iKojin Cell Enlightenments

iHerbal Arts

iHerbal Arts are handcrafted herbal cell enlightenments manifested to help with peaceful balance restoration. iHerbal Arts assists one's cells with healing to revitalize one's body so that it is better equipped to maintain homeostasis.

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Please note that an equally important aspect of our Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance approach is adhering to the iKojinarian Chewing Guide. The most effective and efficient way for healing the body is by knowing what, how and when to eat. Our iHerbal Arts working in conjunction with nutritional changes will give the body the proper environment to achieve optimal health.

Does iHerbal Arts or iHerbal Arts Fasting Heal Disease?

We don’t believe in many of the disease terms such as AIDS, Cancer, HSV 1 & 2, etc. We believe in balance and there is always opposites in life. You have balance and imbalance. One can obtain balance depending upon the lifestyle that one chooses to live. Sabalie offers a two-stage healing approach to imbalance. When it comes to one trying to obtain certain negative or positive test results, we chose not to help on that side since it’s all fabricated to us.