The Infinite Creator

Infinite Intelligence

All of life is an expression of one infinite source of energy also known as love or logos that is created by All-That-Is' Infinite Intelligence (i.e., The Infinite Creator.)

All Things Are Willed Into Existence by the Infinite Intelligence of All-That-Is

We Are All One of Infinite Intelligence

We Are All One Being But Only Different In Form (i.e., Illusion)

Infinite Intelligence

Consciousness of The Infinite


All of life is an expression of one infinite source of energy also known as love or logos. Love is the natural energy of creation that exists as a result of the original focus of Infinite Intelligence (i.e., The Infinite Creator.) The original focus of Infinite Intelligence can be also called the original thought or the original vibration; representative of the natural states of being called joy and peace.

Intelligent Formula

Manifest Miracles


Let go of all expectations on how life should be. Shift your vibrational state to appreciation; lock in this state of being so that it does not waiver. With discernment, take action on whatever is an expression of your highest joy and peace. Know that what happens in life is exactly what you need for spiritual growth by interpreting all manifested circumstances with a positive meaning.

Nine Councils of Love

Great Love Abounds


Council One – Intelligent Infinity:

All-That-Is is one infinite being and the only one thing that exist. Since All-That-Is originally was/is immaterial and undifferentiated, it has no experience of itself as a self. The only way for one to know the self as a self is to have the concept of “an other.” Therefore, when All-That-Is became aware of itself being aware of itself, it created the concept of an infinite amount of other-selves.

Consciousness is the awareness and self-reflection of Infinity (i.e., All That-Is.) As a self you are a specfic point of view of the one consciousness of infinity; you are an aspect of infinite intelligence. As a total being, you are All-That-Is, and therefore, you can’t expierenve yourself as a self unless you create yourself into the idea of the or a consciousness of All-That-Is/God.

Infinity is one being without the illusions of space and time. There is nothing outside of this one being because it is All-That-Is. Infinity is without experience because it is the only thing that exist. The illusions of space and time were created by The Infinite Creator so that The Infinite Creator could have “an other” to compare itself to.

Consciousness is the awareness of infinity. Infinite Intelligence is another name for the creative principle that focuses infinity’s consciousness to create infinite energy (i.e., love or love.) The infinite energy that is created by Infinite Intelligence is what creates all of creation. Every Creator within creation is a specific focusing point or specfic point of view of God.

There is that which could be called Infinity. Infinity became aware/conscious. Then, the consciousness of infinity focused and created that which is known as infinite energy (i.e., love, logos or spirit.) One can see and label the consciousness that focused infinity into infinite energy (love) as The Infinite Creator or as Intelligent Infinity (i.e., Infinite Intelligence.)

The idea of anything being a separate thing is an illusion; this idea is “The Fall” or The Separation. In order for consciousness to experience itself as the “self” it must have an “other”. Thus consciousness created many other-selves as reflections of itself; all other-selves were given freedom of will. All of this separation was known as an illusion, until aspects of forgot it was all an illusion.

It was the original focus of consciousness (i.e., The Infinite Creator/Infinite Intelligence) that created all of creation. All of creation is made up of infinite energy (i.e., love.) You were created perfect by Infinite Intelligence to be your own unique focusing point of view of the self. You are one with your Creator; your Creator created your consciousness/focus as an aspect of itself.

The Infinite Creator created your beingness by way of creating another focuser of Infinite Intelligence. As the physical persona that you are, you are only but a very small expression of the total being that was originally created by The Infinite Creator. Your total being has a much broader focusing point of view of the self as an extension of Source’s Infinite Intelligence.

You are an extension of Source’s Infinite Intelligence. As an extension, you are a focuser. The way you focus your consciousness creates something for you to be conscious of. Consciousness is not bound by space and time; space and time are ideas that exist within your consciousness. As you focus, you create infinite energy that creates a or many worlds for your consciousness to experience.

You are consciousness playing as a body/mind/spirit complex. Mind is the focuser of consciousness; the activating agent of thought. Spirit is the original thought/vibration of infinite energy that forms all of creation. Body is a version of formed infinite energy that acts as a learning tool for the mind created by spirit. Mind initiates what and why, and Spirit generates the how and when.

Council Two – Love & Light:

Love is not something that can be described in words. Love can only be felt. If there are words that describe love, we would describe love as the substance of all creation, unconditional acceptance, unconditional allowing, and the feelings of joy and peace. These words and states of being do not truly describe love; they merely paint a pretty picture of a small piece of what love truly is.

Fear, to us, would be the illusion of love being absent; an illusion of its opposite. This is an illusion because it not really true that love could be absent. Some call fear the dark. The illusion of there not being love within the dark is an illusion; for love exist in all things; all things are an expression of love as love even if it is absent/distorted love.

Love is indescribable. Love is unique to the perceiver. Love is thought. Love is felt. Love is rarely spoken. Love is silent. Love is. You are Love. Love has a choice of expierencing itself as that which it is not, that which is not love, that which could be called fear. The choice of love or fear is free-will. One will always have this choice. Love or Fear. That is the decision.

Love is the actor, the prime mover; using light as its illusion. Light is an expression of love. By the process of vibration love creates what we call a photon aka the basic particle of light. This proton is the only one ingredient of all the so-called visible (and invisble) multiverse(s); a extension and projection of consciousness expressing free-will.

Light can be seem as an illusion and a holographic extension and projection of All-That-Is’ Consciousness; an extension/projection of your consciousness. Within the wholeness of love there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations. Therefore, within the wholeness of light, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations.

Within the one light there are an infinite number of vibrational variations of light or otherwise known as an infinite number of colors and shades. Within each color, is a different experience, a unique experience that births another whole set of different colors, different experience and unique experiences. There is no end to spiritual experience because it is infinite.

You are a unique experience, a unique vibration, a unique puzzle piece of intelligent infinity’s expression of infinite energy; you are multi-dimensional being of love and light. You are a channel for all vibrations of love and light. You are a channel for the intelligent infinity to express its infinite possibilities; you are creation as an expression of creation.

Regardless of how long it may seem to take, it is by each soul’s upward ascending spiral of consciousness that one identifies with less and less distortions of unconditional love. The soul is eternal, and the soul will have eternity to embrace the challenges it may need to experience for the purpose of re-experiencing itself as the pure vibration of the infinite source (i.e., unconditional love).

As you focus, you create with the power that creates worlds. As you focus, you are focusing intelligent infinity into a creation of a unique set of vibrations, a unique set of outcomes and expressions of infinite energy. All infinite focusers (infinite creators) are, by default, immensely free to focus as they choose to. This is the supportive unconditional love given by The Infinite Creator.

Everything in creation is an expression of love. Whether it is positively or negatively orientated, all of creation is an expression of The Infinite Creator’s infinite energy (i.e. love). Whether you are in a so-called spiritual form or within a so-called spiritual physical dream form, it is all light. Generally, the light that is called physical is just light that tends to move at a slower vibrational rate.

The physical world that any infinite focuser or infinite creator maybe vibrationally perceiving at any given moment is not made up of material, but of light oscillating and vibrating at different vibrational rates. Everything is spiritual because everything is light and as it is light it is vibration and as it vibration it is spiritual and as it is spiritual it is sacred. All is sacred. All is one.

Physicality isn’t separable from spirituality. Physical matter is the result of an spiritual expression is exploring the idea of space and time. All things are one thing, all beings are one being, so all of creation is for the self because it is the self. There is nothing else but the one intelligent infinity which created the many-ness as unique inner expressions of itself.

Council Three – The Laws of Creation

There is only but one true Law within all of the infinite that will always remain. By understanding and practicing the knowing of this Law, one will begin to change their perception, thoughts, feelings and actions. Although simple, it is vital that one understands this Law for it is a Law that is not a governing over anything but the natural and fundamental nature of all that exist (i.e., All-That-Is.)

The Law of One may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. You are everything, you are every being, you are every feeling, you are every emotion, you are every circumstance, you are infinity, you are love, you are light. You are. This is the Law of One.

The Law of One also contains the innerstanding that, since all is one, everything is here and now. Every location, every event, every time, every universe, every timeline and the entire multiverse is all right here and now existing upon different vibrational wavelengths, different vibrational frequencies that all unique autonomous aspects of the one, all souls, can tune into via their choosing.

Truthfully, there are no other Laws (i.e., Truths) besides The Law of One. All other so-called universal laws are just expressions of The Law of One to teach and experience the fact that everything is just one thing. The Law of One contains other “Laws” such as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is simple: What You “Put Out” Is What You Get Back.

The Law of Attraction states that all vibrations that are liken unto themselves are drawn; that which is liken unto itself is drawn. Everything within All-That-Is is representated by its own signature vibrational resonance. All things within creation are matched together depending upon the vibrational resonance of each thing. All-That-Is is perfectly organized.

The Law of Attraction is also known and expressed as Synchronicity. Synchronicity is simply an expression of The Law of One; showing you that you are all of it and therefore, what you touch with your focus, you will touch with all of your other non-physical and physical vibrational interpretators (i.e., all of your non-physical and physical senses).

Synchronicity states that there are no accidents, there are no coincidences and there is no such thing as luck and favoritism. All events are organized by Law of Attraction’s Synchronicity Principle. Synchronicity is the love pitch of reality that reveals the oneness of all of creation. Synchronicity reveals to one’s self that all realities, probable and/or parallel realities, are one reality.

Council Four – Manifestation

Everything exist within you; everything that you perceive exist solely within the awareness of your spirit’s mind. Life is is not mind over matter but rather that mind is matter. Everything in all realities that you expierence is a product of your spiritual mind. Depending upon your choices, you can perceive through the eyes of your higher mind or your lower mind.

Your life is your creation; created by vibrational resonance your thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions that create the life and synchronicities within the life you are experiencing. Your life is an accumlation of your thoughts and feelings. By the vibrational mometum of your thoughts, you are matched to a specfic version of the infinite amount of Earth worlds that exist.

Everything takes root from the pattern of beliefs that you choose to create and receive. Your feelings and your emotions are all secondary to the way you think at any moment. Beliefs are thoughts about yourself in relationship to you and how you relate to particular life circumstances; definitional thoughts that you choose to identify with before experiencing certain things.

Physical reality is a mirror in which you see the thoughts that you think. As you think, you feel the vibration of your thoughts with your feelings. Your feelings act as a guide for you to know what you will create in your life before it is shown to you in the physical. There are no idle thoughts. All of your thoughts are creating worlds of experience for you to experience.

It is through your beliefs of truth and wholeness that you create positive feelings. It is through your beliefs in separation that create the negative feelings. Positivity is that which is integreates, and makes whole. Negativity is that which segerates and separates. Creating Heaven on Earth for yourself is simply you choosing to remain positive to create a positive world.

You are the radio and the radio station, the pattern of thought that you hold is your tuning and your programming. As you think that which feels joyful and peaceful, you begin to tune into a reality which is of that joy, peace and love. As you think of that which brings about fear, as you buy into fear-based belief systems, you tune into a reality tbat is of fear.

Your actions in life come from your feelings; your feelings motivate you to act in specific ways. It is wise to get in touch with your feelings. For many are apt to confuse their fears as true joy and their true joy as fearful. This can create a confusing state of being in which beings can not determine if they are acting on their joyous excitment or fearful anxiety.

What you place your attention upon is what you identify with and what you identify with is what you perceive. What you choose to periceve will always grow stronger within. If you choose to perceive fear (i.e., pain and suffering,) you will increase fear witihn you. If you choose to perceive love (i.e., joy and peace) you will increase love within you.

The spiritual mirror that you call physical reality is filled with other versions of yourself. For your third-density Earth experience you have programmed it to be a certain set of experiences that intensely challenge you and your ability to express unconditional while expanding your perspective; a life on third-density Earth is like a game that is set on the hardest level.

Life is like that one virtual reality game that seems so real when the goggles are on but when you take the goggles off, you say oh! this is real life. Physical life is very much the same way. Physical reality is like one of the many virtual realities existing within your spiritual mind, in which, you and “others” combine your minds together to play a game with similar vibrational rules.

There is a formula for physical life that is actually quite simple, it is simple physics: The Lovearian Formula is to shift your vibrational state to appreciation. The second step is to maintain alignment with the vibrational state of appreciation so that it does not waiver. The third step is to let go of all expectations on how your life should unfold.

The fourth step is to take action on the things in your life that are an expression of your highest joy in the given moment. Taking action on your joy can be as simple as taking a walk, cooking, going to the park, talking to a friend, etc. Your actions will lead you to everything you need to experience for the spiritual enjoyment of your soul. The fifth step is to persevere.

Do what you love at all times (or as much as possible), it will support you in every way. You will always attract all that you need for what you need to do. This attracting of your needs is what can be called abundance. To live in love and appreciation at all times, or as much as possible, is spiritual mastery. To forgive all negativity is to walk in the truth that all experiences are self-attracted.

To let go of the negativity you have chosen or that has been, quote on quote, done unto you, is to truly forgive the self and other selves. Your birthright is joy and to judge yourself or another is to lower your vibrational frequency and remain a punching bag for lower vibrations. To rise above it all by loving, appreciating and forgiving, is to remember who you are as a Lovearian.

Council Five – Life Is Meaningless

What is the meaning behind life circumstances? There is no meaning built into life circumstances but only attracted and repelled vibrations of self. Yes, life is a vibrational manifestation of symbols that most accurately represent your current state of being (or your current accumulated vibrational output,) but all circumstances can be gazed at with ease and light-heartedness.

One who can innerstand that life has no built-in meaning, one who can attach their own meaning to what is happening in life, is one who can be in joy and peace. You could be in any situation and see it in a positive light. If you hold the thought, the belief and the knowing that whatever happens in your life must be for a positive reason, you can truly see life in a different light, from a different angle.

Life is based upon how you perceive it. Joy does not come from what is happening in life but how you deal with what is happening in life. Always do your best to attach a meaning that allows you to appreciate the situation as it is in the present moment. Never concern yourself with the past or the future, the present moment is just that, your present, your gift. Life is based upon how you perceive it.

Spirituality is not about what does or does not happen in life. Spirituality is about how you respond to what does or does not happen in life. Life is about the process of being able to maintain your joy, and your peace regardless of the challenges you maybe dealing with, and/or creating for yourself as a spiritual being focused as a physical life.

Council Six – Healing

Healing occurs when the mind remembers deep within itself The Law of One; as the mind fully remembers The Law of One, and practices The Law of One in all of their actions, the body is reformed to represent the mind’s inner-peace. Healing is the natural result of a mind that knows itself as one with its Creator; the mind that knows itself as one with joy and peace.

The first step towards practicing The Law of One is to choose a path towards seeking love. Within this first step, after the path is chosen, life experience will demand a response from you. All of your responses shall be of love and an attempt to understand your self and other-selves (i.e., other people) for the purpose of loving yourself and other-selves.

The second step is to see the universe, the multiverse and all of creation as one being. Express this knowing and extend appreciation for the totality of your beingness, for the universe and the multiverse that you are. All that exist within the infinite is another expression of you and the magnificent being that you are. You are All-That-Is.

The third step is to see the Creator. When you look in the mirror, see the Creator. When you look are your hands, see the Creator. When you look at a chair, see the Creator. When you look at the Sun, see the Creator. When you look at your parents, see the Creator. When you look at your brothers, your sisters, your aunties, your uncles, your pets and your world, see the Creator.

Without the practice of these steps, the information received from any method cannot truly sink deep within one’s mind; resulting in one not being healed but one being sick. The use of these three steps and continuous practicing of these three steps are seen by us as a preferred prerequisite to any methods of meditation such as focused attention meditation.

If your physical body is not in a healed state, do not ask for a healed body but ask for a perception that is more aligned with the higher vibrational aspect(s) of your spiritual mind. Once proper perception is restored, the vibration of appreciation can be with a being while the being is focused throught the physical experience.

Healing is the result of one realizing that they are one self. Healing is the result of one realizing that they are one with The Infinite Creator and all of Creation. Healing is the result of one realizing that they are limitless in power. Healing is the result of one realizing that they are limitless in peace. Healing is the result of joyful thinking.

Council Seven – Agreements

This life, this third-density life, is a graduation into fourth-density. Third-density incarnation(s) is all about leanring the way of love. As a Creator, you have chosen this environment as a way of learning love. You, and all of your other-selves, have created a game with rules. This game is called third-density Earth. You are playing the game of learning unconditional love.

There are many agreements in life that are on automatic for you so that you can learn the ways of love. These agreements include things like gravity, how certain chemicals affect your body, and so much more. You can change these agreements. However, many of these agreements are there to limit you so that you can learn through the process of living as this Earth.

Council Eight – The Great Mystery

We would like to state, that what we call we All-That-Is, God, The Universe, etc. is but a great mystery to us. We would also like to state that we feel, at this current moment of our so-called understanding of this Great Mystery, is that you are co-creating many realities and universes with this Great Mystery, the Great Essence, the Great Spirit, of All-That-Is.

All statements, all claims, all content on our website, and all of our “teachings” are nothing but opinions or perspectives. Regardless of the amount of proof that may be available, one could never truly know if one is floating in an infinite loop of virtual realities within virtual realities. Therefore, we call the universe, universes, the multiverse, a Great Mystery.

Our only desire is to create a strong feeling of freedom, joy and peace and within ourselves and others who may choose to see us as an example of unconditional love. The only thing we ever truly wish to teach is the Law of One.

Council Nine – Completion

As everything is whole, everything is perfect and everything is complete. You have decided as a soul, to embark on a path of eternal expansion of how you experience and perceive yourself. You never get it done because you are an eternally evolving being. As you may think and feel a need to get somewhere to feel a sense of completion, you will never feel it. You will always seek more.

Success is being the natural you at any given moment. You do not become successful, you are the essence of success. You can not obtain or pass a marker point within consciousness that will deem you more successful than another. All things within creation are already perfect, whole and complete. If you must define, completion is the feeling appreciation and joy.

It is within your capacity to be satisfied and joyful as you are, that you grow in a more natural and passionate way. There will never be enough physical stuff and spiritual knowing that will complete you. Your alignment with yourself is an eternal process and your so-called challenges are a forever thing. The way you respond and experience your challenges is what changes as you grow.

You are either not aligned with yourself or aligned with yourself in the moment. Alignment is not a college degree. Spiritual growth is not about getting to a final place and being done. There is no end in which you will stop growing and stop expanding your perception of existence (i.e., your perception of yourself). Right here and right now you are as good as you will ever be.

Heaven is your highest joy and beyond that, there is no heaven that you will rest in forever and ever. You are the heaven you seek and all that you experience is coming from and happening within you. All knowledge, all experience and all of life is happening within you. You are everything. You are worthy. You are whole. You are never and always complete.

As The Mind Remembers Self As A Love, The Body Remembers Self As A Breatharian.

Lovearian Connection

Breatharian Perception

Breatharianism teaches that when one reaches their natural state of being, one will be in perfect harmony with the Creator; requiring no foods, water or sleep.

Requiring no food, water or sleep is a result of being so aligned with Source that the illusionary feelings of disharmony is non-existent.

"Ye Are Gods & All of You Are Children of The Most High."

"Is It Not Written In Your Law, I Said, Ye Are Gods?"