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Using the scientific method, we have discovered that a proper internal environment (proper hydration and nutrition) and external environment restore and reverse all forms imbalance; physical and mentally. Revitalize your body so that it is better equipped to maintain homeostasis by performing an iHerbal Arts Fast.

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The Ultimate Healing Practice; iHerbal Art Fasting

Fasting is an Art & Can Be Performed In Many Different Ways. Here Is The iHerbal Art Way.


Fasting has been proven to heal and reverse all forms dis-ease; physical and mentally. Fasting realigns one with nature’s natural life procession and allows one to restore Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance. The foundations of many imbalances are dehydration and inflammation. Dehydration, Inflammation and Mineral Depletion cause oxygen deprivation and this is where the body is no longer at ease; disease.

iHerbal Arts Fasting gives the body a chance to work more on healing and less on digesting food. Think of it this way, let’s say you have about 100 workers (cells) in your body and about 75 of those workers are always working to digest food (the foods and drinks you consume daily). The other 25 workers are doing things like fixing your eyes, your brain, your heart, etc. When you give the other 75 workers a rest (by not consuming food) those 75 workers can help out the other 25 workers in your body and now your body is healing at a much faster rate.

Fasting allows the body to be at peace with self. When you fast with iHerbal Arts, Spring Water, Juices (when needed) etc. You allow the body to drain itself of all the toxins and excess mucus it has acquired throughout the years of processing food. Fasting is the fastest way to health and it should be practiced weekly if one were to want optimal health.

Sabalie’s iHerbal Arts are made with natural carbon based bio-native herbs. These iHerbal Arts intensely accelerate the process of healing; providing the body with oxygen-rich blood and nourishing minerals that the body is made of. The amount of time one may need to stay on a fast depends on the imbalance one may be experiencing.

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Zeiki and Kimaya discusses what growing with self love means to them.

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iKojinarian Top 5 Fasting Tips

1. Prepare Mind & Make a Start

Its vital that before you begin your fasting journey, that you are in the correct mindset before you begin, as you could lose willpower early throughout the fast. Before you begin evaluate why you want to pursue the fast or change your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve. Meditate throughout your fast to help with discipline and determination to complete the fast.

2. Stock Up

Preparation is key, try and purchase everything you need at least the day before you start your fast. In most cases, by not having everything you need especially on the first day can lead to lack of motivation and non-completion of the fast. If you’re doing the iHerbal Art Fruit Fast (cleanse), for example, look at the juice recipes you will be using, and make sure your shopping list has all the ingredients.

3. Drink Plenty of 100% Spring Water

Drink plenty of water. We advise that you drink at least 2 – 4 liters of 100% Natural Spring Water while you are fasting to reduce appetite, hydrate, nourish the body, flush away toxins and waste. Remember dehydration can cause you to feel tired and hungry.

We also recommend 100% Raw Coconut Water which is great for iHerbal Arts Fasting or iHerbal Arts Fruit Cleanse. The Coconut Water will provide the body with nutrition, hydration and greatly decreases the want for food. If you are performing the iHerbal Arts Fast, then please only drink when needed. 100% Raw or 100% Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is allowed on an iHerbal Arts Fast.

4.Relax and Rest Self

While all this important work is going on internally, you want to conserve your energy, even if you have a lot to use. Spend a lot of your time relaxing in the fresh air and Sun, take more breaks, go for walks.  This is healing time and since you are not taking in the normal amount of food that you normally would, your body will not always have the energy it does when it is consuming denser foods. Get more and more Sunlight daily. Nothing on our planet could survive without the influence of the Sun’s energy. Sunlight is imperative to the iHerbal Arts Fasting or iHerbal Arts Fruit Cleanse. Start getting at least 20 minutes in the Sun and gradually go up to at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Try not to participate in any vigorous exercise, gentle exercise, such as walking, yoga, stretching is okay. Your body is healing and working very hard to eliminate toxins, remove damaged cells and restore vitality. This important process is often not completed when we eat regular meals, as the body is focusing its attention on digestion throughout the day. Through Fasting your body is free from this daily chore so it can work on cleansing, repairing and healing. It’s like taking a vacation to thoroughly clean your home.

Ensure you are getting enough sleep as powerful healing hormones are released while you sleep.

5. Choose a Plan

Many people assume that fasting means a strict water fast. But there is more than one type of fast, and we have three options available to you. Choose the one that is best for you. After you have completed your fast whether it was for 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days, we highly recommend that you start chewing foods from our guide.

iHerbal Arts Fast: A strict spring water and juice fast while consuming the iHerbal Arts. It is recommended that you rest and take it easy.

iHerbal Arts Fruit Fast (Cleanse): Freshly prepared juices, fruit and spring water while consuming the iHerbal Arts.

iKojinarian Chewing Guide: Selecting and preparing foods only detailed within the iKojinarian Chewing Guide while consuming the iHerbal Arts.

Times have now changed, and the air, soil and water are not as pure as in ancient times. There are now thousands of different chemicals pouring into our atmosphere every year. Nearly all our food is sprayed with pesticides and packaged with preservatives, additives, dyes and fillers and our water is treated with chemicals, and our air is assaulted with industrial pollution. It is vital that you read labels to ensure your foods are free from preservatives and additives.

It is imperative to consume your iHerbal Arts as instructed by the iKojinarian Healing Artist that you are in contact with. iHerbal Arts should not be taken in conjunction with other herbs during your iHerbal Arts Fast or iHerbal Arts Fruit Fast (Cleanse); unless instructed otherwise by a iKojinarian Healing Artist.

Already Proven

Fasting has been proven to heal and reverse all forms dis-ease; physical and mentally. Fasting realigns one with nature’s natural life procession and allows one to restore Kojin Inner-Cellular Balance.

Accelerate Healing

iHerbal Arts are made with natural carbon based bio-native herbs. iHerbal Arts intensely accelerate the process of healing; providing the body with oxygen-rich blood and nourishing minerals that the body is made of.

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