iKojinarian (i-ko-gin-air-e-in)

The Peaceful Life

iKojinarian is a lifestyle and naturalistic movement of love. iKojinarian is a way of life and unity for those who want to maintain peace and health and abundant love within the universe. iKojinarians do their best to create love, peaceful and joyful vibrations within the universe by growing with the love of self.

We Are Peaceful, Love Creator Beings Sustained By The Breath of Life

Embracing All That Is and Maintaining Homeostasis

Embracing self-love by using the Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance, as a foundation to heal and create balance. iKojinarians desire to live a life acquiring more knowledge of self while creating the experience one wishes to have.

What Fuels The Body

iKojinarians acknowledge that the primary source of fuel for their cells is the air that they breathe. This is because the body is an alchemist. Depending on the quality of the air one breathes, one may be subject to take in certain plant-based whole foods to compensate for a polluted environment.

Expressing One’s Difference

iKojinarians know that we are all one but we all have unique desires, character and purpose. iKojinarians express themselves in their own way with the foods they chose to consume, clothing they chose to wear, music they chose to listen to.

Bio-Native Plant Based Whole Foods

iKojinarians do their absolute best to avoid and not consume Blood (Carcass), Dairy, and Improperly Processed Foods. iKojinarians practice mainly chewing a certain selection of natural plant-based whole foods.

Wear The Natural

iKojinarians do their best to wear natural clothing fibers to make sure that their skin can breath properly to absorb more air and sunlight. iKojinarians wear fabrics such as Hemp, Linen, Cotton etc.

iKojinarians Lifestyle Takes Inspiration From Many…

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