iKojinarian (i-ko-gin-air-e-in)

The Peaceful Life

iKojinarian is a lifestyle and naturalistic movement of love. iKojinarian is a way of life and unity for those who want to embrace love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity. iKojinarians do their best to maintain balance within the universe by growing with the love of self.

We Are Peaceful, Love Creator Beings Sustained By The Breath of Life

An iKojinarian Can Also Classify Self As A Koji (co-gee). Koji is the Abbreviation for iKojinarian.

The iKojinarian Lifestyle, Embracing God Within

iKojinarians focus on embracing the natural four principles of creation; love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity. iKojinarian is a culture, a vehicle of perspectives and explanations that can help one better relate to finding, loving and honestly expressing self. iKojinarians live a life of acquiring more knowledge of self while creating peaceful experiences. iKojinarians know that the body, when in perfect harmony with nature, is a perfect breatharian-alchemist. iKojinarians are light beings that can live with or without eating physical food. This can only be achieved when one is in harmony with its environment. When in a non-polluted environment (air and/or electro) iKojinarians thrive and sleep minimally. In a polluted environment, iKojinarians chew and ingest food to lower their frequency so that they can become one with their environment to maintain the proper inner electrical balance aka love.

Love, Physical Light Fuel

Love is what fuels an iKojinarian body, so that it may heal itself and transmute lower frequencies to higher ones. This is why, although an iKojinarian can relate and become one with a polluted environment, an iKojinarian can also heal and raise the frequency of a lower frequency environment. This is the love that an iKojinarian has to offer and will always offer.

Expressing One’s Difference

iKojinarians know that we are all one but we all have unique desires, character and purpose. iKojinarians express themselves in their own way with the knowledge they chose to acquire, the irritants (foods) they chose to consume, clothing they chose to wear, music they chose to listen to, energies they chose to be around etc.

iKojinarians Lifestyle Takes Inspiration From Many…

Embrace Self
Learn The True Nature of Your Divine God Power