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Remember Thy Self

Loveairian Thoughts

An online spiritual resource of Loveairian Thoughts for self-love, growth and consciousness ascension; focused on love, abundance, creativity, immortality and well-being.

Quote of The Moment:

“Guilt is the denial of your very existence; the denial of your worth as an aspect of God; as an aspect of Creation.” — Sabalie
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Lily Of The Valley Beauty
October 30, 2018

Disease Release

All manifestations of disease are spiritual. Disease are a catalyst for change, for soul growth.…
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Goku Eating Tons of Food
September 30, 2018


Any feeling of addiction towards anything, including food, comes by way of an imbalanced belief;…
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Beautiful Tree Stumps of Love
January 5, 2018

Living On Love

I am so grateful to know that my spiritual bodies are nourished by love. I am so grateful to know that my physical body is nourished by love.

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Tree of Hearts Loveairian Abudanace
January 3, 2018

Flow of Abundance

Flow to me like the rivers and streams and overflow my life with love, joy, happiness and peace. It is I, I am divine substance.

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