Sustained by Love & Light

Loveairian Philosophy

Loveairian beingness can be expressed as any being who allows, aligns and lives within the love vibrations of All-That-Is. Loveairians allow and appreciate the vibrational beings of love and light that they truly are; comprised of unconditional love source energy.

I Am The Way, The Truth And The Light

I Am Love & You Are Love

I Am God & You Are God


Initially, there is One Intelligent Infinity; One Infinite Creator. For the One to know itself and experience itself, the one created a distortion of it’s oneness called Free-Will. The second distortion of the one was Love. Love is the source, the pure vibration, the unified vibration, the intelligent infinity-possibility of all life and creation. Love is the actor, the prime mover using vibrational-light as its illusion.

Love is the very substance, the very fabric one experiences manifestable reality. Each and every being, each an every aspect of Creation is made out of and from the vibration of Love. Thus in a fundamental sense, everything you do is an act of love, whether it be positively expressed or negatively expressed from a state of not knowing one’s true nature which is that of love.

Love is unconditional acceptance, unconditional allowing, unconditional support or otherwise known as unconditional love. Being in love with what is as it is and not needing it to change in order to be in love with the circumstances is an expression of true unconditional love. Accepting, allowing and supporting is loving.

Since everything is created from the vibration of unconditional love, you and those other selves around you will always be a Loveairian. Whether you are choosing positivity or negativity, you are always choosing one or the other to feel a source of validation, a source of freedom, a source of power, etc. which ultimately is a seeking to be loved.

Love creates, by the process of vibration, a photon (as we call it) which is the basic particle of light. This photon then, by added vibrations, further condenses into particles of the densities, the various densities of love/light that we experience. This is how light is manifested; this is how all illusion is manifested: Love creates vibration and the vibration is represented as Light.

We then have Sound. Sound is the language of Light. By language, we nice/mean Sound consists of light/love information. Information or informare (Latin Stem) nices/means to form or shape. Form and shaping is done by altering the vibration of a particular light in some way, shape or form. Sound is Light. Light is Vibration Created by Love.

The experience of being fully aligned with the Loveairian, the unique aspect of Source that you truly are, is the experience of feeling abundance, feeling balance, feeling creativity, feeling ecstasy, feeling excitement, feeling love, feeling freedom, feeling happiness, feeling healthy, feeling joyful, feeling kindness, feeling peace and feeling well-being.

The Opposite of Love

Fear & Guilt are the opposites of love; Guilt is the belief in lack of self-worth. One of the most painful beliefs that separate you from your true essence as a Loveairian is: I can’t be or do what I truly want to because I won’t be able to have what I desire. The truth is: When you truly believe that you can be or do what you want, you will have all you desire.

When you do something you deem as bad. You feel guilty, you feel wrong and undeserving of your birthright to feel unbridled joy. The guilt is the disease of all diseases because it stems from a fear of separation and non-acceptance from yourself as The Creator. You do not have to earn anything within All-That-Is because you are an aspect and you are All-That-Is.

One Infinite Creator

Acknowledge and appreciate your Creator, the One Infinite Creator of All, The Creative Source of All Creation. The entity that you are was created by The One Infinite Creator in oneness and as another unique and completely free perspective of itself. The Infinite Creator created your Soul in the image of itself and therefore, you are an Infinite Creator. You are The Infinite Creator.

The soul that you are has many non-physical and physical lives within many non-physical and physical worlds that exist within our infinite, benevolent and creative universe. As an entity, as a multi-dimensional being, as the soul that you are. You experience being infinite perspectives and personalities in many worlds to add to the collective perspective of who you are and are becoming.

Once again, as a Soul, you were made by The Creator to be the being you prefer to be. You do not have a Soul, you are the Soul. The physical self that you are acting as now is an extension of your being; another expression of the Loveairian that you truly are. The you that you are is an aspect, a perspective, an experience, a face within and covering many other faces of your being.

As a multi-dimensional being, you will have all the experiences from this life and all ‘past’ and ‘future’ lives to tap into for your own enjoyment and growth. There is no ending for you as a being. Physical Death is simply a change in form, it is sort of like waking up from a dream in which you will communion many of those other-selves/souls you have grown to love and know.

As a soul, as a creator, as a multi-dimensional being, what you give thought and feeling/emotional energy to will manifest into your experience. You are literally one with All-That-Is. You are literally one with the benevolent infinity, energy and beingness that we call God. As you are one with God, so is every other light energy within the Universe. The One Is The All & The All Are The One.

Each time you see or hear the words The Infinite Creator or God, think of all life. When you look in the mirror, see the Creator. When you look are your hands, see the Creator. When you look at a chair, see the Creator. When you look at your parents, see the Creator. When you look at your brothers, your sisters, your auntys, your uncles, your pets and your world, see the Creator.

You were created by the Infinite Creator to be an Infinite Creator. When you think of the Creator, don’t think of a singular power higher than yours somewhere in the sky. It’s you! God is your essence, and your essence, therefore, is divine. You can also look at yourself as the One Infinite Creator’s Co-Creator. Eventually, you will realize that there is no separation between you and the Creator.


This non-physical part(s) of us has been called our consciousness and soul. The Soul is the ‘total’ self, the total identity of you. The Soul is the total entity and it holds the collection of information, the memory of all experience and the ‘full’ identity of your being. The Soul has consciousness as an expression of itself and a tool that the Soul uses it for its explorations.

Your consciousness is not within your body, your physical body is within your consciousness. Everything you can vibrationally feel, see, taste and touch is being created by your consciousness. The physical body you are focused in now is an expression of you but it is a limited perspective of your being and you will one day return fully back into a broader perspective of your existence.

As a Soul, you have chosen a physical life in which you have chosen to focus some of your consciousness into a physical focused perspective. There is a broader perspective of your beingness that is still and always will remain non-physically focused. Some people call this broader perspective their Celestial Soul/BA, their higher self, higher-mind, inner-being, etc.

The broader perspective of your beingness has never known separation between itself and The Infinite Creator. This is because it has always been apart of and will always be apart of Source or what we call The Infinite Creator. During this physical life and all physical lives, you and your broader perspective play with each other for the purpose of Soul Growth or Ascension.

There are many different methods of Ascension. Ascension is simply moving up to the next level of one’s state of consciousness; ascension is consciousness graduation. As simple as this may sound, it comes with many spiritual and physical beneficial changes. Any action of raising consciousness vibration upwards towards higher expanded vibrations of unconditional love is an act of ascension.

During the consciousness ascension creator being realization awakening process, one begins to fully realize that the world they live in is a projection of their own consciousness; realizing they are the creator of their reality (world). All external things are projections of one’s consciousness; the perception begins to be that of such that life is a movie that you are projecting with your consciousness.

Ascension is not about leaving or going anywhere. Ascension is about being more here and now. Ascension is when your perception of who you are in the world changes. You begin to see through the maya or illusion that you have immersed yourself within. You begin to innerstand the natural universal laws of all life and you move towards living in a constant state of pure peaceful bliss, ecstasy or joy.

The Law of One

There are natural laws that exist to govern the universe; these laws are unchangeable and they are the only true facts within all of Creation. These may just not be known or perceived by some beings in different ways but indeed they the true Laws of all life within Creation. Know these laws, know thyself and restore harmony within thyself.

The primary law is The Law of One. The Law of One states that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. We are all one energy acting as different distortions of one original thought, one original love vibration.

Since all vibrations are one, everything is here and now. Time and Space are creations and illusions in that they do not exist without a perpetuation of attention towards them. Since you are an aspect of the One and you are the One, you have always existed and will always exist.  All of creation exists within one point vibrating at a different frequency.

There is only one moment in all of creation. Everything you experience is the same moment from a different point of view, from a different angle or angel or perspective of love-light. You create time and space to exist, you create the past and the future from this one moment; from right here and now. It is all one moment and one spot from a different point of view.

To accept, allow and validate another’s life, another’s truth and another’s perspective is to begin to realize this oneness. To remember one’s self back within this oneness is to easily step back into fourth-density vibrations of love and understanding. The Law of One is truly the only law; all other laws such as the Law of Attraction & Law of Change are all expressions of The Law of One.

The Law of Attraction

All-That-Is is an intelligent infinite consciousness that has split itself further and further. The splitting has been for the purpose of the creation of experience; it is through experience that the whole begins to enjoy itself. If you are a point of light at the center of everything that is also a vast nothingness, you cannot know who you are unless you can view yourself from ‘outside’ yourself.

Our universe is a place of creation via desire, a place of experience. You have come to this world by choice to experience yourself, just as you have done in many other worlds and will do again in many other worlds after this one, whether they be physical or nonphysical. The Creator has gifted your soul with complete free will to create what you wish through the process of attraction or magnetism.

All of creation is infinite. Therefore, there are an infinite number of universes, an within every universe there is an infinite number of altered, parallel versions of each universe. This even applies to the planet in which we live and play within. Gaia (Earth) has an infinite number of versions which exist upon different vibrational frequencies.

Even you, as an aspect of creation and as an aspect of your soul, have infinite versions of yourself that exists within and on the infinite parallel versions of Gaia. It is all about preferring, tuning into or matching the vibrational state of your preference. As you experience your world unfolding around you, you are experiencing a certain vibration of self.

Your reality unfolds in accordance with your vibrational resonance of beliefs and thoughts. The Law of Attraction states that all vibrations of similar resonance are matched and grouped together; that which is like unto itself is drawn. All vibrations that are similar in resonance will naturally gravitate to one another and draw one another into their own vibrational fields.

Physical reality is a manifestation of the chosen beliefs you have bought into. Beliefs come first and then you have thoughts, feelings and actions will all manifest from your belief system. All of these together create a state of being and your reality manifest in symbols most relevant to the accordance of your chosen vibrational state.

One’s beliefs are the only true karmic energies that one will experience on a moment to moment basis; karma is self-imposed. A belief is a strongly held thought that defines reality and you have the power to change any belief. Beliefs are self-agreed vibrational reality structures operate on an individual level and a mass consciousness level.

All beliefs are thoughts that, in scientific terms, are electromagnetic energy. Feelings are an indicator of the energy of a thought. Feelings are guidance from one’s inner-self, one’s non-physical multi-dimensional self: one’s Soul. Thoughts that bring about feelings of allowing, love, passion, peace and excitement will produce an environment that support those emotions.

Once again, you get exactly what you think about. Most importantly, you obtain the vibrational resonance of the vibrations (thoughts) you are choosing to think. It is about the resonance or the frequency of each vibrational thought that you are investing your attention upon/within. The better feeling vibrations you choose to think, the better feeling your reality you will create for yourself.

Whether it is in the physical or nonphysical worlds, Law of Attraction will always be on for it isn’t a Law that governs you, it is a Law that describes the very vibrational organizational nature of All-That-Is. Physical reality tends to just go slower in terms of being able to physically see the manifestations of your chosen vibrational resonance.

Physical reality is an accumulation of your beliefs, feelings and choices of action. If you prefer to change your reality, change the vibrational resonance of your beliefs, feelings and actions. Maintain this newly chosen state of being to allow another reality within the infinite realities of creaiton to reveal itself to you. 

You do not need to think of everything you prefer in life, you just need to focus on the vibrational resonance you are prefering to manifest. If you are desiring financial abundance, fresh water, amazing health, etc., and all of these things seem to make you feel good if you were to have them, then think thoughts that will align you with that feeling.

What you may desire in life, may not always be what you need for the growth of your soul and the catalytic experiences it maybe choosing on higher levels of its being for the purpose of spiritual light density advancement. So believe in your fantasy, for believing is seeing. However, believe without expectations to truly see unimaginable reality manifestations.

You are not the Creator of some of your reality, you are the Creator of entire of your reality. You are one hundred percent in control of your reality and others are one hundred percent in control of theirs. Your only concern is to be the being you truly prefer to be and not who you think you have to be or should be for someone else.

The Law of Attraction simply is you showing you who you are choosing to be or what physical reality or what version of your consciousness, what version of self that you are choosing to align with. The Law of Attraction shows you the vibrational resonance of your state of being. You manifest the symbols in your life that are most representative of your accumulated vibration.

Truth is what you decide it to be and truth is constantly changing. All beliefs and feelings create a reality and The Law of Attraction does a perfect job in helping one to find or increase supporting evidence of the beliefs and feelings they are pulsating into the Universe. Therefore, every belief is true and has truth.

The question is, what do you want to pay your attention to? What would you like to purchase as a reality with your focus of attention or cosmic currency? It is one’s job to decide on their own truth. The ultimate truth is that all truths are true and equally valid. Decide your own truth and change it moment by moment as you see fit. What are you buying into?

Quite humorously, one day soon, if you will, you may laugh when you get the full picture. When you get that you are it, you are the riddle to solve, you are the picture. You’ll be able to live in a constant state of appreciation, bliss and peace. When you know the truth, you’ll know the game. The ‘Cosmic Gaia Joke’ of: I Am!

The Law of Change

The Law of Change states that all things are changing because change is the only constant. The only things that do not change are the other four Universal Laws: The One Is The All & The All Are The One (Law of One), What You Put Out Is What You Get Back (The Law of Attraction) and You Exist Now and Always Will Exist (Law of Being), Everything is Here and Now (The Law of Now).

Six Loveairian Attributes

You are naturally made up of the fabric of existence itself; the fabric of creation is unconditional love. You are a true, natural and breathing Loveairian in physical flesh form. The Six Loveairian Attributes do not have to be earned because they are innately built into your being as an aspect of Creator. It is for you to remember that this is who you truly are.

Abundance: You are the source of your own abundance. By uncovering your beliefs concerning lack and scarcity, you can stop creating an abudance of lack and create an abundance of abundance in every area of your life. Abundance is knowing that you will automatically create a life that supports you 100% of being able to follow your bliss.

Creativity: Creativity is at the core of each soul, of each being. You are driven to create via the vibration of your beingness. Creativity is also part of your service to the greater whole. As you create, you discover more of who you are through observing your creation. It is the very nature of the soul to be creative.

Free-Will: You are free beyond all imagination. You are free to be or do whatever you choose. Freedom is your birthright and the divine nature and essence of your beingness as a unique and fully supported perspective of All-That-Is. You are so free, you can choose to feel bondage. You are so much in control, you can create the illusion of being out of control. You are free.

Immortality: You will exist forever, always will exist because you exist now. You are an immortal being that can choose to change and transmute its energy form into a different form. As an immortal being, you have the give of free will to be anything you want at any given time. You are a being of free will and as such, you are held in a place of total acceptance and allowing.

Love: Love is your greatest longing. You seek to accept and allow. The universe or that unifying field of consciousness you come to call God, is a benevolent place, operating with equality and fairness according to universal laws. Love is the complete and total acceptance of what is. It allows all others to be who they are and you to be who you are.

Well-Being: Well-being is your natural states of being. You are always connected to Source. You are love itself. You are your own highest authority. By innerstanding that the only reality you manifest is the reality you think about, you can move into immense states of love. You can rejuvenate every part of your being by innerstanding and allowing well-being to be your only focus of thought & feeling.

Loveairian Formula

We wish to impart a simple but extremely and highly effective formula for the raising of your vibration while your consciousness is focusing within this physical life. The Loveairian Formula is to love, appreciate and forgive while acting on, at every given moment without any circumstantial expectations, the things in your life that contain the most joy and peace.

Do what you love to do the most at all times, it will support you in every way. You will always attract all that you need for what you need to do. This attracting of your needs is what we like to call abundance. To live in love and appreciation at all times, or as much as possible, is spiritual mastery. To forgive all negativity is to walk as a true guru.

To let go of the negativity you have chosen or that has been done unto you, is to truly forgive the self and other selves. Your birthright is joy and to judge yourself or ‘another’ is to lower your vibrational frequency and remain a punching bag for lower vibrations. To rise above it all by loving, appreciating and forgiving, is to remember who you are as a Loveairian.

As you begin to act on the things that are of your joy and more and more only act on the things that are of your joy, you will discover negative beliefs within yourself that are self-inflicting. Once you discover the negative belief(s) you will have a choice to let it go, or to reinforce the reality of it and remain where you stand. Be bold, be you. See It. Feel It. Be It. You are IT.

As you align yourself more and more with the vibration of unconditional love, with the vibration of the Loveairian that you are, you will step more and more into the physical perfection; requiring less external stimulation for your vitality, joy and peace. You realize yourself as the living, walking and breathing Creator that you intended to be as you incarnated within this Earth Game.

Regardless of what goes on around you, if you innerstand the Nature of Creation or the Laws of Creation, you will know that if you are truly of a vibration of loving kindness, those who are not of that vibration will not be able to affect you in a way that does not result in a situation that perpetuates your choice to be of loving kindness.

Although others around you may choose fear, anger, sadness, paranoia, etc. if you remain in a vibrational state of appreciation and joy, you will see the world from a different point of view, you will be in communion with higher dimensions and beings of love and light. You will be, quite literally, invisible or impenetrable by energies and beings who are not of your joyful and appreciative nature.

The First Word & First Four Letters Within Loveairian is Love.

Love is the prime state of being of any being. When you accept, allow and have gratitude for the beautiful vibrational light being that you truly are, regardless of the conditions, you experience and restore the natural consciousness of all life; Loveairian Consciousness. The acknowledgment that all life in the universe comes from one source of love and light energy is the acknowledge of oneness.

This non-physical part of us has been called our spirit or our soul. The awareness of this non-physical part of all of us also been called Consciousness. All of our souls are an extension, a unique light perspective of the one soul that we have grown to call God or The Creator. The One Infinite Creator is where we all source love energy. The energy that makes up one’s Spirit (Soul) is Love.

The Next Word & Next Three Letters Within Loveairian is Air.

Breath is the primal force of all physical life for physical beings. Breath contains the purest spiritual essence or the purest spiritual food within it. Breath contains an abundance of unconditional love or source energy or god energy or whatever you may choose and feel comfortable to call it. There is only one true food that keeps the physical human body alive and that is The Breath of Love/Life.

As a spiritual being of love and light, which is what a Loveairian is, when you focus your consciousness into a physical human body, your perfect food and first experience of food is Air or otherwise known as The Breath of Love. The Breath of Love contains all of the love-light and sound energies that one’s physical body needs for sustenance.

The Last Word & Next Three Letters Within Loveairian is Ian.

One who engages in, practices, or works with the referent of the base noun (breatharian, comedian, grammarian, historian, loveairian, theologian).

"Ye Are Gods & All of You Are Children of The Most High"

"Is It Not Written In Your Law, I Said, Ye Are Gods?"