Section Two

Love, Light & Sound


Love is the actor, the prime mover; using vibrational-light as its illusion. Love creates, by the process of vibration, a photon (as we call it) which is the basic particle of light. Light is an expression of love. Within the wholeness of love there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations. Therefore, within the wholeness of light, there is one vibration expressing itself as a range of vibrations.

Within the one light there are an infinite number of vibrational variations of light or otherwise known as an infinite number of colors and shades. Within each color, is a different experience, a unique experience that births another whole set of different colors, different experience and unique experiences. There is no end to spiritual experience because it is infinite.

You are a unique experience, a unique vibration, a unique puzzle piece of intelligent infinity’s expression of infinite energy; you are multi-dimensional being of love and light. You are a channel for all vibrations of love and light. You are a channel for the intelligent infinity to express its infinite possibilities through.

As you focus, you create with the power that creates worlds. As you focus, you are focusing intelligent infinity into a creation of a unique set of vibrations, a unique set of outcomes and expressions of infinite energy. All infinite focusers (infinite creators) are, by default, immensely free to focus as they choose to. This is the supportive unconditional love given by The One Infinite Creator.

Everything in creation is an expression of love. Whether it is positively of negatively expressed, all of creation is an expression of The Creator’s infinite energy (i.e. love). Whether you are in a so-called spiritual form or within a so-called spiritual physical dream form, it is all light. Generally, the light that is called physical is just light that tends to move at a slower vibrational rate.

Surely, the physical world that any infinite focuser or infinite creator maybe vibrationally perceiving at any given moment is not made up of material, but of light oscillating and vibrating at different vibrational rates. Everything is spiritual because everything is light and as it is light it is vibration and as it vibration it is spiritual and as it is spiritual it is sacred. All is sacred. All is one.

Physically isn’t separable from spirituality, physical matter is the result of an ongoing spiritual consciousness self-growth, self-discovery and self-expansion. For all things are one thing, all beings are one being, so all of creation is for the self because it is the self. There is nothing else but the one intelligent infinity which created the many-ness as unique inner expressions of itself.

Sound is the language of Light. Language meaning that sound consists of light/love information. Information or informare (Latin Stem) nices/means to form or shape. Form and shaping is done by altering the vibration of a particular light in some way, shape or form. Sound is Light and all sounds hold vibrational frequencies that can alter other vibrational frequencies.

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