iKojinarian Rebirth Program

Renew and regrow every aspect of your life by renewing your cells and restoring your natural consciousness. We're giving you the knowledge, awareness training and tools that we have created and attracted to embrace love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity.

I Am The Lord Thy God, Creator of The Universe

iKojinarian Immortality Initiation & Rebirth Program

It’s time that you wake up and remember who you are. You must regain the true knowledge of your essence. The essence of love and the energy of all creation is made up of a family called God. You are a divine immortal light being. Our iKojinarian Rebirth Program is here to help you remember that you are the creator of the universe.

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of Heaven and All Else Will Be Added On.


01. Thought

We are going to share a great amount of experiences that we have accumulated to form our iKojinarian Lifestyle. You will learn beauty of how to think to heal. Proper thinking is by far the most important when it comes to healing and prosperity.


02. Meditation

You will receive meditations that will connect you to God. This will be a mediation that will be easy to implement in your life so you can raise the frequency of your blood. This 5D meditation is optional.


03. Chewing

You will receive chewing guidance, you will learn when, what, where and how to chew foods to keep your body vibrating at the proper vibration for ultimate physical and spiritual light rejuvenations.


04. Emotion

We want to inform and empower you with experience and information that will guide you towards regaining control over your emotions. Having peace of mind to obtain inner balance is imperative.


05. Creation

You are what you think, say and do. We will guide you towards your natural nature; showing you how to embrace the natural four principles of creation; love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity.


06. Money

We will teach you how to attract money with ease, manage money and give money so that you can always have good financial standing. You will be empowered with the tools and mindset that it takes to know money.


07. Herbology

You will learn what herbal plants to use to reduce whatever symptoms you are feeling while your body rids itself of poisons/toxins.


08. Breath

We will teach you the true power of the breath and how to use the breath to heal self. This is where you learn about fasting and how it is that fasting actually heals you.


09. Communication

Communication is key and it is also a form a marketing. Learning how to communicate correctly can help your relationships with others grow in a great and amazing direction.

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Remember Who You Are, I Am That I Am
Learn The...

The True Art of

iKojinarian Fasting

During your enrollment into our iKojinarian Rebirth Program, we teach you the true art of our iKojinarian Fasting Methodology. The body heals itself of anything if you give it the proper environment. Consuming substances that irritant the body less will allow one's body to restore physical and emotional balance.

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Remember Who You Are, I Am That I Am

Feel Better Than Ever, Heal Self

The current cost of enrollment into the iKojinarian Rebirth Program is $999. This program will last a few days or a few weeks, we will call and mentor you until we feel you are on a great track to self-love. We also may come see you in person 🙂 It’s time that you remember who you are and embrace the natural four principles of creation; love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity. There are no refunds.

You Are An Immortal God

“Until people experience themselves as the God they truly are, they will not able to comprehend the fact that we really are all One, from and of the same Source.” — Wiley Brooks

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