"In The Beginning Was The Word & The Word Was With God & The Word Was God."

Transcend The Animal Body

Sounds Are Very Advanced Technology


  1. Jot Niranjan
  2. Omkar
  3. Rarankar
  4. Sohang
  5. Sat Nam

If you will, start meditating with these Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words (Five Sacred Names/Sounds) for at least 30 minutes a day. Increase your meditating time to two hours a day as soon as possible. Repeat them in the exact order that they are. Practicing this meditation is a combination of practicing Focused Attention Meditation and Transcendental Meditation.

One of the best way to say these Five Magic Words is to imagine seeing the words as you say them. If you will, do your best to focus only on the words, and when your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the words. This will be an absolute life changer for you! Only use this ten-minute version audio that we have listed here on this website:

Click here for the pronunciation of The Five Magic Words

(Words Taken From BIOA Arcived Webite)