Section Six

Physical Health


Your physical apparatus is a simple, richly complex biological machine made from the material essence of your consciousness. Although your body is complex, it is not complicated. Physical health is a by-product of your state of being. Additionally, it is a by-product of the air you breathe, the liquids you consume, the quality of sleep you have and the foods you eat.

The environment you are around is generally a product of the vibration you are identifying with. You are never in a place that you aren’t supposed to be in. You are always synchronistically aligned with certain vibrations of air, liquids, foods and circumstances depending upon your state of being. You also gravitate to and crave certain environments, liquids and foods depending upon your state of being.

Generally, it is through one’s imbalanced psychology and cultural upbringing that one consumes food for certain textures and tastes instead of just food for fuel. Your physical apparatus only knows food for fuel, not for taste. When you consume food for the sustenance it can provide you rather than the just for the taste, you will generally move towards a more vibrant and healthier body.

What one consumes from birth and onwards affects their mentality, it affects their psychology, it affects how they think and how you think affects how you feel and how you feel affects how you act. Making an attempt to consume foods that feel more natural for you, is always an ideal thing; to innerstand how a certain food may be affecting your thoughts and feelings is paramount.

All things are vibration. Your thoughts are vibration. Physical matter is just condensed thought form or vibration that has been paid attention to for a bit of time. Physical matter is thought has accumulated, thought/vibration that has had a good amount of momentum to it. All things that you consume have their own vibration and as you consume them, they can alter your vibration.

Although food can alter your vibration, you can and most often do, alter the vibration of the food you consume. What you eat also eats you. You take it into your vibrational reality and it takes you into its vibration reality. However, even though they do not know that spiritual mind is matter, some human beings are capable of transforming any food into a vibration of well-being.

Although the vibration of food can be altered, I have found that the most easily consumed and highest vibrational foods tends to be raw fruits and vegetables. The vegetables, such as the leafy greens, seem to be very good for the body. The fruits are a treat but they contain tons of water content and are also amazing for cleansing the body.

It is not always that a food may be good for your body, but sometimes the simple principle of cleansing is stop consuming that which you deeply believe is wrong to consume and that which is tugging and pulling the vitality out of your body consciousness. The physical body’s true food is light and sound, and in-time the human being’s physical body will evolve to consuming light and sound directly from Source.

It is never really mind over matter but more so realizing that matter is existent within your spiritual mind and there are an infinite number of version of the reality you exist within. You are always jumping to and from many different parallel realities that seem similar in nature but they are very much different frequencies within the one collective frequency of creation.

Miracles and miracle healings can come from this shifting to alternate parallel realities. Parallel realities are static, much like the film strips of a movie. Your consciousness creates the illusion of continuity and motion by creating, shifting and sifting through billions of parallel realities at every moment. In one reality disease may exist and in another reality, it simply does not and never has. Miracle!

What you eat affects you depending upon your belief system and your state of being while you are consuming the food. Why you are eating the food and how much food you are eating is also a factor. Even water has been proved to be vibrationally altered by thought alone. Dr. Masaru Emoto said and proved that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

You are powerful beyond imagination, but even as you read this text, you may still not believe it and it is your belief in not being as powerful as you truly are that keeps you from being the truth that you are. You can observe others experiences live life experience but to use their experience as your truth isn’t always ideal. Two people can do the same thing with two different results because of their vibration.

If you look at the many different methodologies of healing, you will find much conflict in information. Dr. Sebi claimed healing a wide range of diseases by promoting a so-called all natural plant-based alkaline diet without any animal meats and starchy foods. Dr. Sebi felt animal meat and starch were poisons. Dr. McDougall and Dr. Kemper claim to do the same with high starch carbohydrate-rich diet.

Contradictory to Dr. Sebi, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Kemper, Dr. Atkins promoted a protein-rich fully fleshed out animal-based diet and he also claimed to have healed very many. There are many, many, many people who have helped others in their healing process but have conflicting and contradictory information when it comes ot comparing against their peers.

Personally, I have helped many people with their health challenges by the use of many different opposing methodologies. I generally find it always best to use either a fasting methodology or a raw fruit and raw vegetable cleanse as the easiest and most efficient way for restoring balance to anyone’s physical apparatus. However, it is one’s state of being that does the true healing.

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