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Loveairian Light Sessions

We're offering you the awareness training, feelings and tools that we have created and attracted to embrace love, abundance, change, creativity, immortality, joy and well-being.

"Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God & All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You"

You Are A Powerful Creator

It’s Time To Remember Who You Are


Loveairian Light Sessions are for the purpose of ‘getting to the point’ when it comes to the whole idea of spiritual growth and/or consciousness ascension. The Sessions will be an immense wake-up call for you and they will include deep sessions of emotional clearing for the purpose of removing all experiences in your life that is not wanted; replacing all experience with that which is waned.

You are not a disempowered weak being requiring somebody else to guide you, somebody else to save you, somebody else to take care of you. You are an extraordinarily powerful being that has come into a dream-world in which where those powers have been hidden from you. You can teach yourself; the key is going within and trusting the true nature of who and what you are.

All teachings are of an awakening process rather than an imparting of knowledge. All that you require is within you, and being taught by another simply helps you understand what tools you have available and to trust those tools and the abilities that you possess innately. That’s all, in truth, that teaching is.

You have the choice of our sessions which will provide a stronger sense of certainty and clarity or you can sift & sort the free information on our website. If you are currently defining yourself as unable to afford these sessions, you’ll have to study our entire website up and down for the pieces of truth that will allow you to realize how much of a powerful Creator you are.

Now is the time to reawaken to the truth of who and what you are, to reclaim your power, your ability, your capacity to influence consciousness on levels that, in this moment, you may not or cannot even imagine. You are the creator of your reality and for many, life has been created for them, not by them; many have taken bought into belief systems that are not truly aligned with self.

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"The Kingdom of God Is Not a Matter of Eating & Drinking But of Peace and Joy In Spirit."

Learn The Six Principles

Guiding you towards ascending your consciousness to the higher vibrational densities of love and light.

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Create abundance in every area of life, including financial.


You will exist forever, will exist because you exist now.


Change is the only constant. Always be ready to adapt.


Love is your greatest longing. You seek to accept and allow.


Creativity is at the core of each soul, of each person.


Well-being is your natural state of being.

"Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, The Kingdom of God Is Within You"

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"Except A Man Be Born Again, He Cannot See The Kingdom of God"