iHerbal Arts

iHerbal Arts are handcrafted physical rejuvenation remedies manifested to help with inner-soul balance restoration. iHerbal Arts empower the mind with higher vibrational thoughts of self-healing to allow immense spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

What The People Say, Testimonials

“Within two weeks, I found myself eating three days a week, having regulated blood pressure, and I could see my veins! As an added bonus I had a tons of energy and I started losing weight. The migraines and nose bleeds ceased and I was left wondering why I hadn't tried this sooner.”

Patricia JonesFacebook Review

“Kimaya and Zeiki Ai Sabalie are 2 amazing spiritual beings who have provided me with excellent coaching on my journey to optimal physical health and spiritual growth. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to have a stronger connection with self and would like to learn how to live with high vibrations of love. ”

Sherita BunchFacebook Review

“I am 58 years old and these powders in this package are by far the best health product I have ever taken. The first two weeks I lost 13 pounds and cut my blood pressure medicine in half.”

Gene A.Sabalie.com & Facebook Review

“I was battling with depression and feelings of melancholy subsequent to finding out that I have contracted HSV 1. Zeiki came my way and assisted me 110%. He suggested a number of ways by which I can help get rid of this virus. At first, the virus had me scratching and itching uncontrollably, my skin had been filtered by scars of scratches and looked somewhat pale. I also had a fowl odor and was generally unhappy with my health. Zeiki Ai Sabalie is unquestionably a true Herbalist, a true traditionalist.”

Akeem SteadmanFacebook Review

“This package, the iSanar, made it possible for me to somewhat turn my body inside out and give it a good, deep clean! I won’t even go into the spiritual aspect of this cleansing journey because you’d be here reading all night.”

Khemnas ReshaFacebook Review

“My energy level is through the roof, my thinking is more clear, my AC1 level is down, my blood pressure and blood sugars are down, and I feel like I'm in my 20's. And for a man that will be 55 in three months....I look fantastic!”

Tim Linley Facebook Review

“I've been suffering from this toothache these past few days. I could no longer endure such pain. I decided to contact my brother Zeiki of Sabalie for an alternate route, he recommended ISANSO... To my biggest surprise, I was relieved of the constant pain after 1 cup instantly. I was able to sleep at ease.”

Ras AdonaiSabalie.com & Facebook Review

“I developed many neurological disorders which put a stop to my life completely. I learned to let go of my fears and move forward. Soon after I decided to take the next step. I bought his Isanarpackage and began taking all of these herbs. Many of my symptoms started reducing and some even disappeared.”

Christina PrietoSabalie.com & Facebook Review

“I was dealing with a few issues that centered around my gut health overall (gluten sensitivity, starch sensitivity, anxiety when eating, pre diabetic, etc.). Now I have no issues, have not had any anxiety in what now feels like forever, and have lost weight on top of everything else! I highly recommend the Sabalie way!!!”

Alexandria L NoelFacebook Review

“I don’t get upset about little things anymore; I’m sharp, focused and have tons of energy and actually feel a little too zen sometimes. I look forward to continuing this herbal system as a way of life.”

Nancy SmithSabalie.com & Facebook Review

“I was hospitalized for Hypertension, heart valve issue, and decreased kidney function. Zeiki Sabalie answered my call and my prayers. Today, I feel like brand new! .... not sluggish and tired, blood pressure is great, I feel at least 10 years younger! I feel healthy and well! I've even referred several of my family members and friends. I am a Registered Nurse and I work with doctors every day. Very few, if any, will be available to answer questions at 11 pm, lol!”

Tiffanie DawnFacebook Review
Our Fasting Regime

iHerbal Arts Fasting

Sabalie speaks on the importance of healing the body with fasting. Sabalie discusses how the body is an alchemist and how one’s consciousness can think, speak and act to properly heal the body. Please note, due to spiritual growth, we no longer agree with all that was said in this video.

Light Chewing Guide

Our light chewing guide focuses on a certain selection of light low-carb foods that provide the body with better frequencies that it can ingest while still maintaining inner-soul balance.

See The Guide