needed. The appetite for many things (including physical food) immensely reduces when a better belief system of inner-completeness is restored.

The thought of fasting can be a vibrational action of feeling abundant enough that love-source energy can provide all of your physical body’s needs. The mindset of one’s consciousness soul is also the mindset of the consciousness that operates the body. Fasting can be a way of allowing only the frequencies of one’s consciousness inner-soul to rejuvenate and influence the body’s operations.

If you take a very mentally and physically imbalanced being and put them on a fast in a balanced, loving, joyful and peaceful environment, their Loveairian Consciousness immediately begins to restore, their physical body is healed and one remembers the true self.


Addiction comes from feeling lack of love to any particular area in life. Addictions will only ‘numb’ the fear-based vibrations of lack. Addictions comes from a set of beliefs that something within you is incomplete; the feeling that something is missing.

When someone feels they can not gain inner-completion they will deny that they feel incomplete. They will fear even speaking and discovering that they may truly have feelings of something missing. They will be in denial and do their best to put pretty signs over their missing feeling.

This includes the addiction to food. We use the food example because it almost something everyone can relate to. We will all come to the realization that food isn’t needed but it is a desired habitual addiction due to habitual thought-feelings of lack. We all can feel vibrations of immense ecstasy without food consumption.

The feeling of needing seem and be worthy, intelligent, beautiful etc. to others also comes from not knowing who you really are. You are love itself. You are divine essence. You are one with the consciousness of all-there-is. You have one thing to do in life; enjoy the honest expression of you are. Regardless of the external circumstances.

Feeling that you are already complete will remove addictions of any sort. When you feel complete within a certain area of life, you would never need any external thing to stimulate a feeling that should already exist. As Loveairians, we are desire-based not need-based.

Digesting Love, The True Source of Life

Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Love allows. When one another can truly accept each other for who and what they are they are exemplifying the energy that we call love. From an electrical standpoint, love simply means a balance of frequencies being able to accept and allow each other aka harmony.

Our digestive system extracts the Sound and Light frequencies from our thoughts-feelings, words, actions to condense them into liquid light that enters the blood. Being the natural Loveairians that we are before we come focus into the physical perspective allows liquid love to flow through our blood.

When food is consumed, the vibrational frequencies of its Sound and Light are taken in. The stomach (the area of your abdomen, above your belly button) or solar-plexus chakra is directly connected to the astral body (spiritual emotional body) and the substances that are put into the stomach will affect one’s consciousness mind. Keep an eye on your emotions after consuming any type of food.

When the consciousness mind is focused within the physical perspective, the physical body can affect its vibration. This is why the vibrational frequency of the foods that one may consume affect one’s emotional state of being. All emotions are manifestations of vibration and they are one of the most important manifestations. Having a balanced, loving and good feeling emotional state of being allows love, well-being and abundance to flow to one’s physical and spiritual bodies naturally.

The physical body runs on a proper harmonic balance of Sound and Light frequencies; demonstrating that it is truly a love desiring bio-machine. When the physical body doesn’t get enough love from the Loveairian who is inhabiting within it, then the imbalances manifest externally and the physical body doesn’t receive enough love from its external light sources such as the Sun, Air, Stars, etc.

The habit of having to eat to sustain love, ecstasy and physical vitality is truly an act of lower vibrations; not having enough balanced energy from the consciousness soul. This habitual act of having to eat requires one to always have to take light from another lifeform (lightform) to maintain the proper love frequencies within. One should be able to eat or not eat and still live lovely, happily, spiritually and physically strong.

The heart and heart energy center of the physical body is a love digestion organ for the Loveairian. When we have enough love energy, we feel complete. Since our love energy is still being restored, it is maybe still necessary for us to obtain certain love energy from other living light beings such as plants and animals. This way of obtaining love energy for bodily energization isn’t as efficient as surviving on just love-source energy but it will have to do.

One’s physical body can solely operate on the spiritual love energy that one’s inner-soul can choose to provide it. The thinking that physical food supplies the energy brings about a dependency upon food. Fasting can peacefully snap this belief in half and unleash the mind from all forms of limitations and dis-ease. All participation of eating is a try-to moment of filling the void of divine love-source energy. This is why properly performed, happy fast is very effective; fasting with fresh love-filled air.

Law of Attraction-Magnetism; Vibrational Synchronicity

At all of our core essence, we are all unconditional love. The non-physical part of all of us (our consciousness, inner-soul, inner-being etc.) is pure unconditional love. Unconditional Love is the energy that we are. Unconditional Love is our truest and most powerful vibrational form of being. We are to always self-love and love all that we see regardless of the conditions.

One will gradually believe and feel better and better the more you step into your natural feelings of unconditional love. In this spiritual vortex of unconditional love, all of your desires can be and will be manifested with ease. Gratitude is your greatest tool when you are looking to love self and the world without conditions. Being in the vibration of unconditional love allows you the creative power and energy of unlimited manifestations.

When you always do what you love, follow you passion, follow your excitement and live in ecstasy, you manifest and magnetize all that will continuously support your vibrational feelings of ecstasy. This is because the universe organizes all vibrations via vibrational synchronicity. Everything is always perfectly synchronized and magnetized together depending on their similar vibrational frequencies.

Always believing, feeling, thinking and acting on what you love is all you ever need to do to attract all that you need for spiritual fulfillment, nothing will be left out if you trust in yourself 100%. Redefine your ideas of success because you are already successful; you are love. Do what you love to do and all that you need will be provided for you in the most unexpected ways.

One can surely move beyond lack, scarcity and limitation. Although the experience of lack can be valuable in terms of learning certain lessons at certain times, it is not required as a learning tool. Poverty, lack and scarcity stem directly from your primal fear, the fear that you separated from your source. You are the source of your own abundance. By uncovering your beliefs concerning lack and scarcity, you can begin to create abundance in every area of your life, including financial freedom.

Creativity is at the core of each consciousness soul, everyone is truly creative creator beings of love. As one creates, one can discover more of who, what and why they are through observing your creation. It is the very nature of the soul to be creative and you are beyond more than just limited to certain jobs, roles and functions in life. You can make your own ‘career’ via following your love, excitement and passions.  You can do whatever you want, however you want. You are the key to the creation of life and through all of your creations vibrations, all of life within the universe will benefit. So be yourself, be creative. We believe in you.

Remember that all physical matter (physical reality) is belief-based condensed thought-feelings. One’s inner spiritual frequency is the same as one’s outer spiritual frequency. The physical world is a mirror of one’s vibrational frequency. The physical world isn’t real but the experience of the physical world is real. When you realize that the physical world is a dream, a game, you can experience the immense joy of manifesting the world you truly desire to live within.

“Your mood is your only business.”

— Abraham Hicks

Performing a proper fast by focusing on the abundance of love (that is all around us) heals the spiritual and physical bodies of anything. Abundant love from love-source energy allows one’s consciousness soul to focus with more clarity within the physical perspective. With this clarity comes great power and no responsibility.

Clarity of the mind brings about firm love grounded beliefs and thought-feelings that bring about a firm desired reality. When the mind is clear and focused upon certain desires, the desires are manifested. When fasting is done with the correct focus, immense prayer and abundant feelings. One’s reality will represent the vibration of the focus and abundance that one is feeling when and after a good fast.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

— The Bible (Matthew 7:7)

When you are filled with the cosmic intelligence of love, you begin to live in the now and your love for life is unconditional. Regardless of the circumstances, you feel immense appreciation and happiness for the life that you are able to experience. This unconditional love that you feel for life is the art of allowing, the art of love since allowing is loving.

You allow life to be as it is because you realize that you are the creator of your reality. When one partakes on a fast and meditates upon the proper beliefs and thought-feelings of true love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being… that is all that one will come to experience. Time does not matter when it comes to the art of loving life because when you are loving life, the perception of time seems speeds up.

Focusing on all that is beautiful without focusing on all that has yet to come allows one to attract with immense speed. Self-appreciation enhances your ability to create through the acknowledgment of your gifts. Allowing is the key to living a life full of love. Gratitude makes you magnetic to abundance and what you focus on increases. You are a vibrational being and you are vibrationally matched and synchronized with all that you express; you experience, attract and create a world that represents who you are.

Living On Air (Love)

After discovering the teachings of Wiley Brooks’s Breatharian Philosophy, we realized that the breath of life is pure love energy. Kimaya then came up with the term Loveairian and ever since then, we have been using that term instead of the term Breatharian. This is only because many have disregarded the true meaning, purpose and message of Breatharianism. Breatharianism isn’t just about abstaining from food. Breatharianism is about realizing that we are much more than what we all believe we are to be. We are spiritual beings living in physical human bodies. We are sustained by love energy and the love energy that is within the air.

Air is spiritual food, universal space, universal consciousness, universal love. The air we breathe is the result of the direct karma we all have collectively created. We create what enhances our vibrational momentum, our air quality supports the vibrational quality of our blood. Liquid Love within the blood will manifest air filled with love to support that blood quality.

If we operate in perfect balance with oneness, separation, love, light and dark, our air will be of higher spiritual vibrational quality and will support the eternal living vibrations of balance. The quality of air that we breathe is a consciousness external representation of the space within the consciousness beings inhabiting the Earth Plane of Existence. Raising vibrations of our consciousness will improve the air that we breathe and the electromagnetic fields that we emit and embrace.

Loveairians are self-sufficient and get very minimal sustenance (if any) from the liquid and solid food that they choose to eat. All of the Loveairian’s sustenance comes from divine consciousness love-source energy (the being within) and the love vibrations within the air they breathe. When you restore a certain level of love within you, you will be able to consume whatever you chose to and still maintain an extremely healthy physical expression (physical body).

Air can be looked at as sort of container of love energy. Air isn’t needed for living but it is okay to focus on living on air alone because as consciousness souls, we go through our evolutionary stages. Fasting allows one to obtain and restore the sight of this ability. Properly fasting will change your life forever because it will allow you to see that it is your consciousness soul that keeps your physical body going.

Balanced Fasting

Everything runs within cycles and all activity requires beneficial rest. Resting is good. It is good to rest the power of one’s consciousness soul and the power of the physical body’s consciousness from food consumption and assimilation. Giving your physical body a rest demonstrates much gratitude for the consciousness units of the body.

Allowing the consciousness units a rest and a break from the digesting and transmuting of food frequencies allows health and well-being to overcome the body in all ways possible. The physical body surely has a consciousness that can and does even talk to other beings bodies of consciousness. It is always a good thing to give the physical body attention since consciousness attention is love energy. Speaking to the physical body and asking it to rejuvenate certain parts of it works wonders; focusing only on the image that you wish to manifest.

The body is filled with one’s consciousness energy and the more imbalanced one’s consciousness energy is, the more imbalanced one’s physical body manifestation will appear. The body is a reflection of one’s spiritual frequency, the more the body needs the less complete and the less perfect it has become due to it being an exact reflection and representation of the divine being that is living within it; you, the soul within, which co-created the body.

There are many different methodologies when it comes to fasting but the innerstanding of what is actually fueling the body is the importance. Love is the Source of all life. God is Love and the particles that make up your consciousness soul is of love energy. Innerstanding that love energy is abundant and infinite will help one to realize that they can go many hours, days, months and years without a drop of water. This can only be done with the proper mindset of love and in the proper environments that have good electromagnetic energy and good air.

One should definitely get as much rest as possible and stay around good hearted beings. Since the human body is a bio-machine it is no surprise that the physical body (especially the heart center) literally pulsates electromagnetic radiation that can enhance life or do the exact opposite. Having a pure heart very much in the non-physical of things but since the non-physical manifests the physical, having a pure heart can purify the world. Those who you are around are affected by the vibrations of electromagnetic radiation that your heart radiates. This is the same for those who you are around.

Be very careful who you choose to be around because you are literally and physically putting yourself in different electromagnetic fields depending upon whose hearts you choose to exchange energy with. The physical human body is designed to run off certain electromagnetic energies provided by one’s Consciousness Soul, the Sun, the Stars, the Breath of Life, crystals, metals, etc.

There are many imbalances within our environment that we could call electro-pollution. Imbalancing machines such as Cell Phones, Laptops, Radios, Televisions, etc. all produce certain electromagnetic radiation that is counterproductive to the naturally balanced vibrations that the human body was meant to thrive on. This electro-pollution can (and does) create a certain ‘lack’ of love (balance) within the human body and this something that can prevent one from living a lifestyle of not having to consume liquid and physical foods. Do your best to live within nature and stay away from these devices as much as possible. Abstaining from these electro-polluting devices will surely do you well. Abstaining is fasting.

Solar Gazing is another great way of focusing, slowing or halting thought-feelings of imbalance while taking in the love-light energy of the Sun. Solar Gazing is a form of meditation that allows one to be within the now and feel the natural frequencies of love and abundance. The Sun provides much vital light (love information) to all living organisms on the planet. The Sun knows, feels and gives all that you desire for your spiritual and physical human experience. Absorb as much sunlight as you comfortably can. Enjoy your time with nature and communicate with mother earth.

If you want to increase your energy while fasting, it’s best you do your best to get as much rest as possible, as much sunlight as possible and as much peace as possible. Make sure to follow your intuition. If you feel to stop fasting, then stop. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are already worthy of all things because your consciousness is liquid love. You are the chosen one. You are the one.

At this moment, due to our environment and physical body evolution, fasting isn’t always ideal. This is why we have our Sacred Names Regime which will allow spiritual growth and physical body rejuvenation. As the planet’s frequency rises, there will be more and more places of good vibrations and a less ‘need’ for food.

Permission Slips

Right now in this moment, you can give yourself the permission to love yourself. Whether that means non-physical and physical health or the need to accomplish a specific goal. Permission slips are an external mechanism for those that require the go-ahead to proceed with what their consciousness soul feels is right for them. We all give ourselves permission slips in many ways, whether is it is vocalized or not. Really it is a way we can feel good about what resonates within us to allow an energy shift for allowance and receiving.

One example is that there are various methods one can use for healing such as acupuncture, essential oils, homeopathy, reiki all these methods are permission slips we give ourselves to allow the healing. A reason one may do this is because there is a belief that this method may bring clarity or healing. Many different cultures generally have a healthy method that they resonate with or which they feel works for them.

Permission Slips can be useful, but in all essence, they are really not required. We are divine liquid love consciousness, and we have the power with our thoughts and through our feelings to create our own reality. The is why the so-called ‘Placebo Effect’ actually works. It is all about the feeling of truth with whatever method you choose. It is about whatever resonates with the expression of who you have chosen to be in this life.

Love, health and well-being and abundance are natural states of being. Nothing external is needed to obtain these vibrational states of being. However, many people feel they need a specific regiment to obtain a specific spiritual or physical state of health and well-being. All forms of fasting, fruit cleanses, raw diets, alkaline diets, low-carb diets, etc. are surely ‘Permission Slips’ for one to allow health and well-being to flow within their reality.

If one prefers, you can actually write down the changes you want to create in your life and sign the note, like a permission slip. You can keep this slip visible as a way to focus your thoughts and to visualize yourself feeling the best you have ever felt.

“Daughter,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you; go in peace and be free of your affliction.”

— Mark 5:34

Time-Space Realities

All realities of past, present and future are happening right now at different spaces within the universe. These spaces of vibrational frequency have been labeled, measured and perceived as time. Time can be defined as the vibrational frequency of a specific space within the universe. There truly is no before and after. There is only right now.

Right now, there are many simultaneous possible realities that can be focused upon. Whether they be non-physical or physical. There are infinite time-space realities so that one can experience the infinite possibilities that Love, God or All-There-Is has to offer.

We are all infinite unlimited love-sustained multi-dimensional creator gods; Loveairians. We are as unlimited as our perspective of what life can be for us. We have the free will to choose a limited perspective or an unlimited perspective. We have the power to vibrate at any specific frequency that we chose to. It has been said that thought-feelings create and alter reality. They do.

The Universal Nature that has been called Law of Attraction-Magnetism works on vibrational frequency grouping. Synchronicity is one hundred percent accurate when it comes to the Law of Attraction-Magnetism. There are no coincidences, only multiple streams of infinite realities. Thought-feelings are vibration. One will always be synchronically grouped with all vibrational beings that have the same vibrational frequency as them.

One is always synched up into the different time-space realities with beings that believe, feel and think (vibrate) like one does. Any beings beliefs, feelings and thoughts are the free will preference of the parallel time-space realities that one may prefer to vibrate within. As one begins to realize that love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity are all natural states of being, one will be grouped with other vibrational beings that accept and allow this truth to vibrate within them.

We all experience each other’s consciousness souls based upon the internal dialogue of our own consciousness soul. All of us are consciousness souls operating in many infinite time-space realities and only remaining consciously focused within the space of ‘time’ that we truly wish to experience. We operate in so much contrasting infinite time-space realities to decide upon the desired reality of space we choose to focus our consciousness soul’s attention upon. Whether this is somewhere in the ‘past’ or ‘future’, whether this is on another plane of existence, you will go where you truly believe you will go. You are always the creator of your own reality.

Traveling Through Space (Time)

Traveling time is as simple as vibrating at the specific frequency of space. The art of jumping to a different time-space reality is quite simple and easy. First, one must stand within the contrast to desire and identify the time-space reality they wish to move (vibrate) into. Second, one shall shift their pattern of thought-feelings (beliefs or repeated vibration) to match the time-space reality that they desire to experience. Third, one must maintain the desired vibration of thought-feelings. The fourth stage is to move with the impulses (word and actions) of love and joy that one’s consciousness soul sends to your physical mind; follow your passion. The fifth and last step (stage) is to appreciate being at the first step because the first step is an act of reevaluation for consciousness soul expansion; growing with self-love.

“This last phase of perseverance is important, because your current timeline is an accumulation of your beliefs and intentions. Depending upon the strength of these beliefs and intentions, you may have to accumulate a vast amount of energy in order to overcome the set pattern of your life.”

— Hathors Channeled by Tom Kenyon

Within these different time-space realities, many consciousness souls will be of exactly the way you thought of them; many will live up to your expectation. In a sense, you can not change current time-space reality but you can change your vibration in which all of those who you know will be only of the way you expect them to be. We are all the script and reality is the actor.

We are all within other realities but on focused upon the ones we love (allow) to manifest. Therefore, those around you will be of love if you are of love. This is because they are already a much different person in a parallel or much different time-space reality. You are only experiencing the perpetual perspective that you have allowed of them. You aren’t changing anyone, you are changing yourself to see the different versions of souls that you call loved ones.

We are all are playing different perspective roles so we can all have the exact life we chose to. So the question is, are your loved ones not good to you or are you not good to yourself? Innerstanding that the past needs no alteration and that you can move forward with the now, is an amazing realization. The past you have already focused upon is the path that you have already chosen. This is where in movies, everything goes downhill when someone changes one thing in the past.

Space is very specific and when you alter anything, you alter everything. Focus on who you are now because all of the contrasting moments that you have chosen to experience in the ‘past’ was so that you could become who you are now. Follow your passion, be of love. Love is the guide to all of your desired manifestations. Change your vibration, and you will change your world. Life is nothing but a dream 🙂

The New World, Another Reality

There is a new world (and universe) of love, peace, health and well-being, abundance and creativity. This new world is full of joy and excitement. In this new world, all physical bodies will remain young.

All beings are as powerful as their imagination because in this new world, it is common knowledge that consciousness energy creates matter. This new world is vibrating within frequencies of the extremely high vibrations of unconditional love. This new world is the New Earth. The New Earth is a benevolent love-filled environment within a benevolent love-filled universe.

The immense harmony between the many different types of Loveairians living on this plane of existence is an absolute norm. The air is fresh and full of pure powerful spiritual light energy. There is a high and powerful loving invisible energy grid or what we can call ‘power grid’ that covers the entire surface of the earth. This power grid is what maintains a consistent flow of love energy or balanced spiritual energy that all life use as sustenance for life on earth.

The love energy that this power grid provides is very abundant and there is more than enough of the correct spiritual energy to support the physical world. Considering the high vibrational frequency condition of the New Earth, it is easy to see why Loveairians that live within this world are designed to only require sustenance from the love-source energy of one’s consciousness soul.

Feeling Your Space

Loveairians are fully spontaneous beings; relying on the impulses of love and excitement from their Loveairian Consciousness Soul. Loveairians know that emotional feeling is vibration. By having the proper thought-feelings towards any subject within your life, you will change that part of reality. The realities of the universe are infinite because we are living within the mind of God and God’s mind is unlimited. If you want to move into a world in which you have more money, begin to feeling more abundant when it comes to money. However, let’s focus on moving (vibrating) into the new world.

The new world is filled with loving people who know that we are all one. In a universe based on a nature of vibrational attraction, the vibrational momentum of one’s feelings becomes the reality one experiences. The new world is a world or love, peace and kindness. In order to move into this world, a Loveairian Consciousness is necessary. If one maintains feelings of love, peace, joy and abundance, one’s reality will reflect that. If you add feelings of appreciation and gratitude towards the reality you are moving towards (and currently within) you will magnify the creation of the new reality you are choosing to move into.

Do you best to stay away from (by not focusing on) imbalancing thought programming fields of energy such as modern news, certain social media pages (and profiles), certain websites, etc. Preserve good thought-feelings to vibrate into that reality; the new-world/new-earth. Always remember that you are the creator of your own reality. You have no one to save because everyone has many different realities that they are also playing within. The only way to ‘save’ the world is to think better about the world. When one vibrates into the new world, many others are influenced and ‘dragged’ into the new world. Love is all we need.

“There is a world of peace, joy and love. I know that because that is what I create & accept. It will be (and is now) an amazing place. How do I get there? Unconditional love in all that I do. I try to evaluate myself each day to continuously be on that frequency. Through love, gratitude, harmorious thoughts, helping and guiding others.”

— Kimaya Ai Sabalie

Chewing With Love

The physical body’s consciousness is within the consciousness soul. The physical body consciousness is connected to the consciousness soul. Truly, they can be looked at as one in the same. The physical body’s consciousness is an extension and mirrored reflection of the consciousness soul that animates it.

One can move towards higher vibrations of love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being when one really focuses on healing and rejuvenating their physical body. This can be done with proper fasting and proper chewing practices. When thought-feelings aren’t in true vibrations of love and ecstasy an imbalanced environment is manifested. This is where the need for consuming (chewing) food comes in.

The physical body is fueled by the consciousness soul. Chew with love in your heart and not to place love in your heart. True food for us spiritual beings is love-source light energy.  Although consuming food is a form of filling the love-void, we should appreciate, love, cherish and be happy with the action of eating if we chose to eat.

All Life Is Sentient

There must be a deep appreciation for the sentient light being that you consume; plant or animal. Plants are just as much alive as animals are. Prioritizing compassion and care for animals over plants isn’t a consciousness upgrade. We should be just as caring towards plants as we are to animals. Plants are highly conscious beings as well. Plants have consciousness and they are beings that exist in our world to express themselves just as we love to express ourselves. It is always best to give thanks to all of the beings that took part in being your food and maintaining the production of your food.

Alkaline or Acid? Hybrid and Non-Hybrid?

The knowledge of Alkaline and Acid isn’t as simple as many try to convince themselves to believe. Did you know that Bleach is Alkaline? Many substances can be made Alkaline through the process of osmosis. So does Alkaline really signify that is natural? No. Having an Alkaline substance is just one indicator that the substance may be something that is of a more natural state of being. Acid doesn’t always mean imbalance. Even the word DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. The body is made of Amino Acids. So be careful with your terms.

Dr. Sebi’s approach on consuming foods without certain carbohydrates such as Glucose and Starch definitely had some amazing scientific research behind it. It is not that non-hybrid alkaline foods are not the best foods for us, it is just that as spiritual beings living in physical bodies, we can come to the realization that many different planets within the universe physically evolve. The physical beings of many different worlds, within time, begin to innerstand that the true source of energy and well-being is God aka Love; Love Energy.

Knowing that we the consciousness souls is made of love and it is the provider of energy allows one to step out of third-density consciousness and into fifth-density consciousness. Fifth-density conscious beings or Loveairians (5D conscious beings) know that there is more to life than just the fact that we live and we die. Loveairians know that living within the human body is an experience that a soul may need for consciousness evolution and consciousness ascension.

No Perfect Food, Just Perfect Consciousness

Steer far away from those who have claimed to find the best food because the best food is food that is feels good for you at the moment. Tasting good and feeling good aren’t the same. Taste can make something feel better. However, you are looking for food that allows you to feel good on a spiritual and physical level. There is no perfect food to eat. There is just what works for the moment.

All substances (including that air you breathe) give and take from the body because all substances are energy. Energy is alive and what is taken must be replaced. This is the same for eating, when you take in certain energy from another energy, you must give something to that energy in return. The energy must be transformed or transmuted.

If the body truly needed any substance to consume any substance it would be sound, light and maybe high vibrational frequency water. The color of many things, including food, is the representation of the vibrational state of the food. We consume food for the light energy of the food and eventually, we will get to absorb the energy of light directly from the light source without consuming liquid and solid material food.

Of course, everyone is different and must come to their own conclusion as to what truly feels good for their body. Vegetables and other foods are a ‘Permission Slip’ for people to feel they are doing something that will manifest well-bring. The physical body’s consciousness runs on the one’s consciousness soul’s believed expectations. If you truly, deep down within you, believe a food to be healthy, it will be.

Health and well-being is also about how you believe, feel and think about all subjects within life, not just how you think about your food. You are as healthy, safe and vibrant as your beliefs, feelings and thoughts towards yourself and others. Only love can heal you.

Carbohydrates; 3D Balancing Drug

Carbohydrates (Sugars: Fructose, Glucose, Lactose, Starches etc.) are spiritual frequencies that tend to lower one’s vibration. This is just do to them being the grounding agent of a third-dimensional reality. Do your best to avoid excess amounts of carbohydrates as much as possible but do your best to enjoy every bit of substance that enters your mouth.

Carbohydrates can be seen as a drug. Drugs can be defined as a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. The body doesn’t need anything but love-source energy from one’s consciousness soul. When there is a lowering of consciousness and environment vibration frequency, Carbohydrates can be ingested to allow the body to remain harmonized with these lower vibrations.

Having a carbohydrate fuel-based physical body manifest a body in need of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Having a higher frequency gold fuel-based physical body manifests a physical body in need of Nitrogen, Sulfur, Lithium and Ozone. Nitrogen is the true breath of life, not Oxygen. Oxygen is for Iron and Nitrogen is for Gold.

When there is an absence of Carbohydrates in one’s diet, the blood’s vibrational frequency is raised. This is because gold replaces the iron that was once within the blood. The DNA of the human physical body contains all of the light it needs to produce a blood that is of a liquid-gold plasma-like fluid. Carbohydrates (or an excess of Carbohydrates) block the proteins of the body from extracting the needed light from the DNA so that the body can begin producing the higher frequencies of golden light witihn the bloodstream.

The activation of the DNA to create a golden bloodstream (lightstream) must be initiated by the consciousness soul by ways of visualizations and placing the body in proper high vibrational environments. Having the proper beliefs, feelings and thoughts will allow one’s blood to be of liquid gold. As above, so below. As within internally, so shall be externally. Inner is outer. If the planet can make Gold, the human body can make Gold. Our physical human bodies are reflections of the physical earth we are vibrating within due to our beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

During time-space realities of Atlantis, the physical human body had this golden light within it. During this time we did not have to eat for nutrition but we only consumed food for the amazing taste. However, consuming these 3D foods caused certain uncomfortable third-density beliefs, feelings and thoughts to be produced. This is where we created carbon-based sugars and iron to block the uncomfortable 3D vibrations that weren’t in harmony with the true vibrations of fifth-density consciousness. The fewer carbohydrates that one can comfortably consume, the better. Do this with a balanced mindset and take the heart’s desires into consideration.

Consume Less, You Are All You Need

You can also definitely include some herbal plants into your diet but never make food your savior. These external things can help you but true health comes from within. True health comes from a balanced consciousness soul.

The herbs and foods are just way of aiding the consciousness of the physical body, these things don’t make you more healthy. Please also keep in mind that herbs can also be seen as vegetables; more rarely consumed natural vegetables with a higher light potency.

When you consume foods, the consciousness of the physical body turns them into what it needs. The more healthy foods are the ones that are more easily transmuted into the light frequencies that the body desires to maintain for vitality. Everyone’s physical consciousness is different due to the programming of one’s consciousness soul. So there isn’t really any one food that all can consume and benefit from.

Consuming less and less food is ideal if you can do it happily. Good emotions are by far the most important thing to maintain. The most important thing about food is being happy with the foods that you consume. This is what truly makes a diet more spiritual in nature: when you consider that one’s consciousness spirit (astral-emotional) is worth just as much or even more consideration when consuming food.

Take your time to upgrade your diet but enjoying all of your favorite foods as much as you’d like but also letting them go at the same time. Consume what your heart desires but make sure to truly feel for the best substance that makes you feel emotionally and physically powerful at all times. Make sure you only expect good results from anything you consume because thought-expectations become reality.

Always say a peaceful prayer for the foods you consume. Stay away from only having ‘these foods for the rest of my life’. Live in the now. Living in the now is about doing what is best for you at the moment but also realizing that it can affect your now in the future. Bon Appétit!


Credits Due

In order to write the Loveairian Approach, we attracted and manifested knowledge from self. This includes other parts and expressions of our self such as Abraham (Channeled by Ester Hicks), Dr. Sebi, Jeff Pierre, Phil Valentine, Taylor Budd, Various Violet, and Wiley Brooks. All of these beautiful expressions of the one (all of these people) have some beautiful perspectives to offer.

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