Sustained By Love Vibrations

Loveairian Philosophy

Loveairian is one way of saying any being who creates love and lives off love vibrations aka balanced vibrations. Loveairian is also another way of saying a spiritual being sustained by love vibrations within the breath of life or God in the flesh.

I Am The Truth, The Light, The Way and The Love That Creates The Universe

We Creator Beings (Gods) Sustained By Love That Is Within The Breath of Life

Loveairian Is A Breatharian Realization That I Am A Love & You Are Love Because We Breathe

The Loveairian Realization, I Am That I Am

Loveairianism Is Breatharianism Innovation


Loveairians are fifth-dimensional creator light beings that can live with or without eating physical and liquid foods; this ability is strengthened and possible in their natural love filled fifth-dimension environment. When one is in perfect harmony with nature, one becomes a perfect loveairian. The Truly High-Frequency Vibrating Fifth-Dimensional Loveairian has six precious metals in their bloodstream; Gold, Platinum, Iridium, Palladium, Osmium and Rhodium. Loveairians can reach a level of consciousness where they can obtain all sustenance (love energy) from the air and sunlight. When in a non-polluted air and electro environment, Loveairians thrive and require little to no sleep. In a polluted environment, Loveairians can choose to ingest certain substances to lower their frequency so that they can become one with the environment in order to maintain the proper inner electrical balance aka love. As a Loveairian, the primary focus is to embrace the natural four principles of creation; love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity.

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Piecing the Loveairian Word Together

The Nature of The Term Brings About Unity


The first word and first four letters within Loveairian is Love. Love is your greatest longing. You seek to accept and allow. The universe or that unifying field of consciousness you come to call God, is a benevolent place, operating with equality and fairness according to universal laws. Love is the complete and total acceptance of what is. It allows all others to be who they are and you to be who you are. You are a being of free will and as such, you are held in a place of total acceptance and allowing. You are dearly loved! By coming to know that you are loved and accepted beyond all measure, you begin to master the universal laws to create the life you want. The primary law is the law of love; all things exist within this law and are created from it. Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Love allows. Love is about allowing yourself to be who and what you are and allowing that same right to all others. Without the law of love, free will could not exist, because free will is free. It cannot and does not come in portions; you either have it or you don’t. The divine, the essence of love and the energy of all creation is made up of a family called God.

The next word and next three letters within Loveairian is Air. The breath of life is a light energy that keeps all life in the universe unbiasedly connected. Every being in the universe breathes to harmonize with the environment they are currently in. This harmonizing action is an action of love seeking and love creation (whether one knows it or not). We seek the light energy from the air via breathing. Loveairians know that they can reach a level of consciousness where they can obtain all sustenance (love energy) from the air or sunlight. It has been proven and demonstrated that if you take a very mentally and physically ill person and put them on a fast in which they take in just sunlight and air, their cells immediately begin to heal and their mindset becomes more peaceful, joyful and properly grounded in balance aka love. Loveairians are light beings that do not require liquid or solid foods and they only choose to eat these things for entertainment purposes or to lower the sensitivity of their body. When the body lives off just air, the body becomes extremely sensitive (in this normal/natural state) and any small amount of air pollution or electric pollution is an extreme detriment to the system. This is why Loveairians choose to only live off air in limited places and only eat when they are in a polluted environment that contains three major deterrents that prevent them from not eating: air pollution, electro pollution and people pollution. Being in a polluted environment requires one to lower the sensitivity of the body so that one can remain and interact with people who are on a lower vibration. Lowering the vibrational frequencies of the body is done (with food) so that the body will match the environment. This action of vibrational matching is an action of balance creation aka love creation. One can choose to eat but the other thing is that when you do eat, it pulls you down into the world that everybody’s trapped in now, the 3D world.

The last word and next three letters within Loveairian is Ian – One who engages in, practices, or works with the referent of the base noun (comedian; grammarian; historian; theologian).

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Breatharian Appreciation

Thank You Wiley Brooks, We Love and Honor You

In order to develop Loveairianism, Sabalie has taken great influence from many such as Various Violet, Taylor Budd, Dr. Sebi, Phil Valentines etc. and a very great portion of influence from Wiley Brooks. In the same way that many people honor great energies such as Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan, Jesus Christ, Haile Selassie, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali etc. We chose to honor, respect, love and remember Wiley Brooks in the same way.

Wiley Brooks is a Breatharian and has been giving seminars and teaching his intrinsically learned philosophy for many years. Breatharians are people who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food. Wiley was first introduced to the world back in 1981 when he appeared on the national TV show That’s Incredible! demonstrating his strength by lifting 1100 lbs of weights, nearly 10 times his own body weight. When in a non-polluted environment (air or electro) he sleeps 1 to 7 hours a week.