Sustained by Love & Light

Loveairian Philosophy

Loveairian beingness can be expressed as any being who allows, aligns and lives within the love vibrations of All-That-Is. Loveairians allow and appreciate the vibrational beings of love and light that they truly are; comprised of unconditional love source energy.

I Am The Way, The Truth And The Light

We Are Infinite Creators Sustained By Love

Loving All Vibrations by Allowing & Appreciating Life As It Is Now

I Am That I Am

I Serve The One Infinite Creator


Loveairian can be expressed as any being who allows, aligns and lives within the love vibrations of All-That-Is. Loveairians allow and appreciate the beings of love and light that they truly are. Loveairians are comprised of intelligent infinity’s infinite energy. One will always be a Loveairian whether they are physically focused or non-physically focused because the core of all creation is made up of source energy, which is love. When one allows themselves to be who they truly are, they allow the state of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the true nature of one’s joyful and peaceful state of being.

"Ye Are Gods & All of You Are Children of The Most High"

Unifying The Spelling of Loveairian

The Nature of The Term Brings About Unity


The First Word & First Four Letters Within Loveairian is Love.

Love is the prime state of being of any being. When you accept, allow and have gratitude for the beautiful vibrational light being that you truly are, regardless of the conditions, you experience and restore the natural consciousness of all life; Loveairian Consciousness. The acknowledgment that all life in the universe comes from one source of love and light energy is the acknowledge of oneness.

This non-physical part of us has been called our spirit or our soul. The awareness of this non-physical part of all of us also been called Consciousness. All of our souls are an extension, a unique light perspective of the one soul that we have grown to call God or The Creator. The One Infinite Creator is where we all source love energy. The energy that makes up one’s Spirit (Soul) is Love.

The Next Word & Next Three Letters Within Loveairian is Air.

Breath is the primal force of all physical life for physical beings. Breath contains the purest spiritual essence or the purest spiritual food within it. Breath contains an abundance of unconditional love or source energy or god energy or whatever you may choose and feel comfortable to call it. There is only one true food that keeps the physical human body alive and that is The Breath of Love/Life.

As a spiritual being of love and light, which is what a Loveairian is, when you focus your consciousness into a physical human body, your perfect food and first experience of food is Air or otherwise known as The Breath of Love. The Breath of Love contains all of the love-light and sound energies that one’s physical body needs for sustenance.

The Last Word & Next Three Letters Within Loveairian is Ian.

One who engages in, practices, or works with the referent of the base noun (breatharian, comedian, grammarian, historian, loveairian, theologian).

"Is It Not Written In Your Law, I Said, Ye Are Gods?"