Here is a College English Assignment that I wrote and got a 20/20 (yes I am bragging humbly lol). Just a positive messages I thought I would post. The Feedback from my instructor was: This is beautifully written.

I am here in life to be the best expression of unconditional love that I can be. I am here in life because I feel like, as a soul, I wanted to explore walking through the depths of a dark valley and being a of positive beacon of positive light that others may see as a source of inspiration. I am here to be a catalyst for world reindentation and world peace.

I feel like our world today is going through a clean-up phase. I feel like we are like a dirty closet going through the process of purification. Within this closet that we are, all of the dirty clothes within us are now being identified and taken out for cleaning. All of the dispensable clothes are not being thrown out, but only recycled and transformed.

I feel like this closet represents our minds and the clothes represent the thoughts, the ideas, the beliefs, the biases and the values we hold within our minds. Although I am no better than anyone, I know that I can be the best example of a different type of clothing within the one closet that we are collectively. I can represent the anomaly that society can choose to accept. Regardless of the choice, unconditional love remains within my heart and hopefully, I can spark others towards this perspective of seeing things. I feel, in my heart, that this is why I am here. However, I feel, that you may also be here for the very same reason.

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