Section Four



You are every vibration within existence. However, you do not have to align your identity with every vibration within all of existence. You are and you are not your thoughts, you are and you are not your consciousness. You are the producer, sifter and sorter of your thoughts. You are a multi-dimensional entity with consciousness; a soul.

Everything that you perceive is within the awareness (i.e. the consciousness) of your soul.

Everything you perceive is a vibration. You are perceiving vibrations such as your thoughts, your feelings, colors, other-selves, sounds, smells, etc. It is by your focusing, by your attention, that you include things into your awareness, into your consciousness, into your reality. The soul is the total entity and it holds the collection of its experiences. 

Manifestation is the byproduct of The One Infinite Creator creating versions of itself to create other versions of itself. Whether these aspects of the one infinite express themselves as a rock, a door, the air, a bird, a human being, a star, a sun, a planet, etc. it is all still the Creator expressing and experiencing itself from another point of view.

Your life, whether you are in conscious or unconscious knowing of it, is your creation. It is your deepest felt thought-beliefs, feelings, actions and intentions that create the life and synchronicities within the life you are experiencing. Individually and collectively, you and your other selves (other people and other things) are creating a world for the purpose of experience.

There are no accidents, there are no coincidences and there is no such thing as luck and favoritism. All events are organized by Law of Attraction’s Synchronicity Principle. Synchronicity is the love pitch of reality that reveals the oneness and interconnectedness of all of creation. Synchronicity reveals to one’s self that all realities, probable and/or parallel realities, are one reality.

Reality is motionless, it is the illusionary movement of your consciousness that shifts to another parallel reality, and another, and another, so and so on that creates the illusion of movement and motion. Each reality is much like a static movie film strip and your consciousness is the projector and processor. Everything that happens to you because of the vibration you emit.

Everything takes root from the pattern of thought that you choose to create. Your feelings, your emotions are all products of the thoughts you hold onto. Your beliefs are thoughts that you use as definitions. Your beliefs are those definitional thoughts within many levels of your consciousness (spiritual and physical) that you are buying into.

As you think, you feel and as you feel you act in ways that play out your most inner, deepest and highest feelings. Largely it is through your beliefs in separation that create the negative feelings and so-called negative actions in your life. Negativity could be defined as segregated and separated. Positivity is integrative, whole and unified.

One who believes they are separated from their Source, from their Creator, from the Creator, will probably also believe they must act out of integrity to accomplish and obtain the things they desire. They may act within the vibration of fear because they are choosing to run away from the natural unconditional love vibration of the infinite.

Your actions in life come from your feelings; your feelings motivate you to act in specific ways. Your feelings are created from your beliefs, from your thoughts, and your thoughts are just vibration. Some say you are what you think, but most accurately, you are what you vibrationally identify with. The vibration you identify with is the vibration you perceive.

What you place your attention upon is what you identify with and what you identify with is what you perceive.

The universe is infinite and every universe within the collection of multiverses has an infinite number of versions of themselves existing upon different vibrational frequencies. As you read this, or listen to this, you are vibrationally interpreting different parallel realities, different parallel versions of this content by shifting your consciousness in and out of different vibrational versions of the universe.

There are an infinite number of ways that you can have one event happen because creation is infinite, what you deem as events in your life are created by you consciously or unconsciously. It is all your doing. It is by your resonance, your tuning into, your identifying with certain vibrations by focusing upon them, that you experience miraculous joyful moments or so-called challenging ones.

You are constantly in and out of different worlds that seem so similar, but each one is very different. Every moment that passes by is a new reality that you live in, a new reality that you are creating and a new reality that you are tuning into. Much like a radio tuning into different radio stations, you are the radio and you are also all the programmer of all of the stations.

Every moment is a manifestation of the intelligent infinity’s possibility being actualized into an intelligent, infinite energy. Every moment is a consciousness projection. Every moment is a creation, a focusing of your spiritual essence, of your soul. Some believe their soul exists within their body but actually, your physical body exists within the awareness of your soul.

Life is a mirror, mirroring that which you are, that which you are becoming and that which you no longer identify with. Generally, those who are around you, are synchronistically matched with you to show you what vibration you are pulsating, what vibration you no longer identify with and maybe what vibration they may need to see for their growth as a soul.

The spiritual mirror that you call physical reality is filled with other versions of yourself. You have this mirror and you have, within higher levels of your being, programmed it to be a certain set of experiences that challenge you and your ability to maintain a love, appreciation, joy and peace while expanding your perspective; nudging you more towards your true natural self.

There is only a small portion of your consciousness that is focused in the physical. Another and a much more greater portion of your consciousness remain focused within the spiritual. As a partner within your physical life, you have this larger portion of your consciousness assisting you in your physical life by way of your feelings.

You can call your physical focused consciousness your physical mind and your spiritual focused consciousness your higher mind, your inner-being, your loveairian mind. Your loveairian mind holds a much larger and broader perspective of life. It knows the path of least resistance to the growth that it desired before it created you, the physical mind.

Your loveairian mind is the autonomous portion of intelligent infinity that your soul contains. There are infinite number of ways that this intelligence can overcome any challenge. It is all about your willingness to allow it to function for you because it is you. As being the physical mind, you are the one to direct your loveairian mind by filtering it through either love or fear-based thoughts.

How you focus intelligent infinity is the way it will manifest in your consciousness (i.e. your reality). Love or Fear? Your Choice.

Your loveairan mind has knowledge of the infinite past and future lives you are connected to at any given moment. Your loveairian mind is the vibration of unconditional love and it is by your feelings of love or fear that it communicates with you. It is by your feelings that you can feel the vibrational essence of your current thought-patterns (i.e. beliefs).

Generally, if it feels good, you are thinking good and it is good for you. If it feels bad, it is either bad for you or you are looking at it in a way your that your loveairian mind is not choosing to look at it. When you are feeling love, joy, appreciation and peace, you are aligned with this aspect of your being. When you are feeling fear, anger, guilt, hate, shame, etc. you not aligned with your loveairian mind.

Since you are the radio and the radio station, the pattern of thought that you hold is your tuning and your programming. As you think that which feels peaceful, you begin to tune into vibrations which are of that peace and love. As you think of that which brings about fear, as you buy into fear-based belief systems, you tune into vibrations of that fear.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all a representation of the vibration you are identifying with, they are all of your choosing. The way you think, the way you feel and the way you act is the composite of your state of being. Your state of being is paramount, for your state of being is the vibration you are choosing and what you choose, you become.

If what you choose is what you become, and you are physical life, you are everything, you are all the synchronicities in your life: then one can see that their state of being either attracts or repels circumstances into their life in the most unexpected ways. Whether these circumstances are of love or fear is entirely up to the being who is identifying with either love or fear.

Sometimes you think of an old friend and they call you within 72 hours, sometimes you think of a movie an old movie but you can’t remember the name and you see a poster or something related to it within a few days. Sometimes you talk about something or someone and it pops up and this is the power your hold.

It is all about your ability to allow in more love and less fear. Your ability to accept life as it is in the present is your ability to allow. Accept and cherish life as it is right now. Know that if your soul did not want a physical life, it would not be living one. Even your near-death accidents maybe an actual death that you change by shifting to another parallel reality in which you survived.

Everything is here and now. All lives, all pasts, all futures, all everything is here and now. All you have to do is tune into the vibration of reality that you prefer by thinking, feeling and acting like the you that you see in your joyful imagination. Your imagination is communication from your loveairian mind. Your imagination reflects to you your current state of being.

Imagination is something you can use to feel the resonance and see the actions of the you that you prefer to identify with. As you imagine, as you remember, as you think, you are in that state right now. Everything is now and if you imagine something, you are the vibration of that energetic reality right now. It is by your maintenance of the feeling state that reality manifest.

Mass consciousness or the consciousness of all the other autonomous beings that you are playing with within your current reality of this planetary game is also affecting you on a quote on quote unconscious level or a level you are choosing to not be too much aware of. Gravity is a set agreement that many come into the Gaia or Earth experience to play with.

As a newborn human being, you come in agreeing to hold onto certain beliefs until you feel they no longer serve you. You come into a certain vibrational game to help the other selves within the game evolve the game by you being your true natural self. Mass consciousness may play, and usually does play a role, on how certain environments, chemicals, foods and things may affect you.

It is always up to you, on a non-physical and physical level, to determine what experience you will have. Sometimes, your non-physical or your loveairian mind may wish to experience a certain amount of limitation for its growth. There is no growth that you experience that your soul does not, and there is no growth that your soul experiences that you do not. You are the Soul.

Your life and the result of your life is all about your choices. What you choose to speak on, how you choose to respond to circumstances and how you are choosing to act are all representative of your conviction to live within a certain vibrational atmosphere. If you are choosing a reality of love, appreciation, joy and peace, you must hold those feelings as much as possible and act from them.

It is always by your choosing, by your responding or respond-ability/response-ability that you invite things, beings and life circumstances into your experience. In every given moment, seek love, choose love and be love. Praise creation for its diversity and beauty. Appreciate the now because all you have is now and now is your current manifestation.

Paradoxically, changing your life is not about going anywhere, it is really about remaining more present and appreciating all that is already here. It is actually in your constant attempt to be optimistic and to not complain about your life that your life, your motivations and exhilaration for life, actually changes rapidly and most quickly.

Your current reality is an accumulation of your thought-beliefs, feelings, intentions and actions. Depending upon the vibrational momentum or the vibrational strength of these thought-beliefs, feelings, intentions and actions, you may have to accumulate a vast amount of energy in order to overcome a set vibrational pattern of your life. You can change the game by just playing a new one.

Life is like that one virtual reality game that seems so real when the goggles are on but when you take the goggles off, you say oh! this is real life. Physical life is very much the same way. Physical reality is like one of the many virtual realities existing within your spiritual mind, in which, you and others combine your minds together to play a game with similar vibrational rules.

There is a formula for life, to your virtual reality spiritual game, that is actually quite simple. The Loveairian Formula is to shift your vibrational state to appreciation. Appreciation is the purest vibration on the planet. The second step is to drop all expectations on how your life should unfold. The third step is to take action on the things in your life that contain the most joy, excitement and peace.

Do what you love at all times (or as much as possible), it will support you in every way. You will always attract all that you need for what you need to do. This attracting of your needs is what can be called abundance. To live in love and appreciation at all times, or as much as possible, is spiritual mastery. To forgive all negativity is to walk as a true guru, for all negativity is self-attracted.

To let go of the negativity you have chosen or that has been, quote on quote, done unto you, is to truly forgive the self and other selves. Your birthright is joy and to judge yourself or another is to lower your vibrational frequency and remain a punching bag for lower vibrations. To rise above it all by loving, appreciating and forgiving, is to remember who you are as a Loveairian.

As you begin to act on the things that are of your joy and more and more only acting on the things that are of your joy, you may discover negative beliefs within yourself that are self-inflicting. Once you discover any negative belief, you will have a choice to let it go or to reinforce the reality of it and remain where you stand.

As you align yourself more and more with the vibration of unconditional love, with the vibration of the Loveairian that you are, you will step more and more into the physical perfection; requiring less external stimulation for your vitality, joy and peace. You realize yourself as the living, walking and breathing Creator that you intended to be as you incarnated within this Earth Game.

Regardless of what goes on around you, if you innerstand, overstand and understand the nature of creation, you will know that if you are truly of a vibration of loving kindness, those who are not of that vibration will not be able to affect you in a way that does not result in a situation that perpetuates your choice to be of loving kindness.

Although others around you may choose fear, anger, sadness, paranoia, etc. if you remain in a vibrational state of appreciation and joy, you will see the world from a different point of view, you will be in communion with higher dimensions and beings of love and light. You will be, quite literally, invisible or impenetrable by energies and beings who are not of your joyful and appreciative nature.

Every moment is a manifestation, nothing comes into your experience before you pulsate a vibration and/or make an action for it to come into your life. Life is inherently meaningless, although you may attract negativity or negative people who wish you negativity, you have the power to transform negative light into positive light by attaching your desired meaning to any circumstance.

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