Section One

Intelligent Infinity


Initially, there was that which could be called intelligent infinity. Intelligent infinity was and still remains as one thing. There was nothing around this one because it was All-That-Is; All-That-Existed. There was nothing but just this intelligent infinity. It was a great mystery of infinite intelligence. Since intelligent infinity was one thing, it had no concept of self for it was all that existed.

Intelligent infinity began focusing its infinity into infinite energy otherwise known as love; love is the infinite energy of All-That-Is.

In focusing infinity into infinite energy, intelligent infinity became aware; became consciousness. In this awareness of the one, freedom of will was naturally given to itself for there was nothing and no one else to create bondage upon the one. In this freedom of will, its awareness created finity.

Creating this finity resulted in the one intelligent infinity experiencing infinite many-ness and infinite aspects of itself. Within intelligent infinity there are infinite possibilities, and therefore, there is no ending to the infinite many-ness and infinite aspects of itself. The focuser or focusing of this infinity into infinite energy is The One Infinite Creator.

In the beginning, all that has now been created within the vastness of the infinite universes was this intelligent infinity. You were there when this intelligent infinity became aware of itself, began focusing infinity into infinite energy (love) and created the many-ness of itself. You were the focuser or the creator of infinity into infinite energy.

You were this Creator, that created another Focuser (Creator) and another Focuser (Creator) and so on. You are infinite intelligence living in a physical body; a unified field of infinite energy (i.e. love). Love is the infinite energy of All-That-Is. Love is the pure vibration, the unified vibration, the intelligent infinity-possibility of all life and creation.

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