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Loveairian Quotes

Any being who creates and lives on love vibrations; balanced vibrations that are in harmonious synchronicity with each other. Loveairians accept, allow, appreciate & have gratitude feelings for the beautiful vibrational light beings that they truly are.

“Guilt is the denial of your very existence; the denial of your worth as an aspect of God; as an aspect of Creation.” — Sabalie

“One who is aligned with their Loveairian Mind is more powerful than millons who are not. Focus on your alignment, focus on your joy, focus on your peace, focus on you because then, you will be an example and perspective of God In The Flesh.” — Sabalie

“There are no accidents or coincidences. Everything in your life, you have created for some reason that you feel is of benefit to you. For instance, you may create imbalancing symptoms within your physical body, to provide your boss excuse of why you should (and can’t) go to work for the next few days.” — Sabalie